Call for Papers and Contributions: Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

Issue 9.1, Bodily Undoing: Somatics as Practices of Critique (published January, 2017)

Edited by Thomas Kampe and Kirsty Alexander

Deadline for full articles: 1st April 2016

Bodily Undoing: Somatics as Practices of Critique 

The transdisciplinary discourse of dance and somatic practices has moved beyond the state of identifying the field.

This special issue of JDSP calls for papers that explore and expose the socially and culturally transformative potential of somatics and somatic-informed performance practices. Somatic practices are processes of undoing existing patterns so that new ones can emerge. How can this undoing be extended beyond the body of the individual to the body politic or the social body? How might we construct somatics as practices of critique that might contribute to an alternative social imaginary?

Submissions might:

Self reflectively critique the field of somatics or one’s individual practice within that, in relation to the possibility of social change

Explore the application of somatic practices as subversive modalities of interacting with the world in other fields or disciplines

Explore emancipatory possibilities through foregrounding somatic experience

Unpack the historical roots of somatic practices in relation to wider critical cultures

Examine the political reverberations of somatically informed performance practice 

Explore the socio- cultural or political potential of touch based practices

Examine non reductionist and embodied modes of thought provoked by somatic practices

Question cultural hierarchies and structures of power within and / or through somatic practices

(this list is exemplary only and by no means exhaustive of the possibilities)

Whilst scholarly articles are particularly encouraged, we welcome a range of other modes of submission, all subject to peer review. Please see the guidelines for further details.


Please include article title, abstract (200 words), keywords and full article. In another document, please include author’s name and affiliation, biography (200 words), postal and email address. Please submit in Word format. 


Artist’s pages: Please submit a pdf with how you wish the article to appear in print, along with text (Word) and any images (tiff/jpeg/pdf, 300dpi) attached separately in the same email. 

All submissions should be sent direct to:

Hetty Blades:

Enquiries about content to : or 

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