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 Drama Therapy Review: Call for Papers Special Issue (3.1): The Influence of Robert Landy on the Field of Drama Therapy. Submission deadline: August 1, 2016. Guest Co-Editor: Maria Hodermarska

For this special issue, we invite articles that examine and illustrate the influence of Dr. Robert Landy on the field of drama therapy. In particular, we encourage studies that draw upon his role theory and method.

Dr. Robert Landy is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) and Board Certified Trainer (BCT). A pioneer in the profession of drama therapy, he founded the drama therapy program at New York University in 1984 and has lectured and trained professionals internationally. As a drama therapist, Landy has more than 35 years of clinical experience, having treated children and adults with a wide range of psychiatric, cognitive and adjustment challenges. He has worked in prisons, developing programs to treat mentally ill offenders, as well as the general population within New York State correctional facilities.

As a researcher and writer, Landy has published and produced numerous books, articles, films and plays in the fields of drama, drama therapy, educational theatre, musical theatre and related topics. He has been featured in the media in the educational CBS-TV series Drama in Education, the award-winning documentary film, Standing Tall, and his own production, Three Approaches to Drama Therapy. Persona and Performance was one of the first full-length books to articulate a theory and method of drama therapy, focusing on a postmodern understanding of self as made up of a variety of roles chosen and given that might also point towards an effective action-based method for greater wellbeing. His book The Couch and the Stage: Integrating Words and Action in Psychotherapy (2008) examined the relationship between psychotherapy and drama therapy, articulating a long history of action methods and embodiment being considered part of psychological healing. His book (with David Montgomery), Theatre for Change: Education, Social Action, Therapy (2012), examined the relationship between drama therapy and applied forms of theatre. Dr. Landy and his colleagues continue to innovate today with a groundbreaking series entitled “As Performance...” which, to date, has produced 22 original plays which illuminate the performative aspects of illness, recovery, identity and community.

General Issue 3.2. Submission deadline: February 1st, 2017.

Drama Therapy Review seeks articles that reflect the journal’s intention to document and disseminate research on the relationship between drama, theatre and wellness, and which promotes scholarship about drama therapy theory and practice. DTR profiles and critically reflects upon current and emerging practices involving the therapeutic uses of improvisation, playwriting, directing and performance in health, educational, community, organizational and theatre contexts. DTR welcomes contributions from a wide range of scholarly work including, but not limited to:

• Quantitative studies

• Qualitative analysis

• Practice and arts-based research

• Reviews

• Reports

• Interviews

• Commentaries

To submit work for consideration please download our submission guidelines or contact the editor, Nisha Sajnani:

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