Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 6.3 - Masculinity in the 21st Century

 Intellect is delighted to announce the release of ISCC 6.3: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century, guest-edited by Elwood Watson.

This special issue focuses on diverse depictions of masculinity in popular culture – Isaac Vayo's discussion of Rob Lowe's DIRECTV commercials is joined by Micky Lee, Monika Raesch and Frank Rudy Cooper on working-class masculinity in post-2008 economic crisis documentaries. The issue also includes Ann Castillo and David Magill's article on bromance in the Jump Street films; a piece on the black male body in the context of celebrity, sex, class and jazz culture by Alphonso McClendon; and Tom Pace on Generation X men and Baby Boomers in popular rom-coms. We close with Yannick Kluch's analysis of the wildly successful Old Spice campaigns, featuring Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. We hope you enjoy this issue! Now, look at your man...

To access the full issue online, follow this link

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