Call for Papers: In Pursuit of Luxury conference

Deadline: May 6, 2016

About the Conference

The In Pursuit of Luxury conference provides an opportunity for academia and industry to come together to discuss issues that have a key impact on the global luxury and luxury brand market.

Conference Aims

The conference aims to explore the concept of luxury from a variety of academic and commercial perspectives. It also provides an interdisciplinary forum to examine the subject of luxury from the disciplines of history, cultural studies, business studies, communication studies, branding, marketing, manufacturing, technology and economics. Academic and commercial delegates come from a global constituency who will bring a correspondingly wide range of perspectives to the subject of luxury. 

Key Questions

The idea of luxury has secured a place in modern western culture as the term is part of common parlance. This conference will aim to explore the many issues and debates surrounding the idea of luxury. When and where did the concept of luxury emerge? What is its history? How does luxury relate to social class? Is luxury necessarily the preserve of the few and, if so, what are the qualifications to consume luxurious objects? How important is social status v the accumulation of money in luxury acquisition? How does an object or experience acquire luxury status? Is it through branding or high quality materials and craftsmanship? Is it possible to mass-produce luxury, and, if so, what are the ethical implications of this? In a global world of mass consumption, is luxurious consumption becoming politically and/or ethically suspect? Similarly, as the world's resources diminish, might we expect the political implications of conspicuous consumption to take on greater resonance? And, not least, what is the future of luxury in a world beset with financial turmoil? All of these questions stack up to make for a subject of pressing concern and febrile debate.

Find out more about the call for papers and the conference here


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