Intellect Live - Get up to 20% off!


We are very delighted to offer you a 10% individual discount on the below books and a 20% bundle discount on all four of the books.

The individual 10% discount code is PRINTELLECTLIVE and the bundled 20% code is IBLIVE20.

Pleading in the Blood
The Art and Performances of Ron Athey

Edited by Domininc Johnson

Throwing the Body into the Fight
A Portrait of Raimond Hoghe

Edited by Mary Kate Connolly

The Only Way Home is Through the Show
Performance Works of Lois Weaver

Edited by Jen Harvie & Lois Weaver

It's All Allowed
The Performances of Adriana Howells

Edited by Deirdre Heddon and Dominic Johnson

*Codes valid only until 23rd October 2016 and can only be used through our distrbutors, University of Chicago's website (links above)

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