Q&A with Martha Eddy from Mindful Movement

Could you tell us a bit about your new book, Mindful Movement?
Mindful Movement is a book that tells stories of healing, consciousness and activism that led to a new field - that of somatic movement education and therapy.  As a dancer, exercise physiologist and movement therapist I have had the privilege over 40 years to meet the Moshe Feldenkrais, Irmgard Bartenieff, Charlotte Selver, the proteges of Mabel Todd, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Anna Halprin, Emilie Conrad, Nancy Topf, Joan Skinner, Dr. Sondra Fraleigh, Elaine Summers.  Each of these people founded a system of learning through body awareness and movement. Each also learned a way to teach others to engage with the soma - the living body - as a primary vehicle to increase consciousness.

What was the inspiration behind this book?

Many of my colleagues are passionate about their work and yet only a few have come to know the antecedents of it.  I am fascinated by the interconnections between all of these systems - what is common between them and what distinguishes them.  I wanted to give people both of glimpse of the people who were pioneers as well as a view to where this work can be applied.  

What did you enjoy the most when writing this book?

I loved doing the interviews with the sage women, my elders - Martha Myers, Anna Halprin, Elaine Summers.  It was an honor to give Martha Myers a copy of this book that highlights her work.

Do you have a favourite chapter and if so why?

I dont have a favorite chapter but I do have a sense of urgency that the chapters on education, social somatics and eco-somatics become familiar territory for many people.  While so much is in crisis on our planet it behooves educators, scientists, medical professionals, researchers and theorists to understand this inexpensive and widely accessible resource - our own living bodies as guides to healthy lifestyles.

How do you think the future looks for somatic education?

There is room for somatic education to permeate every facet of life. It is simply a call to wake up to our humanness and to pay attention to our moment by moment experience during the day.

What is your favourite Intellect book or journal?

I so appreciate Intellect for continuing to publish new journals on new topics.  It is great that Intellect has chosen since 2007 to begin both the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices as well as Dance, Movement and Spiritualites.

Are you attending any events, conferences, book talks etc?

I already did a book talk at Teachers College - the school of education affiliated with Columbia University.  I will do a webinar for them again on Dec 6th.

I am delighted to have just sold out all books mailed to the National Dance Education Conference in Washington DC  and I hope to have the same experience at the BodyIQ Conference in Berlin next weekend.

I also am doing a book talk for the Laban/Bartenieff Institute Of Movement Studies on November 17th in mid-town Manhattan.

Book Talks are also being arranged for the Five College Dance Department in Northampton MA, At the Arizona State University and at Coventry as part of the Somatics and Dance conference coming up there on July 6th.

Martha's book is now available to buy from here.

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