Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty 7.2, out now!

Intellect is delighted to announce that the new issue of Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty 7.2 is now available.


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List of articles (partial list):

Glamour labour in the Age of Kardashian 

Authors: Elizabeth Wissinger

Page Start: 141


This article examines the Kardashian phenomenon, as it unfurls in a changing labour market, where glamour is becoming a common aspiration, no longer the domain of a privileged few. Wissinger argues that practices of no-holds-barred sharing and giving up privacy online are normalized, and presented as the ticket to achieving glamour, visibility and social acceptance. 

Kardashian komplicity: Performing post-feminist beauty

Authors: Giuliana Monteverde

Page Start: 153


This article explores complicity by way of beauty, post-feminist neo-liberalism and the Kardashian-Jenner family. Monteverde asserts that dismissals of the family as vulgar stem from sexist and femmephobic interpretations of their hypersexual, hyperfeminine gender performances, and the genre they are most famous for: reality television. The Kardashian-Jenners should be approached from a feminist perspective, with appropriate nuance and reflexivity. Acknowledgement of complicity provides the space to do this.



‘The Jenner genes definitely helped her’: Kardashians, Jenners and the intersectional politics of thinness

Authors: Gemma Cobb

Page Start: 173


Through analysis of the representation of the model and celebrity Kendall Jenner, this article suggests that pro-anorexia online spaces conception of thinness overlaps with that which is perpetuated by the mainstream media. It interrogates the construction of the thin ideal in a celebrity gossip site’s discussion thread on Kendall, and argues that the veneration and denigration of Kendall Jenner exposes the transience of the thin ideal and its attendant anxieties. 


‘The big bum thing has taken over the world’: Considering black women’s changing views on body image and the role of celebrity

Authors: Katherine Appleford

Page Start: 193


This article considers black women’s changing understandings of beauty and body image, and in particular young women’s desire for a ‘slim-thick’ look. The 'slim-thick' look is a body shape that brings together aspects of black and white beauty, seen to be embodied by Kim Kardashian, due to her full-figured bottom and thighs, and her very petite waist. The article argues that Kim Kardashian has been an important influence in shaping young women’s notions of attractiveness, by encouraging a common concept of body image and desirability across racial groups.

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