New issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture 7.2 is now available!

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture 7.2 is now available. 

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Articles in this issue include (partial list):


Working with migrants’ memories in Italy: The Lampedusa dump

Authors: Allesandro Triulzi

Page Start: 149


The Archive of Migrant Memories aims at recording and diffusing migrant self-narratives in Italy so as to leave a visible trace of recently arrived migrants and their rising agency in Italian society. Retrieving oral and written records of migrants travelling to and landing on Italian soil intends to contrast, both physically and metaphorically, the hiding or cancellation mechanisms lying behind the collective unease surrounding immigration policies in today’s Italy. The recurrent dumping of migrant lives in the Mediterranean, particularly on its European southernmost gate at Lampedusa, symbolises the careless disposal of irksome memories of migration within present-day Italian society. Here the remains of rotten boats derived from the repeated landings of irregular migrants on the Island and their human ‘waste’ – old shoes, clothes, cooking utensils, children’s toys, throw-away objects, but also water-stained documents, photos, holy books and individual writings such as letters, memoirs or diaries – lie to decompose as a vivid expression of what is not to be remembered in the nation’s past.


The experience of the Askavusa Association: Migrant struggle with cultural activities

Authors: Ilaria Vecchi

Page Start: 165


In this article Vecchi examines the history and main developments of the Askavusa Association, founded in 2009 in Lampedusa, the southernmost Italian territory, on the southern edge of Europe. As one of the most active and interesting collectives supporting the migrant struggle in Italy, Askavusa has received attention for its various activities held in Lampedusa and abroad, and especially for the organisation of the LampedusaInFestival and the collection of migrants’ objects in PortoM. As an activist and member of the group, in this article Vecchi concurrently identifies some of the limits of the actions organised by the collective. As such, this article represents the natural outcome of the author’s participation and collaboration with Askavusa, combined with an analysis of several interviews collected in Lampedusa over the years.


Reframing the debate: The art of Lampedusa

Authors: Maya Ramsay

Page Start: 209


This article considers the art that has been produced in relation to the subject of migrant deaths at sea, with a focus on artworks that refer to the island of Lampedusa and its long history of the subject. Now that the world’s media are at last paying attention to the subject of migrant deaths, the small islands of Lampedusa and Lesbos are in danger of being ‘invaded’ by more than just migrants – artists are on their way in ever-increasing numbers. The ‘migration crisis’ has become the latest hot topic for artists, but art on the subject of migrant deaths at sea is often controversial, dividing both critics and audiences. Written from the perspective of an artist, this article explores the complexities of making and presenting art about this extremely sensitive issue.

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