Art & the Public Sphere 5.2 - out now!

Intellect is delighted to announce Art & the Public Sphere 5.2 is now available.


This special issue looks at the proliferation of large-scale exhibitions worldwide which has also led them to become increasingly sites for conflicts and controversies, but in new ways that have not been public before. 


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Articles in this issue include (partial list):


Ghetto Biennale 2015: Contested creativities in Haiti’s Ghetto Biennale

Authors: Peter Haffner

Page Start: 115


In the latest iteration of the event, the organisers of and participants in Haiti’s Fourth Ghetto Biennale have attempted to identify, address and rectify some of the major issues at stake, including concerns related to cross-cultural artistic agency, themes of disaster and crisis, the tourist ‘gaze’, and Haitian art history. By examining four of the arts projects executed during the two-week event in downtown Port-au-Prince, this article analyses the shifts and adjustments between the Second Ghetto Biennale in 2011 and the fourth in 2015, and how the biennale’s artists and curators have attempted to address and account for points of contestation.


Notes towards the critical biennale

Authors: Dave Beech

Page Start: 167


The periodic large-scale exhibition can be uncritical or critical, but it is essential to understand, when it is critical, where its critical agency is located. An exhibition of critical artworks is not necessarily the same as an exhibition consisting of works by critical artists, and an exhibition organised by a critical curator does not necessarily consist of critical works or critical artists. Indeed, the critical agency of the critical curator may be antagonistic to the critical artist. As such, this essay considers the location of criticality within the structure of the biennale itself rather than locating critical agency within the critical artist or critical curator.

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