Art & the Public Sphere 6.1&2

We are delighted to announce the publication of a very special issue of Art & the Public Sphere, in collaboration with the Birmingham Big Art Project (BBAP), guest edited by Anna Santomauro with Mel Jordan. With six funded bursaries from BBAP, the journal has been able to support commentators actively engaged in public art now. Contributions utilize theories on the contemporary political and cultural condition (Robert Garnett, Joey Orr and Suzanne Lacy); consider new approaches to the function of art (Sabrina Deturk, Gemma Medina Estupiñán and Alessandra Saviotti, Kuba Szreder) and employ a more comprehensive concept of the public (Danielle Child, Janna Graham and Mel Jordan). Stuart Whipps provides a glorious visual essay on public art pieces in Birmingham. Through situating art and its publics in a broader critical framework, we hope that readers, scholars, viewers, artists, curators and commissioners will be able reassess the role and function of public art. To read more about BBAP click here.


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