Philosophy of Photography: The Warburg Haus: Apparatus, Inscription, Data, Speculation, (special double issue), Volume 8. 1&2, 2017.

Guest editors: Mick Finch and Martin Westwood

This special issue of Philosophy of Photography contains 15 articles relating the work and the heritage of Aby Warburg and, in particular, the apparatus of his library to the present. The articles collected here were first delivered to an international colloquium held on 29-30 June 2016 at the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg in Hamburg. The aim of this event was to reconsider Warburg’s celebrated institution as a form of machinery that not only orchestrated his research practice but that also promises to inform our understanding of the digital, of images in general and their modes of temporal inscription.

Articles within this issue include: ‘Hades as an accumulation of tertiary retentions, by Bernard Stiegler, ‘‘The technical apparatus of the Warburg Haus: Possible returns from oblivion’ by Mark Finch and ‘‘Anna Piaggi, Aby Warburg and the Judgement of Paris, 2011’, by Judith Clark.,id=3375/

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