Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty: Free Editorials on Ingenta

Intellect is delighted to announce that a selection of the Editorials from Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty, authored by the editor Efrat Tseëlon, are now available for free on Ingenta.


Please click on the following links to gain access to the articles:


Outlining a fashion studies project

CSFB 1.1, October 2010, pp. 3-53


Is identity a useful critical tool

CSFB 1.2, December 2010, pp. 151-159


Introduction: A critique of the ethical fashion paradigm

CSFB 2.1-2, December 2011, pp. 3-68


Fashion and the orders of the masking

CSFB 3.1-2, December 2012, pp. 3-9


Fashion in a changing world

CSFB 6.2, 1 December 2015, pp. 139-162


Bauman on fashion: A tribute

CSFB 8.2, 1 December 2017, pp. 151-156

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