Launch for the Journal of Curatorial Studies
Special Issue 6.2: Paradigms and Pedagogy

College Art Association Annual Conference

Thursday, February 22, 11am

Booth 200, Book Fair, Los Angeles Convention Centre

After five years of publication, the Journal of Curatorial Studies turns its focus to examine the discipline of curatorial studies itself. This special issue is divided into two sections – ‘Paradigms’ and ‘Pedagogy’ – each of which reflect crucial definitions and preoccupations of those contributing to curatorial studies today. What are the definitions and parameters of curatorial studies as a field and emergent discipline? How might curatorial studies develop in a changing academic, cultural and political context? What new topics and practices will be productive for curatorial studies scholars to address? The authors in this issue explore theories and methods central to curatorial studies as a nascent discipline, as well crucial issues influencing its future.


Authors in this volume include Amelia Jones, Leigh Markopoulos, Jean-Paul Martinon, Lianne McTavish, Nina Möntmann, Paul Gladston, Lynn Howarth-Gladston and Terry Smith.


Editors Jennifer Fisher and Jim Drobnick warmly invite you to join them for a lunch to celebrate this exciting issue of the journal. They will also be happy to meet with potential authors to discuss ideas for submissions.

The Journal of Curatorial Studies is an international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the increasing relevance of curating and exhibitions and their impact on institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. Inviting perspectives from multiple academic fields, the journal welcomes a diversity of disciplinary approaches on curating and exhibitions broadly defined. By catalyzing debate and serving as a venue for the emerging discipline of curatorial studies, this journal encourages the development of the theory, practice and history of curating, as well as the analysis of exhibitions and display culture in general.


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