Journal of Contemporary Iraq & the Arab World

Intellect is pleased to announce that from Volume 13 (2019) the International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies will be published as the Journal of Contemporary Iraq & the Arab World, and will be co-edited by Tareq Ismael (University of Calgary) and Jacqueline Ismael (University of Calgary).

Journal of Contemporary Iraq & the Arab World (JCIAW) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Intellect under the auspices of both the International Association of Contemporary Iraq Studies (IACIS) and the International Association of Middle Eastern Studies (IAMES). It is devoted to the study of the contemporary Middle East and Arab public sphere, with special focus on Iraq and its peoples for their prominent role in the region. Publishing works in both English and Arabic the journal engages arts and culture, politics, history and economics as they address real world problems across the modern states and mosaic of cultures connected to the Middle East region. Publishing articles that originate in a range of disciplines, while offering a fresh perspective on conceptual, theoretical or methodological issues, allows JCIAW’s intended readership to approach our journal from a similarly broad range of disciplines and perspectives. JCIAW works to provide a platform by conveying prominent and emergent new voices in the field as well as highlighting the relevance of evolving topics and questions of research in the scholarship of Middle Eastern and Iraq Studies.

As an interdisciplinary journal, JCIAW’s content spans the disciplines within the humanities, arts and social sciences. Some of the diverse issues covered include: culture, society, politics, economics, history, music and art. The unrestricted topical nature of the journal reflects the study of the many facets of contemporary Iraq and the Arab world as well as how scholars and researchers engage the region and its peoples as well as their extensive influence to the broader Middle East region and global society. Each issue includes research articles, essays as well as book, film and article reviews relevant to Iraqi Studies and the wider field of Middle Eastern studies.

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