CFPs: special edition of the Punk & Post-Punk Journal on ‘Punk and Marginalized Identities’.


Punk & Post-Punk is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal for academics, artists, journalists and the wider cultural industries. Placing punk and its progeny at the heart of inter-disciplinary investigation, it is the first forum of its kind to explore this rich and influential topic in both historical and critical theoretical terms.


Punk’s inclusivity means it sometimes acts as an interface between diverse groups. However, this very proximity can mean that tensions arise. Rather than being divorced from wider social inequalities, punk replicates racist, sexist, homophobic and ableist norms. This sits in contradiction to its nurturing and empowerment of marginalised groups.


Topics could include, but are not restricted to, one or multiple of the following:

• Trans and non-binary

• Women

• Ethnicity, race and/or migration status

• Dis/ability

• Sexuality

• Class struggle

• Fatness

• Intersex


Deadline for abstract submissions: 2 July 2018.

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