ESPMI Webinar: New Dissemination Practices in Forced Migration Research

 ESPMI Webinar: New Dissemination Practices in Forced Migration Research - scheduled for February/March 2019

The webinar on New Dissemination Practices in Forced Migration Research aims to bring together established and emerging scholars and practitioners interested in discussing new opportunities for dissemination, with a particular focus on creative methods and outputs. 
Questions for discussion:
  • What are the opportunities and challenges involved in creative methods of dissemination?
  • How are alternative forms of media (websites, podcasts, mobile apps, social media) being used to disseminate research on forced migration issues, and what is the potential for innovation?
  • How can we ensure that the voices of emerging scholars and practitioners are heard and their work widely disseminated?
  • What forms of dissemination will be most effective for reaching policymakers and practitioners?
  • What tools or frameworks can be utilized, both in the academic and policy spheres, to co-produce research outputs and to actively engage with communities and stakeholders involved in research?
Participants include Eithne Nightingale (QMUL, Child Migrant Stories); Asha Siad (documentary film-maker), Paul Dudman (University of East London, Refugee Archive project).
If you are interested in participating in the webinar or for further information, please contact Annabelle Wilkins: or Paul Dudman: 
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