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"On picking up and reading Meave Connolly’s The Place of Artists’ Cinema I was immediately struck by two things. First, the scope and depth of the work as the concept of ‘artists’ cinema’ is tirelessly operationalised and consistently enlivened across five detailed, rather different and differentiating (but always cogent) substantive chapters. Second, Connolly’s passion, perhaps even advocacy, for the works she discusses comes through strongly and the reader is left with the
distinct impression that while not simply a work of canonisation (a possibility or danger Connolly herself acknowledges early on in the text), this book is moved by a desire to praise rather than bury, and is therefore critical in an affirmative and
productive sense. In other words (and as we shall see from our brief survey of the five substantive chapters in a moment), Connolly’s arguments force us to think of ‘artists’ cinema’ as a form or practice that raises interesting questions, for
example, about the nature of ‘place’, about the ‘market’ or ‘post-Fordist capital’, about the notion of the ‘public space’, about the status and scope of ‘events’ and so on. Let us, then, survey in rather brief and broad brushstrokes how Connolly’s
discussion of ‘artists’ cinema’ engages these (and other) ideas as they unfold across the five substantive chapters of the book." 

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Intellect at the Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference

Intellect will be exhibiting at the Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference (NEPCA) in Queens, New York on October 23-24. Please feel free to drop by at our stand if you are also attending!

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International Journal of Digital Television launch event

A seminar discussing the theme of 'after digital switchover' will be held at the Oxford Internet Institute on the 26th of November to mark the launch of our new journal the International Journal of Digital Television.




For further information contact:



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The Place of Artists' Cinema to be reviewed live on German radio

The Place of Artists' Cinema, a book by author Maeve Connolly, will be reviewed live on air by German radio station FSK FM 93 on the 8th of November between 8 and 11 PM – Watch this space for further details...


Visit FSK online 

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