Vertigo Magazine Farewell event

Vertigo magazine is closing after 16 years charting independent, innovative, imaginative and internationalist moving image work in all its forms across the world.

The Vertigo team are hosting a farewell party to celebrate what has been achieved over the years in both the magazine and its numerous events / screenings.

An evening of suitably independent world music from DJ Leon Parker, short films and readings by a number of esteemed contributors, FREE Admission at The Horse Hospital near Russell Square from 7pm on 10th February 2010.

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New title announcement: Transnational Cinemas

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of the first issue of our latest journal Transnational Cinemas, which has emerged in response to a shift in global film cultures. The launch of this journal will be officially marked by a special symposium held in conjunction with The Centre for Cultural and Creative Research at the University of Portsmouth.

Speakers include: Andrew Higson, John Sedgwick and Mike Pokorny, Chris Berry, Song Hwee Lim, Will Higbee and Paul Kerr.
Venue: St George’s Building, Lecture Theatre 0.22 - St George's Building.  University of Portsmouth, 141 High Street, Portsmouth, PO1 2HY.
 Cost (including lunch and refreshments): £40 waged, £20 unwaged

 To register for the symposium, go to

For more information contact Deborah Shaw:

About Transnational Cinemas
ISSN 20403526 | 2 issues per volume

Principal Editors
Armida de la Garza, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

Deborah Shaw, Portsmouth University, UK


Ruth Doughty, Portsmouth University, UK
Claudia Magallanes-Blanco, Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico

Reviews Editor

Patricia Gaal-Holmes, Portsmouth University, UK

Transnational Cinemas has emerged in response to a shift in global film cultures and how we understand them. Dynamic new industrial and textual practices are being established throughout the world and the academic community is responding. Transnational Cinemas aims to break down traditional geographical divisions and welcomes submissions that reflect the changing nature of global filmmaking.

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If you require any further information please contact James Campbell


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Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Journal Studies in Documentary Film

“Other Visions: Contemporary Italian Documentary Cinema as Counter-Discourse”

Special Issue of the journal Studies in Documentary Film

Guest Editors

Anita Angelone (College of William and Mary), and Clarissa Clò (San Diego State University)

Published research on Italian documentary film has been until recently quite rare (Bernagozzi 1985; 1979). In the past decade, however, several new studies broadly assessing the history of the genre in Italy testify to a renewed critical interest as well as a recent surge of activity by independent documentary filmmakers (Bertozzi 2008; 2003).

Numerous films made within the last ten years (and with a sizable international circulation at film festivals, in DVD or on the internet), explore an Italy that is multi-vocal and varied, complex and contradictory, and bear witness to a changing country whose myths, traditions, and identities are undergoing drastic revisions.

Whether concerned with contemporary immigration, women’s, workers’, gay, lesbian and transgender issues and rights, the environment and local sustainability, or tackling older debates such as the southern question, Italian emigration, freedom of speech vs. censorship, and the mafia, it is in documentary (more so than in fictional cinematic discourse) that we see articulated stylistically innovative and creative approaches that challenge established visual forms and regimes and propose new and unprecedented visions.

This growing body of alternative and oppositional films will be the subject of a special issue of Studies in Documentary Film scheduled for mid 2011. The volume will collect together for the first time articles in English by both young and established scholars in order to explore the theories and practices of contemporary documentary film in Italy, as it addresses issues of social justice and proposes new lenses through which to view the various realities of present-day Italy.

The editors welcome essays that address thematic, stylistic and industry-related concerns in individual or groups of documentaries, such as, but not limited to, those suggested.

Other topics, and issues that may be also addressed include the following:

-New video-technologies and networks
-The role of television in Italian society
-Berlusconi’s media monopoly
-Genova’s G8
-Political satire
-A new generation of younger filmmakers
-A growing number of female documentary directors in the industry
-Subaltern voices
-Precarious job and living conditions

Interested contributors should send a 400-500 words abstract and a CV to both editors at and by March 1, 2010. Complete essays of 5,000-6,000 words of selected proposals will be due by June 30, 2010.

All papers will undergo peer-review by an international board. Please submit final papers as Word documents (no PDFs or RTFs). Include a separate cover page with title, name, contact information. The essay should not contain the name(s) of the author(s) or any indication of author identity. 

Authors are also invited to submit reviews (1,000-2,500 words) of books, documentary film conferences or documentary film festivals related to the issue theme.

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