Directory of World Cinema: Updated list of Editors

Here is an updated list of Editor contacts for our Directory of World Cinema project. If you would like to contribute to a Directory volume, please contact the relevant editor directly.




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Susan Hayward on working with Intellect

On 17th May Intellect held a training day for our new journal editors and Susan Hayward, who has edited Studies in French Cinema for ten years, kindly agreed to talk about her experience of working with Intellect. You can listen to the first part of her talk below: 

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Philosophy of Photography available to buy from The Photographers' Gallery

Intellect's new journal the Philosophy of Photography is available to buy from The Photographers' Gallery in London. With over 30 years of knowledge, experience and dedication the Bookshop at The Photographers' Gallery is committed to offering expert advice and professional service. The Bookshop stocks an extensive range of photography books, including many rare or limited edition - along with magazines, merchandise and unusual cameras.

'The best photography bookshop in Europe' – The Times


Philosophy of Photography is a new peer-reviewed journal devoted to the scholarly understanding of photography. It is not committed to any one notion of photography nor, indeed, to any particular philosophical approach. Find out more...

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Call For Papers: Journal of Screenwriting (2.2)

We invite researchers, educators and practitioners to contribute to Issue 2.2 of the Journal of Screenwriting, a new peer-reviewed journal set up to focus on this important aspect of moving image pre-production and conceptualisation.  Contributions are sought on the history, theory and practice of screenwriting and related topics, covering a wide range of practices from film and television to animation, new media and computer games.

To read on click the 'Read more' icon below

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The Leeds College of Music in Association with Intellect's Journal for Music, Technology and Education Present the 'Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition' (FIMPaC)

The Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition takes place at Leeds College of Music on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 May 2010.

FIMPaC is an annual event focusing on research and practice related to innovations in Music Production and Composition. This year’s event is in association with the Journal for Music, Technology and Education.

FIMPaC’s goal is to bring together composers, producers, music industry representatives, academics, educators and students to discuss their practice, research and industry experiences; FIMPaC encourages participants and delegates that represent the commercial music industry and academia.

Founder of the collective Soul II Soul, Jazzie B is our Keynote for 20 May and will open the conference. He will discuss his experiences within the Commercial Music Industry.

David Toop will open the second day of the conference and address connections between commercial and experimental music and whether we can sustain notions of their independence. David will also be performing in the evening.

For further information please visit the conference website...

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A video interview with the editors of Film Matters

Take a look at this video interview with Liza Palmer and Dr. Tim Palmer, editors of Intellect’s undergraduate film journal Film Matters

Issue 2 of Film Matters is now available

To find out more about this unique journal visit the journal's web page or contact the editors.


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David Lynch: film-maker and visual artist by Allister Mactaggart

'David Lynch started to make films as an art student in the mid-1960s at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia because he wanted a painting that “would really be able to move.” This fine art sensibility has persisted throughout his film-making career in which he has produced a singular and remarkable body of work which crosses the borders between different art forms and thus challenges some of the tenets of film theory as it currently stands.'

To read full article click 'Read more'...

Allister Mactaggart is author of The Film Paintings of David Lynch

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Intellect would like to thank the University of Chicago Press

Intellect would like to thank the University of Chicago Press for their hospitality during the recent sales conference which was held at the press headquarters in (you guessed it) Chicago.

For those who don't know, the University of Chicago Press distribute our books in North America and many other parts of the world. Please take a look at their distributed presses blog, otherwise known as Cryptonymn, it is a great resource and a mighty fine read. There are some interesting Intellect related posts including highlights from the tour of David Lynch's 'Lumbertown' (aka Wilmington, the home of Intellect's North American editorial office) as well as a guest post by Intellect author Allister Mactaggart in which he shares his thoughts on Lynch and his visual art. You can also find out more about the fall 2010 sales conference and you might even find a picture of this blogger getting to grips with various gadgets and gizmos.

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A 'Moon in the Gutter' Q & A with Intellect editor and writer John Berra

Moon in the Gutter is an excellent film blog written and edited by Jeremy Richey. Read Jeremy's Q&A with Intellect author and all round film aficionado John Berra.

An extract taken from the Q&A

'It’s hard to know where to start with regards to my background and my interest in writing. As with most academics and journalists who specialise in Film Studies, I am lifelong fan of cinema, and spent most of my teenage years watching both new releases and cult classics, gradually getting into film theory through Sight & Sound magazine and other publications. I also started to read such series as BFI Film Classics and Faber & Faber’s interview books with directors like David Cronenberg, John Sayles and Martin Scorsese, and I found that I could not watch or re-watch a film without first learning something about its production background or the career of its director. I also loved the writing of Joe Queenan, the acerbic New York critic whose most famous pieces were published in the collection If You’re Talking To Me, Your Career Must be in Trouble, and I began to respond to critics who had a unique voice and discussed other issues and interests through the medium of film, rather than just providing a value judgement.'


John Berra is editor of the Directory of World Cinema: American Independent, the Directory of World Cinema: Japan and author of the seminal Declarations of Independence: American Cinema and the Partiality of Independent Production.

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Passing of Manuel Alvarado

It is with great sadness that we convey to you the news of the passing of our friend and colleague Manuel Alvarado last week in France due to ill health.

 Manuel Alvarado 

 At Intellect we shall greatly miss Manuel’s championship of our work and his invaluable contributions to our regular meetings and the support he gave to our staff. We were the lucky beneficiaries of his wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over a lifetime in publishing, starting at the age of 16 as editor of his school magazine.

At university he was editor of a student newspaper and subsequently went on to be editor of a quarterly international academic journal focusing on cinema, media and education. Eventually he went on to found a media publishing imprint for John Libbey Publishing - an imprint that later became Luton University Press.

He was one of the tiny group of people to create and define media studies as a subject area under the auspices of the British Film Institute’s Education Department and the Society for Education in Film and Television back at the beginning of the 1970s, and he had been defining, revising, extending, teaching, examining, researching and publishing work ever since. He has worked for the Universities of London, Nottingham Trent, Boston (Massachussetts) and The Surrey Institute of Art & Design - and for organisations including UNESCO in Paris, the BBC and the British Film Institute (as Head of Education and Training). He has published widely and his books have covered such topics as television drama, media education, global video flow, and Latin American Cinema and Photography.

But we were the beneficiaries of more than this. Manuel was a good friend to us all. The enthusiasm, kindness and humour he brought to staff meetings was always looked forward to, and which often continued in the local pub afterwards, time permitting, before he raced back to London on the train. Manuel may have officially retired from work but he never lost his passion for his friends or the subject we work in and which he helped to create.

A memorial service to celebrate his life will be held at the Coach and Horses, Soho, London from noon onwards on Sunday 16th May 2010.

You can read a  Q&A with Manuel Alvarado or hear him on You Tube.


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