Intellect books The Age of Television and Television and Criticism reviewed in the journal Critical Studies in Television

"Intellect commission titles that are often multidisciplinary in approach, with scholars working ‘at the cross section of arts, media and creative practice’. Both books under review – Television and Criticism, a volume of nine essays edited by Solange Davin and Rhona Jackson, and The Age of Television: Experiences and Theories, a book by Milly Buonanno – take cross-disciplinary approaches to television, which reflect current preoccupations within TV studies. Given that there is a sense that television is  somehow in crisis, perhaps even dwindling in signifi cance, scholars in recent times have been busy re-conceptualising some of the basic tenets – like ‘flow’, ‘the glance’, the ‘domestic’ – adopting and adapting perspectives and strategies from other  disciplines. Both these two books draw attention to such a trend while offering multidisciplinary approaches in keeping with the Intellect brief." – Janet McCabe, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Find out more about the books from the review:

The Age of Television: Experiences and Theories

Television and Criticism

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Group for War and Culture Studies Seminar 'No More Heroes Anymore'

'No More Heroes Anymore'

Berny Sèbe, Lecturer In Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Birmingham, on "'Celebrating" British and French Imperialism: The Making of Colonial Heroes Acting in Africa' (1870-1939), and Cristina Pividori, Lecturer in World War One literature, on 'War Heroes and Pacifists on the Same Front: Re-reading Heroism in Two Imperial War Memoirs'. A double seminar organised by the Group for War and Culture Studies.

Wednesday 23 June 6-8pm.

Room 154 - University of Westminster - 309 Regent Street - London W1B 2UW.

Entrance free. To reserve a place, please contact Caroline Perret on 020 7911 5000 ext 2345, or e-mail R.S.V.P.

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New Irish Storytellers launch


You are cordially invited to the launch of New Irish Storytellers: Narrative Strategies in Film By Díóg O’Connell

Wednesday 30th June 2010, 6.30pm-Irish Film Institute (Mezzanine bar)...Eustace Street, Dublin 2

Guest Speaker – Dr. Pat Brereton, DCU.

Kindly sponsored by Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire


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Test your Knowledge with Intellect's film quiz

Do you think you know a thing or two about cinema? Put your knowledge to the test with Intellect’s ‘Test your knowledge’ quiz.

1. ‘A man went looking for America, and couldn’t find it anywhere’ was the
tagline for which counter-culture road movie?
2. Who won an Oscar for his supporting role in Paul Schrader’s Affliction?
3. Which John Waters film stars Divine as, ‘the filthiest person alive’?
4. Céline and Jessie, the protagonists of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and
Before Sunset, feature in which other movie by the director?
5. Who directed The Boondock Saints and became the subject of the
documentary Overnight?
6. Aside from the titular actor, which movie star plays himself in Being John
7. Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac feature in which 1959 ‘beat’ movie?
8. Carnival of Souls was the sole directorial credit of which film-maker?
9. With which suburban thriller did Bryan Singer make his directorial debut?
10. Which Richard Linklater film takes place over the course of one day in
Austin, Texas?
11. Which punk icon portrayed a struggling singer in Susan Seidelman’s
12. ‘Faith in chaos’ was the tag-line for which Darren Aronofsky film?
13. The Brain and The Pin are characters in which teen-oriented film noir?
14. Name the three film students who fall prey to a local curse in The Blair Witch
15. Which documentary scrutinized the investigation into the 1976 shooting of a
Dallas police officer?
16. With which film did Gus Van Sant make his directorial debut?
17. Name the maverick exploitation maestro responsible for God Told me To
and It’s Alive.
18. The true story of the ‘Lonely Hearts Killers’ inspired which 1970 thriller?
19. House of 1,000 Corpses marked the directorial debut of which controversial
music star?
20. Ryan Phillippe and Heather Graham cameo in which Greg Araki movie?

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New Flows in Global TV is reviewed in the current issue of journal Media International Australia

Albert Moran's New Flows in Global TV is a book that has already caught the attention of many scholars for it's dazzilingly inciteful take on the structures of the global television industry, and now in her review Kay Hearn describes the book as being 'essential to understanding global TV as a transnational cultural industry... a key text for those interested in the process of globalisation and television.'

Click on the 'Read more' icon to read the review in full.

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Call for Papers: Transnational Cinemas

Transnational Cinemas is an international peer reviewed journal published by Intellect.  Our journal aims to break down traditional geographical and area divisions and we welcome submissions from around the world that reflect the global nature of film cultures. Transnational Cinemas covers a vast and diverse range of film related subjects, providing a new and dynamic forum for disseminating research. The editors are seeking articles, interviews, visual essays, and reports on film festivals and conferences. Visit the journal’s page on our website.

Possible research topics include (but are not limited to): 

* Modes of production, distribution and exhibition
* Co-productions and collaborative networks
* New technologies and changing patterns of consumption
* Transnational film theories
* Migration, journeying and other forms of border-crossing
* Exilic and diasporic filmmaking
* Film and language
* Questions of authorship and stardom
* Cross-fertilisation and cultural exchange
* Indigenous cinema and video and the cinemas of ethnic minorities
* Cultural policy
* The ethics of transnationalism
* Historical transnational practices
* Interrelationships between the local, national and the global
* Transnational and postcolonial politics

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Cultural Quarters in the Pawtucket Times

Pawtucket, Rhode Island city officials are delighted that their revitalization efforts involving artists is the subject of a chapter in the Intellect book Cultural Quarters.

“Pawtucket really is something that smaller cities can look up to,” says Ann Galligan, a Providence resident and professor at Northeastern University who specializes in cultural policy, and the author of the chapter. “It's a model for the U.S. Not many small cities are going to have a Ford Motor Company or something to that extent move in.” Galligan credits the city for recognizing “the potential of artists as part of its urban renewal and workforce development strategy and not simply a component of its non-profit arts policy funding commitment.”

Click here to read the full article in the Pawtucket Times.

The second edition of Cultural Quarters, edited by Simon Roodhouse, is due out shortly.

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European Cinema Research Forum present 'Is there such a thing as European Cinema'

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Tim Bergfelder, University of Southampton

Dr Rosalind Galt, University of Sussex           

A decade into the establishment of the European Cinema Research Forum, this conference aims to establish where exactly the ‘Europeanness' of European Cinema may lie.  Bringing together the various critical, theoretical and historical discourses of the European cinema, this conference asks us to investigate our own critical investment in the creation of European cinema, what is at stake institutionally, aesthetically and critically in this creation, and what purposes it may serve. Click 'Read more' to continue reading abstract.


Online payment now available, click here

For all other conference enquiries, please email Fiona Handyside

If you are interested in the topic of European Cinema take a look at Studies in European Cinema or Studies in Eastern European Cinema.

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Finding the Right Place on the Map: Central and Eastern European Media Change in a Global Perspective reviewed in the Slavic Review

Finding the Right Place on the Map: Central and Eastern European Media Change in a Global Perspective edited by Karol Jakubowicz and Miklós Sükösd has been reviewed in the Slavic Review (vol. 69, no. 2) by John Downing of the Global Media Research Center, Southern Illinois University.

 'This is a remarkably informative collection of essays reviewing the changes since 1989 in media performance, ownership, and relation to the state. The editors are two of the most seasoned and judicious researchers on the region’s media, and they have brought together a very impressive team of their peers in the fi eld. The essays include both detailed country case studies focused on the Baltic states, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Romania and some comparative and conceptual overviews of the region as a whole. – John Downing

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