Comics Forum 2010 - Leeds City Art Gallery

Women in Comics II (1000-1645, 18/11/2010)

Following the success of ‘Women in Comics’ held at the University of Cambridge in 2009, and the significant support of both practitioners and academics, we are delighted to be holding a second ‘Women in Comics’ Conference.
With an increasing number of female artists, writers, scholars and publishers of comics, this conference looks to celebrate women’s contributions to comics, and strengthen and investigate feminine perspectives within and surrounding comic art and narrative. What are women creating within comics? How is female readership changing and evolving? What is the interface between women in comics and gender studies?


Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics (1000-1645, 19/11/2010)

There are strong ties between the production and scholarship of comics, from the seminal works of Will Eisner in Comics and Sequential Art and Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics to the theoretically informed comics of Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan), Dan Clowes (Ghost World) and Seth (Wimbledon Green), among others. ‘Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics’ will seek to investigate those ties, considering how comics both influence and are influenced by theoretical discourses of communication, aesthetics and narrative.

Tickets for Comics Forum (comprising both Women in Comics II and Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics) are £15 each. For more details or to register email Ian Hague (Department of History, University of Chichester) at

Comics Forum is supported by: Intellect and Studies in Comics, FREE issue available online.

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Asia Exposure: East Asian Cinema in a Global Context (Coventry University, February 10-11, 2011)

A two-day international symposium on East Asian Cinema and Film Festival (sponsored by Third Window Films) organised by Spencer Murphy (Coventry University), John Berra (Nanjing University) and Colette Balmain (Coventry University) and funded by Coventry University.

The films that have emerged from East Asia in the past decade have invigorated international cinema with their originality and vitality, capturing the attention of academics and audiences alike. Asian Exposure aims to capture this vitality through a combination of formal and informal talks, film screenings at the Warwick Art Centre sponsored by Third Window Films, Q&A sessions with key directors, workshops and themed events.

•    We seek papers that represent the diversity of East Asian Cinema and engage with the films from a variety of perspectives – academic, fan based, journalism, festival management, student, distribution companies and publishing – across disciplines and countries.

•    As this symposium emerges from the work done by CUEAFS (Coventry University East Asian Film Society), one of the foremost aims of the symposium is to challenge academic boundaries and conventions in relation to the production and dissemination of knowledge. As such, we actively welcome the submission of abstracts of work-in-progress, pre-formed panels, workshops or proposed discussion sessions by students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, in addition to academics, journalists, and people involved in the consumption, promotion and distribution of East Asian Cinema.

•    The purpose of the symposium and film festival is to develop a network of people involved with the production, distribution, reception and analysis of East Asian cinema.  It is anticipated that the symposium will reflect the excitement and interest generated by the emergence of East Asian cinema onto the global screen, while also offering new insights into local productions and co-productions which have been overlooked by scholars and audiences in the West.

The main criteria are that proposals should be related to one of the four cinematic territories (China, Hong Kong, Japan or South Korea). Pre-formed panels, workshops, presentation of work-in-progress, and panels are sought. Suggested areas are below, but we welcome proposals on other areas of interest which fulfil the main purpose of the symposium.

Traditions and Directions
•    Diasporic texts/Diasporic directors
•    The auteur and the canon
•    Western co-productions and Hollywood Remakes/East Asian co-productions and remakes of Hollywood films
•    Academic approaches/theories of East Asian Cinema including questions of the transnational and the global
•    Orientalism/Occidentalism/Self-Orientalism
•    National Cinema and nationalism
•    Institution and Industry
•    Relationship between traditional arts and cinema as a mechanism of local identification and signification

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The Directory of World Cinema update

 Intellect have just published the third printed volume in the Directory of World Cinema series, which focuses on the cinema of Australia & New Zealand. For those of you who aren't familiar with the project, the Directory of World Cinema aims to play a part in moving intelligent, scholarly criticism beyond the academy. Each volume of the Directory provides a culturally representative insight into a national or regional cinema through a collection of reviews, essays, resources, and film stills highlighting significant films and players.

As well as a printed series, part of the project is an online repository made up of reviews submitted by members. Although anyone can be a member and submit a review, these reviews are compiled along with other resources into regional or national groupings and then edited by an expert in the field to produce a volume, which is first published as a free pre-print pdf and then as a printed book.

Although academic in focus (and standard - all volumes are peer-reviewed) the directories are somewhat of a departure from Intellect's usual film titles, and they are certainly a unique set of publications. As such, we thought it would be appropriate to post this review written by Roy Stafford, originally published by POV in August. We feel that Roy has in many ways got to the bottom of what Intellect is trying to achieve through the Directory series. 

'Perhaps the most interesting of Intellect’s wide range of new ventures is the World Cinema Directory [or the Directory of World Cinema]. This ambitious project promises the publication of a series of ‘directories’ covering all the main film industries – either as single country or regional volumes. The first five directories cover Japan, American Independents, Australia/New Zealand, Russia and African Cinema. There are many similar guides already published, so what makes the Intellect project different?'

Please click 'Read more' to continue reading the article.

To find out more, and download a FREE copy of the Directory of World Cinema: Russia (Nov, 2010), visit and experience global culture through the magic of film...


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2010 NEPCA Conference and Intellect

Boston is the site of the 2010 Northeast Popular culture Association's annual conference on October 23rd. Taking place at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health, a full day of lively discussions is slated to begin at 8.30 am.

This year’s NEPCA will include 36 panels on such topics as: Vampire as Tragic Mulatto: Angel and Spike in the Whedonverse; Bullying Victims in the Massachusetts Media; The Punk Rock Party Line; Form and Genre in U.S. Interwar Horror Radio.  Scholars from various backgrounds and disciplines will come together to analyze and debate some of society’s most compelling trends and topics.

A collection of Intellect’s books and journals will be on display throughout the conference so feel free to stop, take a look at our portfolio and learn more about publishing with us. You’re also encouraged to come by and chat with Amy about your work and proposal ideas you might have.  

Intellect is currently having a call for papers for the new journal Horror Studies which is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the rigorous study of the aesthetics of horror in all of its cultural and historical forms, from film and literature, music and dance, to fine art, photography and beyond.

If you’re interested in this or any of the other 88 journals Intellect publishes please visit the Intellect website, and be sure to stop by and say hello to Amy while at NEPCA.  Hope to see you there!


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ECREA Conference: 12th-15th October 2010, University of Hamburg

ECREA Conference: 12th-15th October 2010, University of Hamburg

My first ECREA conference was a rewarding and productive one. Intellect joined nearly 1000 delegates from across Europe (and even beyond) at this year’s biannual ECREA (European Communication Research and Education) conference in Hamburg.

Hamburg is an attractive city, and the lovely Autumn weather made our stay a pleasant one. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you who attended and also to discuss some really interesting book and journal ideas. We look forward to working with you and to publishing a selection of guest-edited special issues of our journals arising from the specialist panels at the conference.

We are also looking forward to all those book proposals and article submissions to our ever-growing list of journals. Please check out our “Publish with Us” area on our website.

ECREA was a great conference to be at. We were able to attend some interesting and thought provoking panels, and as well as meeting many new faces, it was great to get to know those of you who I have spoken to many times by email or phone, but had not yet met in person. Thank you to the organisers and ECREA committee for a fantastic opportunity and we look forward to attending ECREA 2012 in Istanbul!

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PCAS/ACAS Conference Savannah, GA October 2010

Provocative panels, spectacular weather and Southern hospitality merged to create a memorable PCA/ACAS conference in Savannah, October 7 – 9th. Post presentation discussions spilled into the hallways, as popular culture scholars and theorists engaged in lively, good-natured debate well after panels ended. It’s clear to see why this group boasts the largest of the regional culture associations in North America.

It was a pleasure to introduce myself (Amy) as the newest member of Intellect team, and present our portfolio of books and journals. The atrium balcony—overlooking the Savannah riverfront—was the perfect place to chat with many of you, and learn more about your work and focus. And it was a special delight to meet a number of our current journal editors in person.

Over the three day period, many exciting potential book and journal ideas were discussed. I want to encourage potential authors and editors to contact me directly or access the “Publish with Us” area on the homepage to learn more about submission guidelines.  I’m also available to answer any questions or simply provide a sounding board if you’re just in the beginning stages of a proposal.

Hats off to Diane and the PCAS/ACAS group for organizing such an exceptionally well-run and exciting conference. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces in San Antonio for the national meeting April 20 -23rd. If not, I expect to meet up with you at next year’s PCAS/ACAS in New Orleans!

Find out more about Intellect’s Media & Cultural Studies portfolio.

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Intellect at MPCA/MACA in Minneapolis

Close to 300 North American scholars returned to the Midwestern roots of the popular culture movement for this year’s MPCA/MACA conference outside of Minneapolis, October 1–3rd. In attendance were popular culture luminaries such as John Bratzel, Executive Director of the National Popular Culture Association, and Nick Baxter-Moore, director of the Canadian Popular Culture Association.

Founded in the 1970s, the MPCA/MACA took a five-year hiatus in the 1990s, later to regroup and return stronger than ever in 2002.  This annual conference provides a forum for scholars to exchange work and ideas across disciplinary lines.  Film studies, media and cultural studies, performing arts and visual arts were just some of the disciplines represented at this year’s meeting.

The MPCA/MACAS event provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase Intellect’s strong collection of books and journals within media and culture studies, and also gave me the chance to introduce myself. Thank you to all who stopped by to chat and discuss your work and ideas with me. I encourage you to explore our catalog and submit book proposals or articles for any of our 88 journals. Don’t hesitate to contact me at with any questions.

Besides providing lively panels and presentations as well as opportunities for in-depth conversation, this conference affirmed the Midwest region’s commitment to social and cultural scholarship. Intellect was delighted to be part of the action.  Kudos to MPCA/MAPA organizers for pulling together such a spirited and warm event. Intellect looks forward to next year’s conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

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New Flows in Global TV Featured in The Futurist

The Futurist, bi-monthly magazine of The World Future Society, has included Albet Moran's New Flows in Global TV in the latest edition of its Books in Brief section. Published since 1967, Futurist contributors have included Newt Gingrich, Al Gore, Buckminster Fuller, Isaac Asimov and Margaret Mead.

The online version of article can be found here. Our congratulations to Dr. Moran!

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Intellect will be attending PCAS/ACAS Conference
Savannah, GA October 7-10, 2010

PCAS/ACAS Conference
Savannah, GA   October 7-10, 2010

Intellect is  Savannah bound for this year’s Popular Culture Association in the South & American Culture Association conference.  Join us at the Savannah Riverfront Marriott hotel for three full days of discussion and scholarly debate on such topics as:  Tiger Woods After the Fall; Reinventing the Vampire: Gender and Sexuality and Media Coverage and Dysfunction.
The scope of Intellect’s expansive Media and Cultural Studies portfolio encompasses the full breadth of American cultural phenomena, from traditional to avant-garde, highbrow to lowbrow.  Review our latest titles and current journals, and learn more about our publishing philosophy while at PCAS/ACAS. We are currently actively expanding our North American author and editor base, so please drop by to discuss your work and submission criteria with Amy. She looks forward to meeting you in Georgia’s First City!


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New title announcement: Craft Research

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of our latest journal, Craft Research (1.1). Three articles from the first issue of this new peer reviewed journal are available to download for FREE from our website.

The aim of Craft Research is to advocate and promote current and emerging craft research, including research into materials, processes, methods, concepts, aesthetics and style. This may be in any discipline area of the applied arts and crafts, including craft education.

The journal will portray and build the crafts as a vital and viable modern discipline that has a vision for the future. It is distinct from mainstream journals in that it is dedicated to presenting and reporting on research, in the widest sense, in order to advance the knowledge in the field. Making this knowledge, in whatever form, available to the community will help build and advance the field, and present it - in all its diversity - as a strong and essential force that cannot be overlooked.

In addition to an enthralling editorial feature and a thorough reviews section, the inaugural issue includes the articles 'Surface and substance: A call for the fusion of skill and ideas in contemporary enamel jewellery' by Jessica Turrell and 'Exploring net political craft: From collective to connective' by Otto Von Busch.

Subscribe to this journal...

For further information, including a complete table of contents for issue 1, please visit the journal's page online. Alternatively contact James Campbell.


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