Film event & launch of Studies in French Cinema: UK Perspectives 1985-2010

Thursday 2 December - Cine Lumiere-French Institute,

17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT, 18h

Film event and launch of the new book Studies in French Cinema: UK Perspectives 1985–2010 edited by Will Higbee and Sarah Leahy!

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Intellect's 2012 New Journal Portfolio

Intellect is delighted to announce our 2012 journal portfolio. The list exemplifies our commitment to widening critical debate in new and emerging areas of academic study. For further details please click on a title or the 'Read more' icon below.

All journals now accept contributions. For submission guidelines please contact the editor(s).
If you wish to be informed of launch dates or enquire about subscription for any of these journals, please send an email to James Campbell.

Film Studies

Film, Fashion & Consumption
ISSN: 20442823 / Online ISSN: 20442831
Editors: Pamela Church Gibson, Tamar Jeffers McDonald, Alistair O’Neill, Alisia G. Chase

Visual Arts

Journal of Curatorial Studies
ISSN: 20455836 / Online ISSN: 20455844
Editors: Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher

International Journal of Islamic Architecture
ISSN: 20455895 / Online ISSN: 20455909
Editors: Mohammad Gharipour and Kevin Mitchell

The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ)
ISSN: 20456298 / Online ISSN: 20456301
Editors: Catherine Elwes, Sean Cubitt, Eu Jin Chua, Janine Marchessault,  Pryle Behrman, Lucy Reynolds and Editorial Assistant Kate Pelling

Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art
ISSN: 20455879 / Online ISSN: 20455887
Editor: G. James Daichendt

Performing Arts

Punk & Post Punk
ISSN: 20441983 / Online ISSN: 20443706
Editors: Philip Kiszely and Alex Ogg

Performing Islam
ISSN: 20431015 / Online ISSN: 20431023
Editors: Kamal Salhi and Karin van Nieuwkerk

ISSN: 20443714 / Online ISSN: 20443722
Editors: Christine White, Alison Oddey, Natalie Rewa, Stephen Di Benedetto and Professor Lu Ping

Cultural & Media Studies

The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture
ISSN: 20455852 / Online ISSN: 20455860
Editors: Toni Johnson-Woods and Vicky Karaminas

ISSN: 20456271/ Online ISSN: 2045628X
Editors: Mike Phillips, Chris Speed and Editorial Assistant: Jane MacDonald

The Canadian Journal of Popular Culture
ISSN: 2045581X / Online ISSN: 20455828
Editors: Nick Baxter-Moore and Greg Gillespie

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Call For Papers: Journal of Curatorial Studies

The Journal of Curatorial Studies invites original research articles on the subject of curating and exhibitions, as well as case studies, interviews and reviews of exhibitions, conferences and books.
The Journal of Curatorial Studies is a new international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the increasing relevance of curating and its impact on exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. Inviting perspectives from visual studies, art history, museum studies, critical theory, cultural studies and other academic fields, the journal encompasses a diversity of disciplinary approaches on curating and exhibitions broadly defined. By catalyzing debate and serving as a venue for the emerging discipline of curatorial studies, this journal encourages the development of the theory, practice and history of curating, as well as the analysis of exhibitions and display culture in general.
Visit the journal online

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The Big Picture Issue 11 is now available to download for FREE

Exciting Friday news...

The Big Picture Issue 11 is now available to download for FREE.

Ahead of the print edition being available to pick up at select 
independent cinemas from November 20th, you can now download the new issue to enjoy in its full small screen glory. OK so it doesn't smell as
 nice as the print version, but it's still rather tasty.

Themed around the re-release of Boudu Saved From Drowning - 
Jean Renoir's hilarious and raucous exposé of the hypocrisy of the 
bourgeoisie - the issue explores prejudice, class divide and life on the
 skids. Along with the usual roundup of classic film posters, features include a look at the Coke bottle from The Gods Must Be Crazy
 as iconic symbol, Scotland's Screen Machine mobile cinema, a location 
focus on Beverly Hills, 1000 words on Melvin Peebles, Black Power and 
the Birth of Blaxploitation and a profile on film poster artists All City

Happy reading...

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Launch of Performing Ethos at The Author and the Audience symposium (6th November 2010)

Intellect is delighted to announce the launch of the new journal Performing Ethos: International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance.

The journal will be launched at The Author and the Audience symposium at University of Leeds on Saturday 6th November, which will be held in conjunction with two performances of Tim Crouch's highly acclaimed new play The Author.

This one-day symposium event brings together theatre artists and critics for a day of open debate featuring papers, readings of new work, and roundtable discussions. The Author will provide a jumping-off point for a broader discussion of the relationship between writer and spectator in contemporary theatre practice. The symposium will examine such questions as 'How is the spectator being involved – and even implicated – in the events enacted?' and 'What ethical and aesthetic issues arise when the audience is made explicitly “responsible” for what it is watching?'

The launch of the journal will follow the symposium. Performing Ethos addresses ethical questions raised in contemporary theatre and live performance, both within the politically and aesthetically radical, and the mainstream.

Please click here for further details of the event.

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