Call for papers extended deadline - Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies
Tourism & Communication:  Place Brands, Identities and New Trends

Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies. Special issue 3.2.
Tourism & Communication:  Place Brands, Identities and New Trends
We would like to inform you about the extended deadline for the submission of articles for the special issue of the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies. The new deadline is 15 February 2011, and the acceptance of works will be confirmed by 15 March 2011. Please note that the journal plans to include articles of around 6-7.000 words, and short research notes and reports of around 2-3.000 words. The contributions will be subjected to anonymous peer-review.

Tourism and Communication: Place Brands, Identities and New Trends:

The concept of place branding has gained a high profile in recent years as different places and tourism destinations compete with each other to gain a foothold in a complex and changing market. In today’s competitive globalised marketplace, branding has been described as ‘the most powerful marketing weapon available to contemporary destination marketers’ (Morgan et al., 2002).

The brand of a territory can be conceived from two different points of view: as a destination brand, which only refers to tourism activity and as a place brand, which has a wider and holistic meaning that includes tourism, investment, commerce, education and quality of life. The aim of a place brand is not only to communicate the main tourist attractions of a region but also to enhance its attractions as a business centre as well as a good and comfortable place to work, live and study.
This broad subject of study includes emergent topics such as place branding, destination marketing and communication. Proposals for papers can include studies of place branding and its relation with the culture and the identity of territories, communication through new technologies, reception of brand image, methodologies of analysis or comparative studies of place branding experiences in different countries.

Catalonia is an important community in terms of tourism development. Since the 1960s, the tourist industry has been consolidated and currently is one of the most important economic sectors of the region. For this reason, studies focusing on communicating destinations, their brands or tourism marketing, and their relation with cultures and territories will be welcomed. Empirical studies and theoretical works with a multidisciplinary focus from the advertising, economic, communication, new technologies and tourism fields will be accepted. Matching with the aims of the CJCS, the issue will include articles coming from Catalonia and from other national contexts in which the relationship among tourism, place brands, culture and identity configure an interesting research case study.
Guest Editors
●      Nigel Morgan (University of Wales Institute, Wales, United Kingdom)
Professor at the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, University of Wales. He has published over 100 papers focusing on the marketing of tourism destinations and the study of tourism as a sociological phenomenon and his work has so far been translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean, Spanish and Italian.

●      Assumpció Huertas (Rovira i Virgili University, Catalonia, Spain)
Senior Lecturer of Tourism Communication and Public Relations at the Department of Communication Studies in the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (Spain). She is also a lecturer of Advertising at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). She has a background on sociology, advertising and public relations.

First Special Issue of the CJCS on 'The Communicative Turn in Risk Communication: Theory and Practice' is now available

For more details about the journal guidelines please visit the journal's webpage

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Intellect's latest guest blogger Christopher Smit discuses 'Accommodation and the New Media Mind'

We are very pleased to welcome Christopher Smit as Intellect's latest guest blogger. Smit is an exceptional and innovative scholar whose work includes Screening Disability and Reconstructing the King: Death Narratives of Elvis Presley in the 1980s.

Blog 1: Accommodation and the New Media Mind

By Christopher Smit

'The continued success of any institution of higher education has always been tethered to its willingness to be flexible, expandable, and ruthlessly committed to students. As budgets shrink, student demographics shift, and debates about what constitutes “liberal arts education” heat up, this is now, perhaps more than ever, the case. Tried and true formulas are being challenged by new economic, technological, and cultural changes. And when I look around at the faces of my colleagues, I see a bit of panic.

A good deal of our contemporary unease seems to originate from successful books like The Shallows by Nicolas Carr in which it is argued that the digital age is negatively affecting the brain arrangements of our students. Carr’s book claims that the silent generation has been the victim of a cross cultural dumbing down; the vast amounts of surface communication offered by social networking, Google, blogs, etc., has left no room for depth of thought. Bad news for a generation that seems more interested in speed than it is in quality. The new media mind, as it were, is a direct threat to higher educational goals like contemplation, well tendered analysis, or depth of any intellectual kind.

Click Read more... to continue

Christopher Smit is author of Intellect's forthcoming The Exile of Britney Spears.

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Public lecture: I am an American: Filming the Fear of Difference

Event website

Public lecture - no ticket or registration required

Date of event: 7 February 2011. Time: 18:00. Venue: Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS

Five years after 9/11, Cynthia Weber began on-camera interviews with US citizens of various ages, races, religions, sexes, and ethnicities caught up in the security and immigration crossfire of the 'war on terror'.  Each US citizen was invited to reflect upon their experiences of citizenship and patriotism after 9/11, to create a pose (often with the US flag) that epitomizes their experiences, and to encapsulate their experiences into a sentence that includes the words, 'I am an American.' 

Edited into a collection of short videos, these films present conflicting images, ideas, and experiences of US citizenship that challenge stereotypical understandings of US identity, citizenship, tolerance, and patriotism.  The films will form the core of Cynthia's presentation.

Cynthia Weber is Professor of International Relations at Sussex University and Co-Director of the media company Pato Productions. Weber is also the author of Intellect's forthcoming book and multimedia project by the same name 'I am an American': Filming the Fear of Difference.

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