2011: A Real Space Odyssey
A special guest blog by Alex Ogg

Last week I was invited to join a group of students touring the London College of Communication’s impressive Stanley Kubrick Archive. Having navigated the Elephant & Castle’s bewildering subterranean underpass system – the sort of place you wouldn’t want to encounter any rowdy malchicks late at night – a temple to the visionary American film-maker awaits in the LCC’s lower depths.

Comprehensive to a fault, the care with which notes, drawings, photos, props and ephemera are preserved herein would surely impress the notoriously obsessive director. Granted access to the temperature-controlled storeroom, electronically operated doors slide open to greet us, recalling a space-age time capsule devised by the BBC special effects department. Short only of dry ice and a Cyberman sentry, row upon row of carefully arranged reference material awaits. It’s a hermetically sealed environment that would delight Dr Strangelove’s General Jack Ripper, given his aversion to alien bodies intermingling with our precious bodily fluids. Here the Kubrick student can graze upon the original faked newspapers used in A Clockwork Orange, or contrasting pictorial research gathered for films set in the Victorian age (Barry Lyndon) and the near future (2001: A Space Odyssey). Ornate masks used on Eyes Wide Shut are present, as are scripts, location notes and Kubrick’s oft-terse personal correspondence. Simply put, it’s an outstanding research facility.

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SCMS Conference

Intellect at the SCMS Conference
New Orleans, 10–13 March 2011
Intellect is headed to New Orleans for the Society of Cinema and Media Studies annual conference, 10-13 March. This event takes place at the historic Ritz Carlton Hotel on the edge of the Crescent City’s French Quarter. SCMS represents nearly 3000 scholars spread across 38 nations and is the perfect place to chat with film academics and practitioners about current work and display our latest portfolio.

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Writing With Images: An Art Symposium

This Graduate/Undergraduate Student Research Symposium was inspired by and serves to honor Dr. Annette Lermack, Associate Professor of Art History, upon her retirement from Illinois State University. Her dedicated professionalism is an example for all of us interested in continuing our scholarly pursuits and dreams. Sunil Manghani’s 2008 book entitled: Image Critique and the Fall of the Berlin Wall is the text that informs the theme of the symposium.

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