Postdigital Encounters, 24 June 2011
Journal of Media Practice Symposium


It’s happened.  It’s over. We’re all digital now.

Media production and media education have been transformed by the digital in the last ten years.  Back in 1998, Nicholas Negroponte predicted that “digital-ness” would just become part of the wallpaper: “Like air and drinking water, being digital will be noticed only by its absence, not its presence”.   But over a decade later, are we “postdigital” yet? Postdigital Encounters is a one-day symposium explores how digital technologies have redefined creativity and media practice within the academy both in terms of teaching and research, with a dynamic programme of presentations ranging from a QR Workshop, multiscreen film practice and locative media projects to discussions of creativity and pedagogy in the postdigital age.

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Canadian PCA Conference

Niagara Falls was the perfect location to host the inaugural Canadian Popular Culture Association Conference. The honeymoon capital of the world is steeped in kitschy culture, from the haunted houses and wax museums of Clifton Hill to the glittering casinos, to the delightful 1930s era motels that still line the outskirts of the city. Intellect was proud to be one of the first publishers to support this new association which investigates not only Canadian culture, but popular culture in all its diverse international forms and manifestations.

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Street Style: Call for Submissions

In a rapidly changing global fashion system, new centres such as Shanghai are joining other cities such as Dubai, Moscow, and Mumbai as global fashion capitals. Street Style is a series that explores and reveals the relationship between culture, the city, and the street fashion. Books in the series use a predominantly visual approach (visual ethnography) paired with critical analysis, and are inspired by street fashion blogs, magazines, and other fashion incubators such as internet sites.

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Atomic Postcards - the slideshow

Our good pals at the University of Chicago Press have put together a  fabulous slideshow, which is composed of images taken from one of Intellect's latest visual arts titles, Atomic Postcards.

To view some images posted from the edge of danger, click here (but don't forget your sunscreen, they are positively radioactive!).

Atomic Postcards: Radioactive Messages from the Cold War is available to buy in the UK and will be published next week in North America and the Rest of World.

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International Communication Association conference

Intellect is Boston bound for the 61st annual International Communication Association conference 26-29 May at the Westin Waterfront Hotel. Come meet Intellect’s founder, Masoud Yazdani, in the town known for founding fathers. Scholars, working professionals and delegates from across North America, Europe and beyond will be gathering to discuss issues facing communication and media professionals worldwide. Amy will join Masoud in introducing Intellect’s latest titles such as Nico Carpentier’s Media and Participation as well as its well established journals International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics and International Journal of War & Culture.

Please come by our stand to learn more about publishing opportunities or check out the “Publish with Us” section on our website.

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Book reviews in Slavonic and East European Review

Two of our books have been reviewed in Slavonic and East European Review (vol. 89, no.2, April 2011).

Performing Violence: Literary and Theatrical Experiments of New Russian Drama

By Birgit Beumers and Mark Lipovetsky

'...a valuable interpretive tool, providing much needed assistance in navigating the highly heterogeneous landscape of contemporary Russian theatre.' – Elena Siemens, University of Alberta


The Musical Comedy Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: Laughing Matters

By Rimgaila Salys

'...a valuable and extremely well-researched contribution that will prove fruitful for
researchers exploring Soviet culture.' – Anna Toropova, UCL SSEES

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Roy Ascott: The Syncretic Sense
Plastic Transaction, Roy Ascott
Roy Ascott: The Syncretic Sense
20 May to 25 June 2011
SPACE Studios, London
SPACE is proud to present the first major retrospective of Roy Ascott, the British artist, theorist and teacher who has inspired generations of artists. The Syncretic Sense is a touring exhibition from Plymouth Arts Centre curated by Paula Orrell in partnership with i-DAT.
For more info:
Roy Ascott is editor of Technoetic Arts, published by Intellect.
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All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism

Join the QUAD Gallery for the launch of All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism on Friday 27th May from 6pm. 


Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Simon Sheikh, All That Fits is a thought-provoking exhibition that presents the idea that art and journalism are actually two sides of one activity (the production and distribution of images and information) and explores how this affects our perception of what we are seeing.

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Call for Submissions: Directory of World Cinema: Brazil

Directory of World Cinema: Brazil is an important opportunity to synthesise current scholarship on the Brazilian Cinema being undertaken globally, bringing some of the most important movements, genres and themes from across the eras of Brazilian cinema into a coherent picture.

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The War and Media Network review The Propaganda of Peace

The Propaganda of Peace: The Role of Media and Culture in the Northern Ireland Peace Process by Greg McLaughlin and Stephen Baker has been reviewed by Sue Curry Jansen for The War and Media Network.

'Most propaganda studies focus on the drumbeats of war, the tactics and strategies that ignite the furies of hate and aggression; however, bringing war to a successful conclusion also requires ideological readjustments and management of public perceptions. It is not enough for the victors to write the history of a conflict. To claim the spoils of war and secure the future, they also must cultivate public acceptance of their interpretive frameworks. That is, they need to deploy what McLaughlin and Baker call the ‘propaganda of peace’ in order to effectively craft a new social reality and idealized vision of the future that reconciles, marginalizes or suppresses animosities and revises or erases historical memories.

McLaughlin and Baker’s well-documented, tightly reasoned and carefully crafted book examines the propaganda of peace that was mobilized in Northern Ireland during the period leading up to the ratification of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and which still sustains the peace process. Unlike the propaganda of war, which is usually organized by the state, the military and paramilitary organizations, McLaughlin and Baker argue that the propaganda of peace involves a much broader range of social forces and cultural forms dedicated to uniting society, culture and nation behind a core idea or shared principle.'

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Find out about the book

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