World Film Locations Launch ticket give away

To celebrate the launch of our World Film Locations book series, Intellect are hosting a special event at the BFI, which will be held in the Blue Room at the South Bank centre on Friday September 30th 2011 from 7.30pm.

The event will include guest speakers Scott Jordan Harris, Samira Ahmed, Pete Hoskin and series editor Gabriel Solomons, a wine reception and a special Q&A session. Due to last minute cancellations we have a few remaining tickets, if you would like to come to the event please contact for more details. Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

About World Film Locations
World Film Locations is an exciting new book series published by Intellect that explores and reveals the relationship between the city and cinema

From New York to Tokyo, each book in the series focuses on a specific city with a particular cinematic heritage. Alongside short bite-sized texts about carefully chosen film scenes, each book will be illustrated throughout with evocative movie stills and be complimented by short but insightful essays about themes, ideas and key historical periods relating to each individual city. The series includes contributions from some highly influential contemporary writers, including Scott Jordan-Harris, Marceline Block, Peter Hoskin and Samira Ahmed.

The city continues to play a central role in a multitude of films, helping us to frame our understanding of place and of the world around us. Whether as elaborate directorial love letters or as time specific cultural settings, the city acts as a vital character in helping to tell a story. Find out more...

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The Religious Ownership Of Britney Spears
Christopher Smit writes for the HuffPost

'MTV's recent homage to Britney Spears at the 2011 Video Music Awards was filled with awkward moments. From the producer's choice to have young girls dress up and dance like Britney's past music video performances, to the bizarre, symbolic "manhandling" of Britney by Lady Gaga in drag, the night was simply not a good one for Britney.

She seemed caught off guard accepting a memorialization of her work. Why pay respect to a performer still on the road pushing her new record Femme Fatale? She seemed caught unaware that she was no longer herself, but someone whose career seemed to be slipping into the shadows of a full-blown tribute.

But really, has she ever had a time in her life when she owned selfhood, belonged only to herself?'

Read the full article

Christopher Smit is the author of the The Exile of Britney Spears: A Tale of 21st Century Consumption.

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PUBLIC launch event
Public 43: Suburbs and the Leona Drive Catalogue

PUBLIC cordially invites you to celebrate its newest publications and to the premiere of “THE LEONA DRIVE PROJECT,” a film by Kyath Battie, Philip Hoffman, Pouyan Jafarizadeh and Janine Marchessault. Come have a look at traces from the exhibition, meet contributors, artists, and the Public Access Collective, and pick up issues and subscription over some wine and cheese. Open to all!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 6-8pm

Location: Georgia Scherman Projects
 133 Tecumseth St, Toronto, Canada

PUBLIC has provided a forum combining critical thinking with visual art for over 20 years producing an aesthetically engaging journal which explores themes in-depth in each issue. PUBLIC is committed to critical work and reflection, and provides a unique perspective as a journal coming from Canada.

PUBLIC is now published in association with Intellect. For further information visit the journal's webpage or go to for information and special offers.

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Call for Papers: Book 2.0
Volume 1 issue 2: Type Writing

Aims & Scope

Book 2.0 is a new, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles
and reviews on historical and current developments in book creation and design,
including the latest advances in technology and software affecting illustration,
design and book production; it also explores innovations in distribution,
marketing and sales, and book consumption, and in the research, analysis and
conservation of book-related professional practices.

Book 2.0 aims to provide a forum for promoting and sharing the most original and
progressive practice in the teaching of writing, illustration, book design, book
production and publishing across all educational sectors.


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Call for Papers: ‘New Trends in Italian Cinema and Media’
Inaugural Issue of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies

Editor: Flavia Laviosa, Wellesley College (United States)

The Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (JICMS) is a new English-language forum for theoretical, methodological and critical debate on Italian film and media production, reception and consumption. It provides a platform for dialogue between academics, filmmakers, cinema and media professionals. This peer-reviewed journal invites submissions of scholarly articles relating to the artistic features, cultural themes, international influence and history of Italian film and media as art forms and industries.  

Within the realm of a post-national and trans-cultural debate, the purpose of the JICMS is to refer to Italy as the unifying geo-cultural site for a contemporary discussion on translocal cinema. The journal aims to elaborate a multifaceted definition of Italian cinema, transcending geo-ethnic land and sea borders and moving away from merely celebratory local cinematic experiences.  

The JICMS intends to revive a critical discussion on the auteurs and celebrate the dynamic role played by new directors, revisit the historiography of Italian cinema, and devote attention to Italophone filmmakers and accented cinema. The journal welcomes contributions which explore the impact of globalization on the Italian film industry, the encounters between cinema and other art forms, the hybridization of film and media aesthetics, the relationships of multimodal communication and inter-medial practices, and the development of innovative transmedia texts and crossmedia narratives.

The JICMS also invites submissions which examine experimental cinema, video art,  short films, long/short feature and documentary animation, original and adapted screenplays, film music (songs and scores), issues of stardom and reception studies. The professional contributions of screenplay writers, art directors, cinematographers, film editors, costume designers and make-up artists are also potential subject areas for submissions.  

Interested contributors should send 500 word abstracts outlining the topic, approach and theoretical bases, relevant bibliography and filmography, and 200 word biographical notes (listing academic publications) to the Editor to the following address: by October 10, 2011.

Notification of selected abstracts will be sent to authors by October 15, 2011.

Complete essays of 5,000-6,000 words will be due by January 15, 2012.  All papers will undergo anonymous peer-review by the journal’s international board.

Flavia Laviosa is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Italian Studies at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Her research interests are in Italian cinema, esp. women and contemporary directors, Southern Italy and Euro-Mediterranean studies. She is also Guest Editor of a special issue of Studies in European Cinema (8: 3, 2011) and Editor of Visions of Struggle in Women’s Filmmaking in the Mediterranean (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

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Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices
Call for Contributions, Volume 4 Issue 1

Special Guest issue with Editors Amanda Williamson and Jill Hayes
Dance, movement and spiritualities
Submission of full articles: December 15th 2011
We invite contributions for this special issue of Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, edited by JDSP Editorial Board member Amanda Williamson in collaboration with Jill Hayes, which will introduce a new journal in the field of dance, movement and spiritualities, to be launched by Intellect in 2013. Standard articles for this guest edition will be in the range of 5000-8000 words, including a 150 word abstract, six indicative key words, institutional affiliation and a short biography. Images and other forms of visual material to support textual submissions are welcomed.

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Launch of the Journal of Arts & Communities Special Issue with Amnesty Internationl.
Knowing Ways Conference, North Edinburgh Arts Centre, 9th September 2011

Intellect attended the second launch of the special issue of JAAC ‘Arts and Human Rights’ in collaboration with Amnesty International. The launch took place on the second day of Knowing Ways Conference in Edinburgh. The idea for the special issue had grown from the Freedom of Expression award, which takes place during the Edinburgh Festival each year. The award is presented by Amnesty to an outstanding play, which builds understanding and engagement of human rights.

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Emily St.Denny designs the winning poster at ASMCF

The annual conference of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France was held at the University of Stirling from 1-3 September 2011 and, for the first time, it featured the Postgraduate Poster Competition. The conference organisers – Fiona Barclay and Cristina Johnston – tell us that the competition attracted many high quality submissions. The prize, sponsored by Intellect, was awarded to Emily St.Denny. The judges felt Emily's winning poster demonstrated 'a superb mix of eye-catching presentation, clarity of explanation and astute judgement as to the amount of detail to offer. Furthermore, the poster represents an excellent research project which looks set to make a significant contribution to its field.'

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A great review of ‘I am an American’: Filming the Fear of Difference by Rosemary Bechler on openDemocracy

Have a read of this thought provoking review of Cynthia Weber's masterful 'I am an American' by Rosemary Bechler on openDemocracy...

"The reason why I welcome this book on openDemocracy, is because the ‘action’ that writing or indeed reading it involves - to go back to my opening contention - holds the seeds of a long-term remedy for all of us: the painstaking, individual recognition and re-weaving of relationship across the chasms of distrust and mutual ignorance which is the pursuit of a new multicultural form of ‘citizenship, identity, tolerance, patriotism and justice’ that opens onto the universal - not one predicated on the defence of a single community national standard in a diversifying world, but freely and continuously negotiated between people who have abjured violence. We can see this discovery taking place however intermittently throughout the Arab spring, and feel an ‘intimate reminder’ of it on our pulses when we read, ‘I am an American’"

Read the review in its entirety at



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Intellect at the Beijing Book Fair


Sunday 5th September saw the close of Beijing’s 18th International Book Fair. This year's event saw a record 2,100 publishing organizations from 60 countries, to showcase over 200,000 new books, periodicals, e-publications and audiovisual products, now making it one of the top four International Book Fairs in the world.

Intellect sent its Director, Mark Lewis, to investigate the Book Fair and to develop new business and relationships within the Chinese publishing and academic community.

The exhibition space was essentially divided into two areas: one area housed representatives from all the major European and Asian countries while the second area housed Chinese publishers, grouped along regional or business-related lines. All the big publishers were present such as Harper Collins, McGraw-Hill, Penguin etc, but the academic publishing community were also well represented, which included Intellect’s North American distributor The University of Chicago Press and their agent in China, Wei Zhao of Everest International Publishing Services.

A number of Chinese authors and contributors already publish with Intellect but, more recently, there has been a growing demand for Chinese translations of some of our titles. Mark met with a number of Chinese publishers and rights agencies during the fair and found genuine excitement both about Intellect’s business ethos and many of our current titles. We now confidently expect to conclude a number of rights contracts over the next few months and have developed relationships that will result in a growing number of translations in the future.

The quantity and quality of Chinese academic work is astounding and far too little of it is reaching the western world, often because of the language barrier. As the champion of the author, Intellect is determined to bring more Chinese authors’ work to the west. Outside of the Book Fair, Mark met with some of our current Chinese authors to discuss further publishing opportunities and, on his last day in Beijing, met with three professors of the Beijing Film Academy; Professor YAO Guo Qiang, Professor HAIZHOU Wang and Professor LIU Jun, and Alick, a student of Professor Yao who assisted in setting up the meeting and with translation.

The Beijing Film Academy is extremely prestigious and well known throughout the world. It has won many prizes over the years in film festivals worldwide and it’s quality of teaching and research has also won many accolades. Following a tour of the academy a wide range of topics were discussed and it quickly became apparent that there were many areas of synergy between our two organisations, which could allow us to work together both to bring their academics work to the west and to bring Intellect’s publications to China. We hope for and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Image caption: Mark Lewis (Centre) with Professor YAO Guo Qiang on his right and Professor HAIZHOU Wang on his left. In the second photo is Alick, a student of
Professor YAO, who helped set up the meeting and also helped with

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