Call for Contributions: Directory of World Cinema: Scotland

Call for Contributions

Directory of World Cinema: Scotland

Bob Nowlan, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
and Zach Finch, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Editors

Bristol: Intellect, 2014
A Contribution to Intellect’s Directory of World Cinema Series

Directory of World Cinema: Scotland
will provide an introduction to and overview of Scottish cinema in historical and cultural context.  Directory of World Cinema: Scotland, as part of the Intellect Directory of World Cinema series, will draw upon as well as update the work of major directions in Scottish cinema and cultural studies scholarship of the past two decades. Our book will engage the institutional history of cinematic production in Scotland, as well as the history of the distribution, exhibition, and reception of cinema in Scotland.  We will emphasize major achievements in Scottish film making as well as other films that reflect the diversity and peculiarity of Scottish cinema.  A particular focus of the book will be the art and politics of cinematic representations of Scotland, of distinct Scottish populations past and present, and of ‘Scottishness’—in films made ‘from Scotland’, as well as in films made ‘from beyond Scotland’.  How film contributes toward discursive constructions of Scotland and Scottishness will be a major focus of our collective critical inquiry—as will be the case with a corollary collective critical inquiry into what kind of influence and impact these constructions exert, in Scotland and for Scots, as well as beyond Scotland and for non-Scots.

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International Conference on Designing Food and Designing for Food

The International Conference on Designing Food and Designing For Food which aims to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of research on fundamental aspects of Food Design across the following areas:
Food Product Design, Design With Food, Food Packaging, Interior Design For Food, Food Events Design, Food Science, Food and Five Senses, Emotional Food Design, Food System Design, Experiential Knowledge, Food Service/Management, Food Design History, and other (in regard to multidisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity of Food Design we invite also contributions in areas that are not mentioned above).

This conference wants to gather researches on any Food Design sub-discipline and to promote communication and interaction between the Academic and the Design world. For this reason the conference encourages the submission of:

Researchers and academics are invited to submit papers that explore either theoretical or practical aspects of one of the conference themes. It is expected that the research presented in the paper category will have reached at least some preliminary conclusions and/or implications that can be shared with the audience. Authors of accepted abstract will be invited to submit a full paper (4000-5000 words).


Authors of research that is best presented in a graphic manner or students in their first years of postgraduate research are encouraged to submit a poster.

Professional designers and design students are invited to present during the conference their own design of a food product or a product for food. Selected projects will be exhibited on a dedicated area for all the duration of the Conference. Designers will also have a 15 min presentation where to describe their project to the audience and discuss it through questions and answers.

Important dates:
27 June 2011 - Call for Papers
1 July 2011 - Early Registration Opens
31 October 2011 - Submission of abstracts ends
1 December 2011 - Notification of accepted abstracts (for papers, posters and projects)
31 January 2012 - Submission of full papers
1 March 2012 - Notification of acceptance of papers
30 April 2012- Early registration Closes
1 May 2012 - Late Registration Opens
30 April 2012 - Submission of revised papers
31 May 2012 - Registration Closes
28-29 June 2012 - Conference

Please contact Francesca Zampollo for more details.

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American Studies Association Meeting
October 20-23, 2011 Baltimore, Maryland

Intellect exhibited at the ASA conference in Baltimore, Maryland October 20-23rd.   This year’s conference theme was “Imagination, Reparation, Transformation” and the event was held at the beautiful Hilton Baltimore Hotel located on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  This was our first time attending this prestigious meeting, held by the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.
“A Celebration of ASA Authors”—a reception and tribute to those who have published books in American Studies, Ethnic Studies and related fields within the past year— was held on Friday, October 21.  This celebration of scholarly publishing included 14 Intellect titles, such as Franklin Furnace and the Spirit of the Avant-Garde, The Exile of Britney Spears and I Am an American, to name a few.  Thank you to all who came by to say hello to Amy. I was pleased to introduce Intellect’s portfolio dedicated to American culture and look forward to receiving your exciting book and journal proposals.

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First International Conference on Comics and Graphics Novels
November 9th-12th, 2011


Instituto Franklin – UAH organizes the First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels.

This event will be broadcasted by the Spanish National Radio (RNE). The main objective of the conference is to bring together the highest number of specialists and researchers on comics (graphic novels, manga, BD, etc) in order to reflect  the study of this area. The theme is “Sites of visual and textual innovation” and it welcomes papers on (but not limited to): the origins of comics, avant-garde and experimental narration and biography and autobiography.

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Online Poetry and Poetics of Popular Culture Conference 11-12th November 2011

Poetry and Poetics of Popular Culture is an innovative online conference hosted by the University of South Australia Poetry and Poetics Centre. The event features international speakers providing pre-recorded video presentations and interactive online forums and chat-rooms, so that participants can view and respond to the presentations in the comfort of their own homes and offices.


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New Journal: Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of our latest journal, Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art (1.1) edited by G. James Daichendt, author of Artist Teacher: A Philosophy for Creating & Teaching and Artist Scholar: Reflections on Writing & Research.

The first issue of this new peer-reviewed journal is available to download for FREE.

The aim of Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art is to expand the readability and scope of teaching and learning art so that it is accessible and useful, yet challenging and visually engaging.

The journal will act as a forum to be reflective on the process of creating and teaching art, and will embrace teaching art in a variety of contexts, engage art appreciation experiences, share scholarship in teaching artistry and celebrate the rich traditions of art making and teaching. It is essentially a medium for engaging the abounding and multifaceted processes of learning and teaching art that takes place in the classroom, studio, and beyond.

In addition to an enthralling editorial feature and a thorough reviews section, the inaugural issue includes the articles 'Adding a chapter to art education history: visual culture curriculum' by Jeffrey B. Grubbs and 'Objects of amplified context: an interview with artist-teacher Pepón Osorio' by Lisa Kay and Christine Woywod.

For subscription information visit our website.

For further information please visit the journal's page online. If you're interested in contributing to future issues please visit the call for papers page. Alternatively contact James Campbell.

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From Akira to Žižek: Comics and Contemporary Cultural Theory
Call for Papers: Studies in Comics 3.2

Papers are invited for Studies in Comics volume 3.2. This special issue seeks to provide a forum for new articulations between comics studies and contemporary cultural theory.  The importance and continued relevance of post-structuralist/ postmodernist thought, the Frankfurt school’s studies of mass culture, McLuhan’s media theory and Bourdieu’s critical sociology are rightly acknowledged.  Such figures dominate theoretical academic discourse on comics, as in other areas of cultural studies, often at the expense of engagement with alternative strands of critical thinking. 

Rather than risking stagnation, comics studies needs to engage critically with theoretical paradigms not yet sourced.  Submissions are welcome from scholars and enthusiasts that explore the conjunctions of comics and cultural theory.  These could be engagements with the work of specific thinkers or emergent schools, including but not limited to:

Bruno Latour and ANT – Michel Serres – Paul Virilio – eco-criticism – thing theory – N. Katherine Hayles – Teresa de Lauretis – Franco Moretti – Manuel De Landa – Manuel Castells – cognitive capitalism – transmedia narratives – Giorgio Agamben – Édouard Gissant – Jacques Rancière – Friedrich Kittler – non-representational theory – speculative realism/materialism – Alain Badiou – Zygmunt Bauman – Rosi Braidotti – Antonio Negri – Jan van Dijk – affect theory – Lev Manovitch - Kojin Karatani – visual culture studies – Slavoj Žižek...

Articles should be 4,000-8,000 words from any discipline with a strong critical focus.  Submissions should be received by 1st May 2012 in the first instance.  Please indicate the intended word count of the article.  Completed papers will be required by 15th August 2012.  All submissions are peer reviewed and papers must be in English.  Reviews of publications and exhibitions are also welcome, as are creative submissions, by the same deadlines indicated above.

Submit to the journal

Tony Venezia, Guest Editor

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Occupy Wall Street - A film by Cynthia Weber

The I Am an American project moves beyond 9/11 and begins to examine the debt crisis and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Watch Cynthia Weber's stirring PSA here

The film has already been picked up by among others. Stay tuned for more action...

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Africa in Motion Film Festival 2-6th November 2011

The UK's largest African film festival Africa in Motion takes place this 2-6th November in Edinburgh. The festival brings together the best in new cinema from Africa, classic films from the continent's most-celebrated filmmakers, award-winning documentaries, seminars, exhibitions and events. 

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Midwest Pop Culture Conference Milwaukee – Oct. 14-16

Looking for more meme time? Then move it to Milwaukee for the Midwest Popular Culture Association conference at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center hotel, running Friday through Sunday. This annual event brings together scholars, educators and enthusiasts from across the academic spectrum. Everything from sports and comedy studies to disaster culture and virtual environments will be discussed. Come meet Paul Booth, editorial member of the forthcoming Journal of Fandom Studies on Saturday, Oct. 15 from 4:45–6:00 pm at the Intellect exhibit. Learn more about submitting to this exciting new journal. Amy, Intellect’s North American representative hopes to meet you in Milwaukee—the other great city on the shores of Lake Michigan.

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