EUPOP 2012 Call for Papers
Inaugural Conference of the European Popular Culture Association

11-13 July 2012
London College of Fashion
University of the Arts

Individual paper and panel contributions are invited for the inaugural conference of the European Popular Culture Association (EPCA).

EUPOP 2012 will explore European popular culture in all its different forms   This might include European Film (past and present), Television, Music, Celebrity, The Body, Fashion, New Media, Comics, Popular Literature, Sport, Heritage and Curation. And more - we’ll be guided by the submissions.

Closing Date for this call: 18th February 2012

This conference will launch the European Popular Culture Association. There will be opportunities for networking and for developing caucus groups within the EPCA. Presenters at EUPOP 2012 will be encouraged to develop their papers for publication in a number of Intellect journals, including the new Journal of European Popular Culture, the journal of the EPCA, other film journals including Film, Fashion and Consumption, and various music journals. Journal editors will be workin closely with strand - a full list of Intellect journals is available at:

Papers  and Complete Panels for all strands  should be submitted to the email contact below. Paper/panel submissions will be as always subject to peer review:

Submit paper or panel proposals* to:
•    The same address should be used for general administrative queries


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The Effects of Youth on Pornography
A guest blog from Katrien Jacobs

We are very lucky to have Katrien Jacobs - prominent scholar and author of the book People's Pornography - as our resident guest blogger. Over the coming weeks Katrien will be exploring several interesting  and potentially controversial subjects here on our news feed. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please post below.


While much of my meanderings through Chinese pop and porn culture usually originate from conversations with friends and colleagues, occasionally I receive a message from an anonymous party whose motivations are unknown. I once received a zip file attachment with DIY photos of a young couple “caught in the act”, photos snapped outside the window of a university dormitory. To receive such a gift, from an unknown and untested source, it made me a bit paranoid, but I also realized that I had to take it at face value, as it was saying” We do have sex in China. Please include us in your collection.”

Words by Katrien Jacobs

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Book Launch Event
Directory of World Cinema: Italy

From silent spectacle to the giallo, the spaghetti western to the neorealsit masterworks of Rossellini - Italy - the latest edition to our Directory of World Cinema series offers a comprehensive sweep of Italian cinema that will appeal to film scholars and cinephiles alike.

The book will be officially launched tonight at The Italian Bookshop, 5 Cecil court, London. The event, which kicks off at 7pm will include presentations by Louis Bayman and the eminent Barry Forshaw, wine and food will also be provided (wine courtesy of Sarah Eti-Castellani and the Consul of Italy).

Click to find out more about the Directory of World Cinema: Italy

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Gill Clarke

We are greatly saddened by the death on 15 November 2011 of Gill Clarke, MBE, pioneering independent dance artist, co-director of Independent Dance (ID) and co-founder of Dance UK.

Sarah Whatley, Editor of Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, remembers Gill:

Gill Clarke was an astonishing artist, teacher and writer. She inspired many of us and her insights and hard work over thee decades have made a colossal impact on dance in the UK, helping to shape the current field, particularly Independent Dance.  Those of us who had the privilege to know Gill and to work with her will take time to come to terms with her no longer being present, but her work will live on.  She was a wise and gifted artist, an exquisite dancer and a friend to so many of us.  Gill - we mourn you but celebrate your magnificent contribution to dance.

Gill was a highly valued member of the Editorial Board for JDSP. We will miss her enormously.


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Sneak Peak - Punk & Post Punk, a new journal from Intellect

Never mind the Buzzcocks, here's Punk & Post Punk...

At Intellect we are all feeling extremely anti-establishment awaiting the arrival of our groundbreaking new journal Punk & Post Punk.

The journal will be hitting the shelves during the first week in December and we will be offering the first issue as a FREE download on our website. In the meantime, to whet the anarchic appetite, here is the editorial that will appear in issue 1.1. The editors use this space to discuss their aims for the journal and also the challenge of applying scholarly inquiry to Punk... Expect no apologies.

Click 'Read on' below to sample the editorial...


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The Ban of A Cursing Horse. A guest blog by Katrien Jacobs

I am delighted to introduce our current guest blogger, Katrien Jacobs, a scholar and media artist who investigates the role of digital networks in people’s experiences with the body, art, and sexuality. She has lectured and published widely about pornography, censorship and media activism in Hong Kong and global media environments.

Katrien is author of Intellect's forthcoming publication People's Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet.

Katrien's first blog discusses the Grass Mud Horse, which was a viral web phenomenom in China, which was subsequently banned by the state.

A subversive cursing horse - intrigued? I know i am! To read the blog click 'Read on' below...

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The recent earthquakes in Chile, Christchurch and Japan have left a host of powerful images in the minds and memories of millions of people around the world.  Film has always played a crucial role in the imagination of disaster.  From its earliest days, cinema has registered the impact of seismic events.  The aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake is recorded on film. In New Zealand, footage from the Napier earthquake of 1937 shows the destruction of the town. Hollywood even recast New Zealand in Green Dolphin Street (Saville, 1947) as the fictional setting for a special effects mega-quake and tsunami.

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Design Ecologies: The ill defined Niche, a symposium
Call for Articles

To launch the call for article in Design Ecologies 2.1: the ill defined niche, a symposium will take place in 25th November 2011 at Royal College of Art, Howie Street, London.

Deadline for submissions: 29 February 2012.

Design Ecologies 2.1: the ill defined niche explores the possible shared territory between doubt and value of designing and the consequences of designing between maker and tool.

The ill defined niche begins with the provisional premise that our environment is composed of a multiplicity of ill-defined ecological niches, each of which is a potential home for living and non-living forms. Through an understanding that objects cannot be fully explained in terms of their material constituents and the energy within them, objects seems to be something over and above the material components that make it up, but at the same time it can be expressed only through the organization of matter and energy. This paradox allows burgeoning design practices to go beyond shaping geometry, to shaping the internal structure of material. But in that case, what is the connection between the empirical ground, the contingent material support of human thinking, and the abstract 'designer' that is the condition for a 'whole' of thought?

For more details please visit:

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The rise of punkademia
The Boston Globe ask 'How do you study a movement that doesn’t want to be studied?'

"Describing punk in an academically rigorous way can be challenging, in part because punks have always made such an effort to be inscrutable to outsiders."

Ever since Dick Hebdidge burst onto the scene with Subculture: The Meaning of Style the punk movement has been firmly placed on the academic radar. At Intellect we are fascinated by popular culture and performance and will imminently be publishing our latest journal Punk & Post Punk.

It seems however, we are not the only ones taking more than a passing interest in the subject and The Boston Globe have recently published a fine article tackling the subject. Interviewees include our very own Phil Kiezely and Alex Ogg, who as editors of the journal Punk & Post Punk know a thing or two about the challenges but also the importance associated with studying such a subject.

"Issue one of Punk & Post-Punk will be a milestone for the field. Founded by a pair of British cultural historians, Kiszely and Alex Ogg, the journal is being billed as both a repository and a catalyst for new, creative thinking about punk. According to Kiszely, the goal of the journal is to get behind the myths that have built up around punk over the past 40 years, and to figure out how its various permutations have influenced the broader culture."

Read the whole article...

Punk & Post Punk will be available to purchase as an individual issue and as a subscription product from December 2011. Watch this space for FREE downloads.

For further reading please take a look at Phil Kiszely's insightful interview in our FREE downloadable Performing Arts Supplement, Why performance matters?

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Book Review: World Film Locations: Tokyo
Reviewed by

Not long after launching their ambitious Directory of World Cinema book series, a multi-volume printed database of essays and film critiques dedicated to various regions of world cinema, Intellect Publishing have now released a new series entitled World Film Locations. This series differs from the former in that each edition is dedicated to a specific city and the films that are set there. This instalment focuses on the Japanese capital of Tokyo.


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