Goodreads: Intellect adopt a new social media platform

Intellect is now using Goodreads as a forum to allow people to discuss and recommend our publications. If you are an Intellect author or simply a casual reader, we invite you to join and come and rate, recommend or just discuss over 640 Intellect publications. Goodreads is a fantastic place to find out more about Intellect's books but also to join the debate and have your say. Take a look at Intellect's profile:

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Hundreds of Intellect books added to the Web of Knowledge Book Citation Index

Some of you reading this will be aware that in October this year Thomson Reuters launched their Book Citation Index, a new resource within the Web of Knowledge platform covering 25,000 books in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

Intellect was an early adopter of the Book Citation Index and is glad to report that we now have nearly 200 of our book titles indexed through the platform. We submitted our books during the early stages in the index’s development because we believe this initiative will greatly benefit our community of authors and editors, making their research more accessible and ensuring that all citations are adequately recognized.

Thompson say the “Book Citation Index is designed to enhance the powerful discovery and analysis capabilities of Web of Knowledge by incorporating comprehensive book citation data. Researchers can search for and identify the most relevant and esteemed literature along with the 12,000 peer-reviewed journals and 150,000 conference proceedings already indexed in Web of Knowledge, enabling users to navigate the links in citations across books, journals and proceedings. Books are indexed at the chapter level, resulting in improved searches and deeper insights into the citing behavior between books and the wider world of scholarly research”.

Visit the Web of Knowledge to find out more. If you have any questions regarding Intellect and the Book Citation Index please direct them to Melanie Marshall, the Books Manager (

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Our Japanese Liberator - Sola Aio
Guest blogger Katrien Jacobs talks about Chinese netizens and Japanese porn stars

We are very lucky to have Katrien Jacobs - prominent scholar and author of the book People's Pornography - as our resident guest blogger. Over the coming weeks Katrien will be exploring several interesting  and potentially controversial subjects here on our news feed. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please post below.

Our Japanese Liberator - Sola Aio

Words by Katrien Jacobs

The Chinese desire for pornography is typified in the public support for Japanese porn stars and celebrities who partake in the Web 2.0 revolution. Chinese netizens admit to craving contact with Japanese porn stars and project onto them a sense of perfection and liberation. For instance, the porn star Sola Aoi (sometimes called Sora Aoi) became a celebrity in mainland China through her heavy activity on Twitter and Weibo. She became known for “having brought down China’s Great Firewall” when she turned into a fervent micro-blogger on Twitter in 2010 and managed to motivate thousands of Chinese fans to “jump the great firewall” and access the banned micro-blogging website.

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Book review: Stephen King on the Small Screen

'As a companion study to his own monograph Stephen King on the Big Screen (2009), in which Mark Browning discusses theatrically released movies formulated around a King-based premise, Stephen King on the Small Screen (2011) now deals with television-oriented productions based on material by King. A brief introductory review of the major works on the topic up to the date of publication demonstrates that this is indeed a much neglected area. King adaptations in television are mostly mentioned in passing, if at all, even in those works proclaiming to analyse a wide range of material. Browning thus provides a platform for King’s television pieces to be discussed in their own right and outside of potentially restricting or distorting theoretical frameworks.'

The full review is available at The Gothic Imagination

Stephen King on the Small Screen is now available to buy...

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Book review: Directory of World Cinema: Spain

'The Directory Of World Cinema: Spain is part of a series of books designed to be essential reading for any foreign film buffs. Broad and ambitious in scope, it provides a complete overview of Spanish cinema.

The Directory Of World Cinema differs from other country-based cinema series’ in the way in which it tackles its subject. Rather than presenting information about the country’s film industry in a chronological, historical manner, using films to back up cinema theory, it places the films firmly in the foreground. The book is split into sections on a genre basis, and each section has an introductory article offering some background information, followed by critiques of the stand-out films in that genre.

Articles and critiques have been contributed by a range of authors, offering specific expertise on a genre or film, and everything from a 1930s musical to the internationally-acclaimed Pan’s Labyrinth has an entire page devoted to it. Each film entry comprises a short synopsis and critique, as well as explaining the significance of the film within its wider context…'

To read the full review visit

Directory of World Cinema: Spain is now available


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Punk & Post Punk
A new journal from Intellect

We are exceedingly excited to announce the arrival of our long awaited and surely soon to be seminal journal, Punk & Post Punk. Probably the most antiestablishment journal ever? Why not find out.

About the journal: Punk & Post-Punk is a journal for academics, artists, journalists and the wider cultural industries. Placing punk and its progeny at the heart of inter-disciplinary investigation, it is the first forum of its kind to explore this rich and influential topic in both historical and critical theoretical terms.



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