Film Ireland Review World Film Locations: Dublin
Review by Steven Galvin

"World Film Locations: Dublin is part of the admirable Intellect Books collection of World Film Locations – the Phileas Fogg-like series that travels around the world celebrating an array of cities and the different ways they have been imagined and utilized as movie locations.

Dublin is the focus of the latest addition to the series and provides a fascinating angle on Ireland’s capital city through scenes from classic and contemporary Irish films, providing 46 snapshots  from films that were shot or set in Dublin.

Impress your friends the next time you’re supping stout in Mulligans on Poolbeg St by casually mentioning that ‘My Left Foot was shot in here’ and have tremendous craic as people look down at your foot with alarm before you reassure them ‘No, not my left foot; My Left Foot – the film.’

Next time time you’re walking around the laneways of Camden Street amaze your friends with the hilarious anecdote that ‘this is where Paul got mugged, beaten and castrated by 2 scumbags’ and have tremendous craic as people look at Paul with alarm before you reassure them ‘No, not Paul; Paul in Savage – the film.’

The book’s scenes feature chronologically from 46 films spanning from 1959 to 2011, from Shake Hands with the Devil to Between the Canals, and each analysis is accompanied by 5/6 stills from the scene in question bringing each brief synopsis to visual life.

A series of two-page essays punctuate the book, taking in  a variety of angles of the portrayal of Dublin as a cinematic city; a musical city; a city of revolution; a literary city; a city of gangsters; and of booms and busts.

The book’s editors, Caroline Whelan and Jez Conolly, have put together an accessible and enjoyable read that can be dipped into for nuggets or appreciated for its more cultured examination of Dublin’s cinematic heritage on a deeper level.

Providing an insight into how Dublin has both shaped and been shaped by filmmakers, World Film Locations:Dublin is an engaging journey through Dublin and its representation on screen."

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Novel Thoughts: A conversation with author Serena Formica
Trevor Hogg chats with author Serena Formica about her debut book, Peter Weir: A Creative Journey From Australia To Hollywood...

“I am originally from Italy [Rome], where I attended a BA and MA in Media Studies at the Università Pontificia Salesiana, with a specialization in television production,” states Italian academic Serena Formica. “The Master's covered a variety of subjects, including cinema. I have always been fascinated by the cinema; and I had a particular interest for Classic Hollywood cinema and Italian Neorealism. When the opportunity came to researching film at an academic level, I decided to investigate my favourite director at the time, Alfred Hitchcock."

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Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty special issue on fashion and ethics
Volume 2 Numbers 1 & 2

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of Volume 2 Numbers 1 & 2 of Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty: a special issue on fashion and ethics

Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty focuses on issues of power, social positioning, ideologies and practices within the web of relationships between creators, producers, practitioners and end-users of fashion. This special double issue on fashion and ethics brings to the forefront some of the ethical controversies, raising the question of whether 'ethical fashion' is actually a contradiction in terms, as editor Efrat Tseëlon suggests in her editorial. Offering a critique of some of the fundamental assumptions, this issue seeks to expose the ideologies of ethical fashion, which often mask its status as a product that uses ethical credentials as a marketing ploy to relieve consumers' guilt.

In his article 'Fashionable dilemmas', Austin Williams questions the concept of ethical fashion, examining what he considers its self-appointed morality and ability to 'impose on the underdeveloped world the idea that environmental concerns should take priority over poverty alleviation and human development'. Williams suggests that supposedly ethical companies use consumers' sense of morality to get to their bank balances, arguing that while designers are under ever mounting pressure to be 'ethical', such subjective 'moral' considerations may do as much harm as good.

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Postcards for Posterity - Atomic Postcards in the New York Times
Article by Eve M. Kahn

'Postcard collectors with minuscule niche interests are publishing their holdings in droves, with brief explanations of how they became obsessed...

Visitors to nuclear labs and wastelands bought the disturbing photos shown in “Atomic Postcards: Radioactive Messages From the Cold War” (Intellect/University of Chicago Press). The authors, the Canadian historians John O’Brian and Jeremy Borsos, focused on artifacts published between the 1940s and ’80s, with clueless upbeat messages on the backs.

“Pray for Peace” is the rote postmark sometimes stamped on the backs. “Really swell to be here,” a tourist named Betty, visiting Nevada, wrote to her sister Agnes on a 1950s image of a mushroom cloud blooming over Yucca Flat.

“Even postcards mailed at the edge of danger rarely stray from a lingua franca of cheerfulness,” Mr. O’Brian writes.'

Click to view Atomic Postcards...

Read the article in full here...

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Senses of Cinema review: New Zealand Cinema: Interpreting the Past
Reviewer: James Bennett

'Overall, this is a rich collection of essays on New Zealand film, history and identity and one that is well overdue. It serves as both a provocation for further film-based research, as well as an inspiration to those who seek to tease out the rich multilayered textures of its boundary crossings. The volume is generously illustrated and includes some excellent images garnered from such sources as the New Zealand Film Archive and Archives New Zealand. The filmography included at the back of the book, divided into the primary films discussed and other films cited, is a useful referencing device and a nice complement to the bibliography. Appropriately, this volume is dedicated to the memory of Mereta Mita (who died in 2010), and whose role in Fourth Cinema (Barry Barclay’s term for “cinema made by Indigenous peoples with a kind of Indigenous essence”) was highly significant. New Zealand Cinema: Interpreting the Past will be an important reference work for some time to come and a benchmark for other settler societies that seek to open up colonial history to greater scrutiny through visual media.'

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Beyond Fellini -- JICMS launch at SCMS
23 March, 1:00 pm

There is no end.  There is no beginning.  There is only the passion of life. ~ Federico Fellini
While Fellini casts a long shadow over Italian cinema, Italian media continues to evolve and flourish. Please join the editor of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (JICMS) at the Boston Plaza Hotel at 1:00 pm on Friday, March 23, for the launch of Intellect’s newest journal.  Flavia Laviosa will be on hand to discuss this English-language journal dedicated to Italian film and media production, reception and consumption. JICMS is peer-reviewed and invites submissions of scholarly articles relating to the artistic features, cultural themes, international influence and history of Italian film and media as art forms and industries. Join us at the Intellect display at the Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference to meet Flavia and learn more about this exciting new journal. Viva il cinema italiano!

For further information about Intellect events at SCMS please contact Intelect's North American Representative Amy Damutz.

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Outback Auteurism at SCMS
You’re invited! Film director Peter Weir will be the topic of conversation at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel at 2pm Friday, March 23rd

You’re invited! Film director Peter Weir will be the topic of conversation at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel at 2pm Friday, March 23rd. 

Please join Serena Formica, author of Peter Weir: A Creative Journey from Australia to Hollywood, at the Intellect exhibit during the Society for Media and Cinema Studies conference to learn more about this acclaimed director from Down Under. Serena is on hand to discuss the cinematic output of this Australian auteur, who has garnered numerous awards and widespread critical kudos—from his early short films of the 1970s to the Hollywood hits he’s helmed since 1985, including the likes of Witness, Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show, and Master and Commander. Join her to chat and get your signed copy of this in demand title.

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International Journal of Islamic Architecture
New Journal now available

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of the International Journal of Islamic Architecture, and to celebrate the arrival of this groundbreaking journal we are offering issue 1.1 for FREE online.

About the Journal

The International Journal of Islamic Architecture is an international, peer-reviewed publication that is intended for those interested in urban design and planning, architecture, and landscape design in the historic Islamic world, encompassing the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia, but also the more recent geographies of Islam in its global dimensions. The main emphasis is on detailed analysis of the practical, historical and theoretical aspects of architecture, with a focus on both design and its reception. The journal is also specifically interested in contemporary architecture and urban design in relation to social and cultural history, geography, politics, aesthetics, technology, and conservation. Spanning across cultures and disciplines, IJIA seeks to analyze and explain issues related to the built environment throughout the regions covered. The cross-cultural and interdisciplinary nature of this journal will significantly contribute to the knowledge in this field.

The journal has an exceptional editorial team including Director and Founding Editor Mohammad Gharipour, Associate Editor Deeba Haider, Reviews Editor Nancy Um, Assistant Editors Marika Snider and Kivanc Kilinc and Academic Editor Hasan-Uddin Khan, who provides the editorial for issue 1.1. Before he began teaching, Khan was Director of Special Projects at the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Geneva, with responsibility for international initiatives and he brings a wealth of experience to the issue. Through his editorial Khan describes how exploring and searching for expressions of contemporary architectural and artistic production to establish a new paradigm for the twenty-first century is a central task for this publication and he lays out  some of the definitions and issues involved in establishing new directions for the discourse. The first issue includes articles on both 'design in theory' and 'design in practice', in addition to both a book and exhibition reviews section and a conference precis. Articles include 'Head Trips: An Intertextual Analysis of Later Architecture and Sculpture Under Saddam Hussein' and 'Msheireb Heart of Doha: An Alternative Approach to Urbanism in the Gulf Region'. For a complete table of contents please go to:

Visit the journal online for more details, or please contact James Campbell.

Title Information

International Journal of Islamic Architecture | 2012, Volume 1: 2 issues per volume | ISSN: 20455895, Online ISSN: 20455909
Subscription information: | Subscription rates: Institutional: £110 / $154 | Online only: £75 / $105 | Personal: £36 / $68

Director and Founding Editor: Mohammad Gharipour
Academic Editor: Hasan-uddin Khan
Associate Editor: Deeba Haider
Reviews Editor: Nancy Um
Assistant Editors: Kivanc Kilinc and Marika Snider

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Peer Review Process
Peer Review Process

Here at Intellect we operate a rigorous and thorough academic peer review process for all of our book and journal submissions. We would like to invite you to be part of this process, by conducting brief, relevant peer review reports on our behalf. Your invaluable feedback on book manuscripts and journal article submissions would help develop cohesiveness and maintain excellence in everything we publish, at an early stage in the production process when changes can still be made. W e believe that once the author has incorporated your suggestions, this will allow our publications to reach their full potential. In return, for each review we will send you a book or an issue of a journal of your choice as a token thank you for your efforts.

If you wish to join the scheme, get in contact with us at

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Explorations in Media Ecology - new issue announcement

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of issues 10.1&2 of the seminal journal Explorations in Media Ecology (EME), the first issues to be published by Intellect.  
EME is the journal of the Media Ecology Association and continues to break new ground under the editorship of Paul Grosswiler. Dedicated to extending our understanding of media and media environments, Explorations in Media Ecology explores the relationships between media, technology, symbolic form, communication, consciousness and culture, and welcomes diverse theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of media environments from a multidisciplinary perspective. 

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