Modern Language Association (MLA) conference
Boston, 3-6 January

If you are attending the MLA's 128th Annual Convention 3-6 January 2013 in Boston, USA please join me, Masoud Yazdani on Saturday at 10.15 at Riverway, Sheraton Hotel at session 485 on Inventing New Journals: The pressures for and against New Scholarly Publications.

My talk will address changes in the publishing landscape from my point of view. I will mention mini monographs but I shall rule them out as not my preferred way forward, I will also rule out edited compilations as poor relations to journals. My aim is to argue that journals are still my preferred medium of academic publishing.

I will explain how a business model for launching many new journals has been developed by my company, intellect that works despite present economic conditions. I argue that the same could be done by other commercial publishers if they were to be content with lower profit margins (ie less than 10%) than what the BIG journal publishers (around 60%) are earning.

I shall also argue that open access or author pays model will not be sustainable in Arts and Humanities.

I shall address the challenges that University Presses face in this changing landscape. I will argue that while greedy BIG publishers avoid launching new journals, the University Presses will not be able to fill the gap for new journals either. Public money in form of subsidy for a university press or departmental support of local journal publishing is drying up.

What I think is needed is small independent journal publishers that work for low profits but are driven by a mission to promote new ideas instead of maximising shareholder value.  My company, intellect is one such a project but we are limited ti a very small niche. We need more companies like us that deal with other academic subject areas in the same way.

You will also be able to hear Myra Seaman of College of Chaleston and Alan Rauch, President of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.

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