CFP: Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies
Special issue "Conflict and crisis in elite sport"

Call for papers

Special issue of the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies 6.2

Conflict and crisis in elite sport: media, ideology, identity and politics in an era of hyper-sportisation

Guest editors: Verner Møller (Department of Sports Sciences, University of Aarhus) and Bernat López (Department of Communication Studies, Universitat Rovira i Virgili).

Professional elite sport and the closely related phenomenon of media and spectator sport are among the most global, pervasive, influential, and visible social phenomena across countries, cultures, and social strata. Modern societies seem to be clearly demanding more sport, not less (Dimeo, 2007: 138). The sportisation process (Maguire, 2007) seems to be entering a new era in which more is at stake concerning elite and spectator sports: nationalism, identity, geopolitics, the leisure economy, corporate capitalism, and the continuous (re)definition of the boundaries of human performance and capabilities. Despite commercial sport being increasingly an object of attention for social theory and social research, their expanded relevance calls for further and closer scrutiny. This proposed special issue intends to contribute to this.

For more information http

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Novel Thoughts: A conversation with author Susan Beth Lehman
By Trevor Hogg for Flickering Myth

Trevor Hogg from Flickering Myth has done a profile on Susan Beth Lehman. They discuss a variety of topics, tanging from what prompted Lehman to write Directors: From Stage to Screen and Back Again again to her opinions on film directing versus theatre directing.

Lehman discussed how the skill sets need for film and theatre directing differed, and how by working in both mediums a director can improved their work overall.

To read the full profile please visit Flickering Myth.

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The Soul of Shanghai Fashion
An interview with Toni Johnson-Woods

"Milan and Paris would probably spring most readily to mind if someone was to name the fashion capitals of the world.

But one Queensland academic is on a mission to prove that the most interesting new trends and styles can be found on the streets of emerging fashion cities.

Dr Toni Johnson-Woods of the University of Queensland recently spent 10 days in Shanghai taking photos and talking to passers-by about their clothes and fashion sense for a book she co-authored called Shanghai Street Style.

Dr Johnson-Woods is talking to Warren Boland about her book, about what our clothes tell us about ourselves and about whether she plans to write a similar book based on Brisbane"

Listen to the interview here.

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Intellect hits 1 million reads on Scribd!

Intellect has reached a considerable milestone, achieving 1 million reads on Scribd. Scribd is a social media reading platform, which is also the worlds largest online library. Intellect's profile can be viewed here:

To celebrate reaching this milestone we uploaded the latest issue of The Big Picture Magazine to the platform, which can be read here:

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Successful Launch of Black Swan Lake in Australia

Rod Giblett hosted a very successful launch of his book Black Swan Lake at Edith Cowan University in Mount Lawley on 6th March. Honourable Alison Xamon, MLC’s speech to mark the beginning of the launch covered a variety of topics also included in Rod Giblett’s book. They ranged from engaging with the Lake and the land, the importance of names and naming to the drastic loss of wetland all across Perth. Xamon made the following point.
Taking the time to engage with the Lake, to be quiet with it, to find preferred spots for the different weather patterns that come over, to observe and to think is recognised as somewhere between a luxury and a matter of priorities. Research has been pretty definitive that access to natural spaces is essential for human physical and mental health.
The lunchtime occasion was also the opening of an exhibition of archival and historical photos of Forrestdale Lake. This exhibition runs until 14th March in the ECU library

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Intellect releases a free supplement dedicated to Fashion

We are pleased to unveil Intellect's latest free supplement: FASHION, which is now available to download online:
Fashion is a key subject for Intellect and this supplement contains many published and forthcoming scholarship from a number of our expert contributors. Please see below for a full table of contents. Enjoy!
Table of Contents 
Editorial 01
Masoud Yazdani
Interview 02
Joseph H. Hancock, II
Why would anyone wear that? 04
Celia E. Stall-Meadows
Face value 06
Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Generating style 12
Toni Johnson-Woods and Vicki Karaminas
Publish with us 20
Navigating cultural anxiety 22
Susan B. Kaiser
Interview 36
Andrew Reilly
Auction prices of fashion collectibles 38
Diana Crane
Read on 41

Want to join the debate? Visit our 'Publish With Us' page

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SCMS 2013 Conference
March 6th-March 10th 2013, Chicago

Join Intellect in the Windy City this week as we attend the annual Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) conference in Chicago at the Drake Hotel March 6-10. SCMS is devoted to studying film, television, video, and new media. This conference is a wonderful opportunity for scholars to present and discuss research while enjoying some amazing creative work in the field of Cinema and Media Studies. Jelena Stanovnik, our film portfolio mangager is flying in from the UK. Laura Mckay, our Canadian representative is coming from Toronto, as well as our North American representative, Amy Damutz, who will be coming from North Carolina.

You don’t want to miss the events hosted by Intellect! On Saturday, Marth 9th at 2pm, Philippe Mather, the author of Stanley Kubrick at Look Magazine will be share his work and discuss how Stanley Kubrik’s work as a photojournalist impacted his aesthetic and ideological thinking, eventually shaping his artistic voice. Also, Erika Balsom, the features editor of MIRAJ: The Moving Image and Art Journal will be at the conference and available to meet with potential contributors and any interested parties.,id=207/view,page=2/

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Pop Matters gives Sonic Multiplicities 7 out of 10!

In a thorough and illuminating review of Sonic Multiplicities on Pop Matters Subashini Navaratnam examines the theory that Hong Kong popular music is dead. She checks off the various dates people name as the time of death for Cantopop and discusses the reasons why people have declared this genre of music extinct. In the end however she comes to the conclusion that, “Hong Kong pop is not dead, but it has transformed, mutated, and altered, and the authors want to encourage people to see, listen, and think in new and altered ways.”
The review explores some of the subjects present in the book, including the idea of global popular music, and how this often skews towards favouring music produced in the US. Navaratnam had the following to say about the book’s take on this.
Sonic Multiplicities is an intriguing study of pop culture that doesn’t take North America as its starting point and yet does not avoid analysis of political or cultural forms of dominance that affect and, indeed, produce these forms of “globalised” pop commodities. The authors are particularly attentive to the formation and production of both the national and diasporic subject, consistently grounding these subjects in temporal and spatial circumstances, especially or even when these circumstances are stable, shifting, or ambivalent. It manages to trouble notions of a radical or emancipatory potential in pop culture without demeaning either the cultural workers or the consumers—indeed, recognising that subjects and producers of popular culture using the internet as a platform are most often both.
Overall the review gives Sonic Multiplicities a very positive 7 out of 10. The book is currently available as hardback and later this year will be reprinted in paperback.
You can read the review in full here.

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BOOK LAUNCH: Stanley Kubrick at Look Magazine, by Philippe Mather
SCMS conference | The Drake Hotel Chicago

SCMS conference | The Drake Hotel Chicago | Friday 8 March | 2.15 pm | Lakeview Boardroom, 10th floor

Intellect is delighted to invite you to the book launch at SCMS conference of our hot off the press new title Stanley Kubrick at Look Magazine. The author will be present, and there will be snacks and refreshments too.

Regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, few realize that Stanley Kubrick developed his distinctive narrative style working as a photojournalist for Look magazine during the 1940s.

This book examines Kubrick's career and traces the links between his photojournalism and films, and focuses on how the work at Look fostered this master director's talent for combining images and words to tell a story.
Stanley Kubrick at Look Magazine features never-before-published photographs and photo essays from the Look archives.

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Call For Papers: The Soundtrack: Special Issue on jazz and cinema

The Soundtrack: Special Issue on jazz and cinema

Guest editor: Hiu M. Chan, Cardiff University
Editors: Estella Tincknell, University of the West of England
Michael Filimowicz, Cinesonika Cinesonika

The Soundtrack is a multi-disciplinary journal which brings together research in the area of music and sound in relation to film and other moving image media.
The special issue on jazz and cinema is now calling for papers.

We are calling for academic articles from a range of approaches – theoretical, historical, industrial, aesthetic or technological – that fit  the theme of  ’Jazz and Cinema’. We also welcome work on musician biographies; jazz soundtrack albums, and relevant books review. Professionals, musicians, journalists are also welcome to submit.

Please submit your articles or reviews to:

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