Fabulous 50's Fete Celebrates all things Potter

This one day event will be a celebration of Potter’s life and works set against a background of 1950’s Forest nostalgia and music. Visitors to the Centre will be able to enjoy a range of activities ranging from Potter related talks and presentations by internationally renowned directors and academics; music from the Marjorie Belles musical trio and local Forest brass group, the Berry Hill Band; jazz jive swing demonstrations and sample classes; a dedicated 1950’s Forest exhibition and exclusive art exhibition by Potter’s daughter Jane Chowns. Also onsite will be classic cars; a restored Harrington 1950’s bus (with associated talk) and a vintage ice cream van to keep visitors cool during their visit.

The literary activities have been organised in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire, and guest speakers on the day will include academic, Professor John Cook; Television producer and film director, Kenith Trodd; Senior lecturer in television studies at Aberystwyth University, Dr Glen Creeber; lecturer and specialist on British television drama, Dr David Rollinson as well as local scholars and staff from the University of Gloucester. 

The Rural Media Company will also be premiering their community film ‘Buried Heart’ and attendees will be invited to join in on ‘Round table discussions on the use of the Potter archive which is now housed at the DHC.

All talks and activities are included in the standard admission fee to the Centre but visitors are recommended to book talks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please contact: for ticket information. For more details and a full schedule please visit:

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Critical Studies in Men's Fashion: Call for Papers
ISSN: 2050070X | Online ISSN: 20500718 | 3 issues per volume | Volume 1, 2014
Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion is now accepting submissions for a focus issue on men’s bodies and body image. Deadline to submit a manuscript for the focus issue is 1 December 2013. Please submit to
The mission of Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion is to publish scholarly manuscripts on men’s dress and appearance from broad perspectives, disciplines, and methods. The use of the word ‘critical’ in the journal title means significant, central to, or close analysis. Based on this definition and mission of the journal, both quantitative and qualitative approaches are welcome. Contributions are accepted from any discipline, including (but not limited to) fashion studies, anthropology, art, art history, business, critical theory, consumer studies, cultural studies, economics, gender studies, humanities, literature, marketing, psychology, queer studies, religion, sociology, and textiles.
All manuscripts will undergo double blind peer review. Articles will be selected on their content, scholarship, and technical quality. The content must be in line with the journal’s vision of advancing scholarship on men and appearance.
Potential topics for this focus issue include (but are not limited to):
• Body satisfaction/dissatisfaction
• Social physique anxiety
• Cross-dressing/drag
• Pageants, competitions based on appearance
• Routine and risky appearance management behaviours
• Importance of hair (facial, head, body)
• Appearance regulations associated with sports (weight classes, body configuration criteria used by judges, expectations)
• Physical parameters of ‘masculinity’
• Categorization based upon appearance (eg. ‘pretty boys’, ‘ruggedly handsome’, ‘distinguished’)
• Body building regimens
• Body image treatment and education programmes
All submissions must follow Intellect’s house style for review. Attached and at: Manuscripts should be approximately 5000 words and use British spelling and Harvard referencing. It is the author’s responsibility to clear image rights usage if they are included in the manuscript.

Please send submissions and queries to the Guest Editor, Nancy Ann Rudd, at or to the Principal Editor, Dr. Andy Reilly, at

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Intellect Exhibiting at ICA 2013

Intellect representatives will be attending the International Communication Association Annual Conference in London this week.

ICA's 63rd Annual Conference will be held from 17-21 June 2013 at the Hilton London Metropole, London, UK.

Find out more:

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Video interviews with our editors
Now available on our Multimedia Zone

Intellect recently organised a succesful convention for our journal editors. The event afforded us the opportunity to record a selection of our editors discussing ther research interests and the ups and downs associated with editing an academic journal.

We interviewed four of our editors and have subsequently produced four special videos, which are now available to view through our Multimedia Zone.

The editors included in the videos are:

Efrat Tseëlon, principal editor of Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty

Leon Barkho, editor of Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies

Karl Spracklen, editor of Metal Music Studies

Michael Starks, principle editor of the International Journal of Digital Television



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Interview with Karl Spracklen Editor of Metal Music Studies
Intellect’s new 2015 journal Metal Music Studies is the first journal to be published on the academic study of Metal Music. Editor Karl Spracklen explains in his interview with Death Metal Underground the importance of studying the subject; 
“Heavy metal is an important part of modern culture and everyday life, so studying heavy metal enables us to understand both of those things. For me, the interesting thing about heavy metal is the tension between metal’s strong sense of being part of a non-mainstream subculture, and metal’s place in the industry of modern pop and rock music.”
Find out more about the journal and the subject in the below interviews with Karl:
Death Metal Underground: The ultimate Death Metal Resource
Also on Intellect's Web Vimeo site,
Visit the journals webpage for more information
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Latest IQ blog post now online
The emergence of the female dandy


“Dandyism is a sunset; like the declining daystar, it is glorious, without heat and full of melancholy.”  (Baudelaire [1863] 1995) Senem Yazan explores the little-acknowledged realm of the female dandy that existed in Paris and London from the 1840′s to the 1920′s.

Read the full article here.

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A review of Refugee Performance in the June issue of the ALA's Choice magazine

A review of Refugee Performance in the June issue of the ALA's Choice magazine:
"Including previously published pieces and commissioned works, this handy collection explores aspects of theater and performance 'for, by, and with refugees' in areas of war including Iraq, Burma, Palestine, Croatia, Serbia, and places of settlement in Australia, the UK, and the US. The book includes a range of material about and approaches to the subject matter and is presented dialogically with various chapters clustering around specific subjects and themes. . . . A commendable resource for those wishing to learn more about the uses of performance. Recommended."

Find out more

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Last silent star standing: an oral history of 1920’s film with Diana Sierra Cary
Film International 11.2 cover article preview

Film International 11.2 has just gone to print and it’s an issue not to miss.

We are excited to share with you the preview of the cover story – "Last silent star standing: an oral history of 1920’s film with Diana Sierra Cary" by Jeff Crouse, courtesy of the Chasing Cinema podcast.

As Crouse explains in the podcast interview, Diana Sierra Cary, known in 1920s Hollywood as ‘Baby Peggy’, “is literally the last silent feature star… It’s singular and great to have Diana Sierra Carey still alive.”

The 94-year old actress, “endowed with astonishing powers of recall regarding her Hollywood years” is a living connection to history of silent cinema. Film International brings you part of Crouse’s weekend-long conversation with the star.

More information on Film International is available here.

The journal is now also available on iSubscibe and Magpile.  

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