Partnership with Routledge - Taylor & Francis

 Intellect for the past 27 years has been an incubator for launching new journals that mainstream publishers have been reluctant to support. However, the mainstream publishers have begun to note our success! Following discussion with Taylor and Francis group we have decided to join forces with them.

The following titles will be published by Routledge from 2014: Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, Comedy Studies, Creative Industries Journal, International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, Studies in Eastern European Cinema, Transnational Cinemas, Journal of Chinese Cinema, Journal of Media Practice, Studies in Australasian Cinema, Studies in Documentary Film, Studies in European Cinema, Studies in French Cinema, Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema, Studies in Theatre and Performance and Journal of Visual Arts Practice.

Dr David Green, Taylor & Francis Group’s Global Journals Publishing Director, comments: ‘We are delighted that this group of titles is joining Routledge, enabling them to benefit from our considerable presence in performing arts, film, media, and cultural studies.  Intellect Limited publishes a collection of well-respected publications, and we will ensure that its traditions of personal attention, author service and support for creative scholarship will be maintained, along with publication to the highest standards.’

Masoud Yazdani, Chairman of Intellect Limited, notes:  ‘Intellect has been committed to launching new journals in subject areas that mainstream publishers have been reluctant to support. However, recently there has been demand on our resources for other kinds of investment, in particular in the area of digital publishing and new journals in some important emerging subject areas that require our skills in incubation. We felt neither could be allowed to fall back without Intellect losing its positive impact on the academic community that it has been serving over the past 27 years. As such, we have completed the agreement with the Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, who we know will sustain the journals’ impact in years to come.’

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Intellect Fashion Week

Tim Mitchell, Assistant Publisher

Who is your style icon?

Ethan Hawke

Who is your favourite designer or brand?


Who is your favourite fashion magazine or blog?

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

I would recommend Honolulu Street Style by Malie Moran, Attila Pohlmann and Andrew Reilly. It looks at the unique style of Honolulu residents and how global trends inluence their local style. The short articles are accompanied by some great photography.

More details


Sarah Cunningham, Journals Manager

Who is your style icon?

Courtney Love in the 90s and Erin O'Connor

Who is your favourite designer or brand?

I prefer second hand or vintage clothes but if I'm buying new stuff I like Warehouse and Zara

Do you have a favourite fashion magazine or blog?

No, but I can't stand the big fashion mags like Vogue. Not just because it's elitist and encourages irresponsible, mindless consumerism but also because I think the content in between the 10,000 pages of adverts is weak.

How would you describe your style?

Slightly boyish 20s flapper


Jessica Pennock, Marketing Assistant


Who is your style icon?

Agyness Deyn, Mary-Kate Olsen and Cara Delevigne

Who is your favourite designer or brand?

Mink Pink, Hype and Evil Twin

Do you have a favourite fashion magazine or blog?

Waiste, Style Bubble and Fashion Toast

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

I would recommend Why Would Anyone Wear That? By Celia Stall-Meadows it looks at extreme fashion through time, examining some of the most extreme and bizarre fashion stories - it is also really beautifully illustrated.

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New Fashion Journal Releases

Intellect are delighted to announce the release of three new fashion journals.

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture is specifically dedicated to the area of fashion scholarship and its interfacing with popular culture. The journal hopes to stimulate news discussions in the fashion disciplines and to push the envelope of scholarship by welcoming new and established scholars to submit their works. Article topics included in this issue include; subversive beauty ideals in contemporary fashion marketing; Schiaparelli's dark circus; Cultural collision; The branded abaya; Hermes bags and the transformative process; Rural representations in fashion and television.

More details

Critical Studies in Men's Fashion

Critical Studies in Men's Fashion examines the multifaceted dimensions of men's appearance. It uses the holistic definition of dress as a means of examining the tangible and intangible aspects of creating and maintaining appearances. This journal is the first to exclusively focus on men's dress. The first issue includes topics such as men's beachwear, the handkerchief, military uniforms, visual merchandising, symbolic props and masculine iconic memes historically found in popular culture.

More details

Clothing Cultures

We are all invested at some level in the production and consumption of clothing. This journal explores issues and themes that are both universal and personal, addressing (and dressing) us all. In this issue, article subjects include; Class, clothes, and co-creative; mothers, daughters and sewing in the 1960s; Costume, disguise and the performance of ordinariness; Shooting street style in Indonesia; A personal phenomenology of clothing.

More details

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Intellect Fashion Week

Nobody knows Intellect's fashion titles better than our staff so we spoke to Alice and Holly about their personal style and recommendations for Intellect Fashion Week.

Alice Gillam, Marketing Assistant

Who is your style icon?

Solange Knowles (the best knowles sister, clearly) and Emma Stone

Who is your favourite designer or brand?

My favourite designer is Jessica Electra Odell-Foster, who designs and makes one off custom shoes. Although I am a little biased as she's a friend, her shoes are still amazing.

How would you describe your style?

Basic hippie punk with an edge of futuristic disco.

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

Definitely Neil Kirkham, 'The new 'porno-chic'? Fashion, consumption and film pornography' in Film, Fashion & Consumption. It focuses on the impact of pornography on mainstream consumer culture and the controversy this has produced recently.

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Holly Rose, Design Manager

Who is your style icon?

Sienner Miller

How would you describe your personal style?

Country Girl meets sailor girl 

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

I would recommend Prudence Black and Jane Idle's article in Clothing Cultures, ''It was just something you did': Mothers, daughters and sewing in 1960s'. The article looks at home dressmaking in Australia in the 1960s using family photographs. It is an interesting discussion of the culture surrounding dressmaking at the time.

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Intellect Fashion Week
Fashion thoughts and recommendations from the Intellect staff

Nobody knows Intellect's fashion titles better than the Intellect staff, so we talked to some of them to find out about their own personal style and recommendations for fashion week.

Bethan Ball, Assistant Publisher

Who is your style icon?

Gwen Stefani, Chloe Sevigny and Nikki Sixx

Who is your favourite designer/brand?

Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen and Phillip Lim

Do you have a favourite fashion magazine or blog?

Vogue, iD, Grazia

How would you describe your style?

Polished contemporary goth with occasional 1980s glam metal accents

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

I enjoyed the interview by Jennifer Fulton and Joseph H. Hancock II, 'Stephen Cal/Stephanie Chic: A student and a queen' in Fashion, Style and Popular Culture. The interview explores the experiences of fashion design student Stephen Cal and the way his work is influenced by his experience as a drag queen and vice versa.

Read this article free here.


Jessica Mitchell, Assistant publisher 

Who is your style icon?

I'm more inspired by fabrics and colours than any one particular person. My wardrobe is probably 50% florals, and the rest slightly synthetic old lady blouses and dresses.

Who is your favourite designer/brand?

I can't really stretch to anything designer, but really I prefer to do a bit of work for my clothes, scavenging in charity and vintage shops etc. I like to put something on and be reminded of the city I found it in.

Do you have a favourite fashion magazine or blog?

I quite ike The Sartorialist and Vogue. Oh, and Intellect's Street Style Series.

How would you describe your style?



Heather Gibson, Assistant Publisher

Who is your style icon?

Alexa Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss

Who is your favourite designer/brand?

H&M and Topshop

Do you have a favourite fahion magazine or blog?

Company or Frankie Magazine magazine mainly because of the aesthetics; texture of the paper, typography, layout etc. Fashion Toast blog because I've been following it for years.

How would you describe your style?

Boho/Indie Chic 

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

Shanghai Street Style is really good. It combines colourful photographs and critical explanations of cultural influences on people's personal style. It is really informative but also an entertaining and attractive book.

Purchase this book here.

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Rashida Ng and Sneha Patel: Trajectories of Performative Materials
Event at Temple University October 30 - 6:00pm


The emergence of experimental and ultraperforming materials, digital design and fabrication techniques, and interactive processing systems has established an interconnected network of technological inputs that has stimulated the development of materials, assemblies, and systems with performative properties.  Providing an overview of representative design projects and relevant theories, Temple Architecture faculty Rashida Ng and Sneha Patel will address the convergence of several significant advancements in the ways that materials and environments are designed, evaluated, and experienced. 
Addressing themes from their recently released book, Performative Materials in Architecture and Design, they will emphasize the value of research as a mode of design inquiry. The breadth of the work suggests a future in which the reductive dichotomies that commonly define the discipline - such as inside and outside, natural and constructed, technical and poetic, even digital and analog - can be matured, redefined, and less distanced.
Please visit the website below for more information-


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Intellect Fashion Week
25% off selected fashion titles

To celebrate the start of Intellect Fashion Week we are offering 25% off selected fashion titles. Order through our website using the discount code AD1005. For news, announcements and chances to win great prizes throughout Intellect Fashion Week like us on Facebook or Twitter.

Berliner Chic - 25% off

Once home to emperors and dictators, peddlers and spies, Berlin is now a fashion showplace that attracts the young and hip. This gripping history follows Berlin chic through a host of historical eras and events. There are many fabulous stories to tell about Berlin fashion and Berliner Chic tells them all with verve and considerable expertise.

Shanghai Street Style - 25% off

This book brings together more than 100 full colour photographs showcasing the remarkable diversity of styles seen on the streets of Shanghai. Alongside the photographs are short critical pieces, shedding light on the city's changing culture. Eye-catching, entertaining, and informative, this volume gets at the roots of Shanghai trendsetters' distinct personal styles, identifying the ideas and important cultural forces behind the trends.

Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty: Volume one - 25% off

This volume brings together a collection of pertinent articles from a dynamic and growing area of inquiry. The book explores such topics as: fashion trends in a global context, contemporary Italian fashion identity; the kimono's metamorphoses; the dynamics of luxury and basic fashion after the recent economic crisis; and the negotiation of social class and feminine identity. 

Fashion in Popular Culture - 25% off

Our clothing communicates who we are and how we relate to our culture. But how does a Belenciaga bag or a tough leather biker jacket do this? Fashion in Popular Culture considrs this question.Combining fashion theory, with approaches from literature, art, advertising, music, media studies, material studies and sociology, contributors consider the function of fashion within popular culture.

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Metal Music Studies - call for papers
Deadline for submission for first issue announced
Metal Music Studies is explicitly multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary: embracing both musicological research and music theory about metal music, and social scientific and humanistic research about metal music as a genre.  We are interested in original papers on metal music. We aim to receive contributions from researchers and theorists aligned with the subject field of metal music studies, but also researchers and theorists from other disciplines who feel that their interest in a form of popular music marginalizes them from the core debates in their discipline.
The first issue will be published in October 2014. The deadline for contributions for the first issue is 31 March 2014 (though the journal will remain open to submissions after that date for subsequent issues). The journal will consist of two sections: a main section for full papers; and a second section for shorter pieces, reflections and reviews.
We would be happy to receive contributions from scholars in the parent disciplines of music theory, musicology, aesthetics, music technology, performance, art, policy studies, politics, cultural studies, economics, pedagogy, sociology, linguistics, psychology, history, regional studies, theology, philosophy, and natural sciences. As well as new research and theory on metal music in all its forms, the journal will accept and commission shorter pieces from those involved in the metal music industry: journalists, label owners and other industry insiders, managers, musicians and fans.
We are now accepting full papers for the main section of the journal. Please email manuscripts of no more than 8,000 words to the Principal Editor Professor Karl Spracklen at
For submissions (book reviews and short pieces) for the second section of the journal, please contact Dr Niall Scott at

See Intellect House Guidelines for style. 

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Fashion Icons book series
Call for Editors/Contributors

This new series is prompted both by Intellect's ongoing commitment to fashion as a key area of publishing growth and reflecting the public's voracious appetite for everything to do with fashion and those that create it. The proliferation of 'style' blogs that explore the established and more fringe areas of culture is creating a community of potential readers who want to engage with the subject in a variety of ways. And while subcultures of fashion are created as quickly as they disappear, iconic contributions that stand the test of time are - more often that not - attributed to a select few design luminaries. It is this simple idea that is prompting the 'Fashion Icon' book series, which will look at and explore both the unique personalities and the significant contribution that individual fashion designers make to culture as a whole.

Each of the designers we choose will have a massive 'fan' following and exert influence over not only the fashion world but areas of media such as film, television, music, influenced perceptions of fashion while changing the 'look' of high streets the world over. Leading often glamorous - and on occasion, tragic - lives, these are taste-makers  of  the highest degree who have colourful personalities to match their creations. We want this series to look at what made/makes these fashion designers tick - exploring their world of creation, inspiration and influence. Rather than the usual lavish visual picture book, ours will be a different kind of celebration - one that does employ imagery, but carefully chosen material which will help to reinforce the various topics discussed.

The series aims to 'decode' iconic fashion designers in terms of their appeal and far reaching influence, while revealing new insights about each one. We are fully aware that these are not meant to be comprehensive, weighty tomes on the subject - rather a series of accessibly written and beautifully presented books that each include a fascinating collection of essays which explore a particular area or aspect of the designer's 'world' in each chapter.

Chapter headings include:

  • The early years
  • Influences
  • Significant contributions to the world of fashion
  • Muses
  • Collections
  • Brand extensions 
  • Bootleggers
  • Influence on...
  • Enduring legacy

Alongside these main chapters we want each book to include a series of short interviews and brief testimonials by (as examples) fellow designers, models, photographers, bloggers, film directors, curators or collectors who have been touched in some way by the fashion designer in question. 

These shorter, more personalised contributions wil help to underpin our aim of revealing the influence these iconic fashion designers have had on people from all walks of life. These interviews/testimonials will need to be sourced by each book's editor and/or contributors.

A short list of proposed titles for the series include:

Gianni Versace / Coco Chanel / Ralph Lauren / Christian Dior / Alexander McQueen / Yves Saint Laurent / Vivienne Westwood / Dolce & Gabbana / Calvin Klein / Giorgio Armani / Louis Vuitton / Valentino / Tom Ford / John Galliano / Pierre Cadin

If you would like to contribute to any of the titles in the above list (or have suggestions of your own), are interested in an editorial role or are simply looking for further information about the book series, please send an email to:

Gabriel Solomon - Series Editor,

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Call for papers: Special issue of the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies 6.2
'Conflict and Crisis in Elite Sport: Media, Ideology, Identity and Politics in an Era of Hyper-sportization'

Guest editors: Verner Møller (Department of Sports Sciences, University of Aarhus) and Bernat López (Department of Communication Studies, Universitat Rovira i Virgili).

Professional elite sport and the closely related phenomenon of media and spectator sport are among the most global, pervasive, influential, and visible social phenomena across countries, cultures, and social strata. Modern societies seem to be clearly demanding more sport, not less (Dimeo 2007: 138). The sportization process (Maguire 2007) seems to be entering a new era in which more is at stake concerning elite and spectator sports: nationalism, identity, geopolitics, the leisure economy, corporate capitalism, and the continuous (re)definition of the boundaries of human performance and capabilities. Despite commercial sport being increasingly an object of attention for social theory and social research, their expanded relevance calls for further and closer scrutiny. This proposed special issue intends to contribute to this.
Although a wide range of commodities and infrastructures, from tennis balls to stadia, are closely associated with elite sport, its basic ‘product’ has no materiality in and of itself since it is a performance: essentially a mass-mediated performance. Sport is a cultural and symbolic phenomenon. As such it offers an ideal site for the expression of ideology, identity (re)construction and cultural and political struggle. Therefore this special issue will focus on modern elite sport as the arena for symbolic and ideological conflict, struggle and crisis. Contributions are invited from any social scientific and cultural studies perspective, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, media and communication studies, sports studies, gender studies, economics, law, history, and political science.
Proposals are expected to focus on the relationship between elite and media sports and a wide range of issues: national, class, gender, sexual, intergenerational or racial struggle, the doping debate, symbolic violence, identity (re)construction, global versus local, the survival of small national cultures in the new global context, etc. Articles applying a stateless-nation or small nation-state perspective will be particularly welcome.
The journal plans to include articles of around 6-7000 words, plus short research reports of around 2-3000 words for the Viewpoint section. Full articles for proposed contributions should be sent to by 31 January 2014. Acceptance of articles will be confirmed by 30 March 2014. All contributions will be subjected to anonymous peer review. For more details about the journal guidelines please visit:
Guest editors:
Professor Verner Møller is one of the leading scholars in the field of doping and sport studies. He is co-founder of the International Network of Humanistic Doping Research (INHDR) (, which brings together 30 researchers from twelve different countries devoted to the study of the philosophical, social, and cultural aspects of doping and anti-doping. Professor Møller has published extensively on the issue in Danish and English. His main contributions include the monographs The ethics of doping and anti-doping: Redeeming the soul of sport? (Routledge, 2010), Dopingdjævlen – analyse af en hed debat/The Doping Devil (Gyldendal, 1999), Doping and Public Policy (co-editor, University Press of Southern Denmark, 2004), Elite sport, doping and public health (co-editor, University of Southern Denmark Press, 2009), and Doping and anti-doping policy in sport: ethical and legal perspectives (Routledge, 2011).
Bernat López has recently moved into the field of sport and doping studies where he has published on the social history of cycling in Spain and Catalonia, and already contributed recognized insights into the social construction of the doping issue. His previous research activities dealt mainly with minority cultures, media, and communication and cultural policies in Catalonia. He is the author of, among others, ‘Sport, media, politics and nationalism on the eve of the Spanish Civil War: The first Vuelta Ciclista a España (1935)’ (International Journal of the History of Sport,27: 4, 2010), ‘Doping as technology: A rereading of the history of performance-enhancing substance use’ (International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics , 4: 1, 2012) and ‘The invention of a “drug of mass destruction”: Deconstructing the EPO myth’ (Sport in History , 31: 1, 2011).
See previous special issues of the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies:
Volume 5 Issue 2: ‘Communication and Food for Health Benefits. Negotiating Meanings in Networked Times’ (forthcoming this month)
Volume 4 Issue 2: ‘Gender Relations in the Media. Conflicting Pictures and New Representational Practices’:,id=2298/
Volume 3 Issue 2: ‘Tourism & Communication: Place Brands, Identities and New Trends’:,id=2053/

Volume 2 Issue 2: 'The Communicative Turn in Risk Communication: Theory and Practice':,id=1890/

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