Call for Papers - Fan Phenomena: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Now accepting abstracts to be considered for a new book Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show from Intellect Press. This title will be part of the latest series of Fan Phenomena books, which aim to explore and decode the fascination we have with what constitutes an iconic or cultish phenomenon and how a particular person, TV show or film infiltrates its way into the public consciousness.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fan Phenomena) title will examine the film's fan culture, its essential role in creating the midnight movie, audience participation, and cult film cultures, as well as other areas of influence and social impact. Subjects are to be addressed in a thoughtful and accessible manner aimed at both fans and those interested in the cultural and social aspects of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:
  • the film's role in creating a culture of the midnight movie, audience participation, and the cult film circuit
  • influence of developing the pastiche tribute film (for its homage to B-Grade Sci Fi, Hammer horror, early 20th century musicals, pulp, comics, etc.)
  • queer theory
  • sexual liberation
  • glam rock aesthetics/drag style
  • hedonism
  • language and linguistics explorations pertaining to the creative use of dialogue and audience call and response during the film
  • diverse aspects of fan art, fan tributes, and fan culture
  • economics of fan culture, including creation of low budget cult classic and/or how a cult subject becomes a franchise (sequels, stage revivals, etc.)
Ten essays will be selected and published within the following broad section categories: Fashion, Fan Media, Language, Economics, Virtual, Influence, Philosophies, Character/Characterization.

Abstracts should be 300 words long. Please include a CV or resume with your abstract. Abstracts due March 3, 2014. Final chapters of 3,000-3,500 words will be due July 15, 2014. Please direct all questions and submissions to editor Marisa Hayes: 

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European Popular Culture Association Annual Conference 2014
Call for papers: Deadline: Friday, April 25th, 2014

Call for papers: Deadline: Friday, April 25th, 2014

Individual paper and panel contributions are welcomed for the third annual international conference of the European Popular Culture Association (EPCA), to be held at the  University of the Arts, London  UK (272 HIGH HOLBORN, London WC1) from July 29th – 31st 2014.

EUPOP 2014 will explore European popular culture in all its various forms. This could include European Film (past and present), Television, Music, Celebrity, The Body, Fashion, New Media, Comics and  Popular Literature, Sport, Heritage, and Curation. The special streams will include themes such as Violence (Horror), Commodification of Popular Culture, Sport, Spirituality(the Occult), Nationalism and its Ideological Forms, Paganism (Celtic Studies, Nordic Mythologies), and Technology. The closing date for this call is April 25th, 2014. There will be opportunities for networking, publishing, and developing caucus groups within the EPCA. Presenters at EUPOP 2014 will be encouraged to develop their papers for publication in a number of Intellect journals, including the EPCA’s Journal of European Popular Culture. Journal editors will be working closely with strand convenors – a full list of Intellect journals is available at:

Papers and Complete Panels for all strands will be subject to peer review. Proposals for individual presentations must not exceed 20 minutes in length, and those for panels – not more than 90 minutes. In the latter case, please provide a short description of the panel along with individual abstracts. Poster presentations and video projections are also warmly welcomed.

Proposals comprising a 300 word abstract, your full name, affiliation, and contact details (as a Word-file attachment, not a PDF should be submitted to Pamela Church Gibson ( - the same address is available for general administra-tive queries) until March 28, 2014. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged via e-mail.

The conference draft program will be announced at the end of May, 2014, along with the conference registration and accommodation details.  Keynote speakers: Information will be posted shortly. The European Popular Culture Association (EPCA) promotes the study of popular culture from, in, and about Europe. Popular culture involves a wide range of activities, material forms and audiences. EPCA aims to examine and discuss these different aspects as they relate both to Europe and to Europeans across the globe, whether contemporary or historical.

Kind Regards,
EPCA President, Pamela Church Gibson,
Journal of European Popular Culture editor, Graeme Harper,
PCA-Finland Director, Adjunct Professor Kari Kallioniemi, kakallio@utu.fl
IIPC Coordinator Kimi Kärki,

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Book of the Month Launch,id=5012/Each month one of Intellect's latest books is selected to be the 'Book of the Month' with a healthy 25% discount to go with it.

Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan reveals the face of war through the extensions of man, particularly through the use of photography and social media. The book contains a host of photographs from the award-winning photographer Rita Leistner.

To take advantage of this offer please visit visit University of Chicago Press (enter the code AD1053 to receive the discount). Offer valid till the end of February 2014.

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Looking Past the Smoke and Mirrors: "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life"
A blog post by Ed Winkleman

"I'm constantly still amazed at how much of how the art world truly works remains a mystery to so many people who wish to participate in it. Perhaps that's the same for most creative industries, but I feel I have a stronger sense of what it takes to break into show business or professional sports or other fields I'm not at all involved in than many young artists or wanna-be art dealers have about how the commercial gallery system operates."

Read on...

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Intellect Gifts & Stationery shop

Our new line of stationery and gift products reflect our company ethos of 'original thinking' - bringing together our passion for design, inspiration ideas and a bit of fun. From handy notebooks to tote bags and t-shirts, the growing range of products will aim to bring some colour to your desk and nourishment to your mind.

To celebrate, we're giving away a set of our very first gift item - a set of three Questions/Ideas/Doodles notebooks, perfect for jotting down those precious moments of inspiration. Each notebook is coulour coded and all come with an inspirational quote or saying on the back cover highlighting the importance of incorporating 'Questions', 'Ideas' and 'Doodles' into your everyday life.

For your chance to win, simply tell us which famous wild haired physicist was quoted as saying: 

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on"

Send your answers to by Wednesday 22nd January. 

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