Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 6.1
Open access issue 'Student and University Radio’

 Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 6.1.

ISCC 6.1 focuses on college, student and university radio. The issue brings together articles ranging all over the world, from ‘alternative' campus radio in Canada, to college radio stations in the US and New Zealand, to the history of student radio in Poland. It discusses the interaction between student radio and mainstream music, and the importance of student-led broadcasts within the wider community. This issue aims to bring new light to an often overlooked area of radio studies, and to support the student radio scene. It has been released as open access.

To gain access to the journal please follow this link

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Seeking Principal Editor
The International Society for Education through Art is seeking a Principal Editor for the International Journal of Education through Art

InSEA is seeking an energetic and committed Principal Editor for its highly regarded peer reviewed journal, the International Journal of Education through Art (IJEtA). As Professor Glen Coutts, the Principal Editor of IJEtA , completes his second term of office, InSEA is seeking a new Principal Editor to lead the Editorial T eam from 2016. The successful candidate will be responsible for the Journal for a period of four years (the first year as Principal Editor-elect) during which the successful applicant will work with the current editor.

IJEtA has established itself as a highly respected and important source for research dissemination in the field. IJEtA promotes original ways of re-thinking the status of education through art and art education, while addressing the role of teaching and learning in either formal or informal educational contexts. The Journal is interdisciplinary in its reflection of teaching and learning contexts and also in its representation of artistic approaches and practices. It provides a platform to question and evaluate ways art is produced, disseminated and interpreted across a diverse r ange of educational contexts. Formal and informal educational contexts, policy and practice, pedagogy, research, comparative education, and trans-cultural issues are all considered in order to disseminate research and raise debate in these areas. 
Applicants for the position of Principal Editor should be experienced art educators with interests in a broad range of developments in the field of visual arts education. They must be current members of InSEA , hold an advanced academic degree, have a strong record of academic publishing including experience serving on editorial boards and/or reviewing work for publication. Ideally, they will have a profile of research publishing at national and international levels. Applicants must be familiar with working electronically, be prepared to work flexibly depending on the workload required across a publication cycle, and hold a vision for the future of the journal that takes into account the changing international landscape of academic research and publishing. 
The position is unpaid. 
Duties of the Principal Editor shall include, but not be limited, to the following: 
·      The Principal Editor (PE) is responsible for coordinating all editorial tasks including online peer review process and the timely publication of three issues of the Journal per year. 
·      The PE will ensure there are an adequate number of qualified reviewers and that their selection follows the established selection and rotation process. 
·      The PE should organise an Editorial Executive (2 associate editors and an editorial assistant)
·      With the assistance of the Editorial Team, the PE will select and appoint people to take on specific tasks (for example special issues).
·       The PE will lead the Editorial Team in their tasks, ensuring a sense of shared vision and cooperation. The PE will be responsible for managing the online peer review process; keeping a log of acceptance and rejection; communicating with authors, guest editors, and reviewers.
·      Together with the Editorial Team, the PE will need to seek contributions and ensure sufficient high quality material that maintains the international status of the Journal. All papers submitted to the Journal are subject to a double-blind peer review process and the PE is responsible for organising this process in a professional and prompt manner.
·      At the end of each year , the Society and its publisher will require a report from the PE on the review and pre-publication process; the country of origin of the authors of submitted and accepted articles.
·      The PE has final responsibility for the content of the Journal and for delivering the content of each edition of the Journal to the publisher according to the publication schedule. While the editor is responsible for communicating with the publisher, she or he should also consult with the Conevenor of the publications Working Group and the President of the Society about any major concerns or decisions.
·      The PE will lead the Editorial Team in shaping a vision for the Journal and will be instrumental in the process of planning future development of the Journal.
·      Ideally, the PE will hold an annual meeting with reviewers and Associate Editors as well as an open meeting with Society members, at one of the Society ’s International Congresses, to discuss publication and other issues.
·      While InSEA and the publisher are not in a position to provide financial support to the Editorial Team; the PE is encour aged to the approach home institutions of these individuals to request some academic support .
Closing date: Friday 31 July 2015
Although we are seeking a Principal Editor, we ideally seek a four person editorial team (Principal Editor, two Associate Editors and Editorial Assistant).
Please send a letter of application for the position of Principal Editor to:
Teresa Eça
International Society for Education through Art
For informal inquiries,
Glen Coutts
For more information about IJEtA policies and procedures:
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International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.1

Intellect is delighted to announce the special new issue of International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.1.

This special issue features a selection of articles that were presented as papers during the second edition of the (Non)Western Fashion Conference, held at the London College of Fashion in November 2013. The topic of articles range from the Cambodian fashion scene to the commodification of ethnicity in fashion and the designs of Ade Bakare.  

To gain access to the journal please follow this link

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Call for Papers Book 2.0 Volume 5

The new editors of Book 2.0 would like to invite articles for issues 5.1 and 5.2 on any aspect of the changing roles and functions of the book in the digital age and socio-cultural aspects of the framework for their contemporary production. These may include articles on any aspects of writing, illustration and design, as well as book production and distribution. Articles on the application of digital technology to the creation and uses of books and contributions from professionals working in the publishing industries are very welcome.

Book 2.0 is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish articles and reviews about all forms of contemporary book production and design in an attempt to explore the theoretical space opened up by digital technology. Thematic concerns include adaptation, access and cultural mapping. It will explore innovations in technology, distribution, marketing and sales and book consumption, and in the research, analysis and conservation of book-related professional practices. Book 2.0 aims to provide a forum for promoting and sharing the most original and progressive thought and practice in the teaching of writing, illustration, book design and production, and publishing across all sectors.

Please submit abstracts of no more than 200 words to

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Call for Papers: Critical Studies in Men's Fashion
Special issue: Exhibiting Masculinity

In this special issue of Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion we are interested in critical intersections between museology, masculinity and fashion.

We invite submissions on topics including but not limited to the following:
Museum exhibitions of men’s fashion
Museum collections of men’s fashion
Examination of respective issues in developing collections and /or exhibitions of women’s versus men’s fashion
Masculinity as a subject of museum inquiry
Problems and practices in exhibiting men’s fashion in the museum
Audience engagement with museums and masculinity
Conservation issues around men’s dress

All submissions must follow Intellect’s house style for review. Attached and at: Manuscripts should be approximately 5000-7000 words and use British spelling. It is the author’s responsibility to clear image rights usage if they are included in the manuscript.
Please send submissions and queries to the guest editors Sally Gray ( or Roger Leong at (

Deadline to submit is: 1 February 2016

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New free issues for our Performing Arts journals

Intellect is delighted to announce we are now providing online access to the below performing arts journal issues free of charge. The full issues can be downloaded for free via IngentaConnect. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Applied Theatre Research 2.1

This journal explores theatre and drama in non-traditional contexts and focuses on performance with specific audiences or participants in a range of social contexts. This free issue begins with an article by Tim Prentki and David Pammenter who propose that there is a need to reinstate applied drama/theatre processes at the core of any curriculum concerned with the development of active citizens while Bjørn Rasmussen's article outlines an epistemological approach in the field of artistic research. Jennifer Cogswell and Debra McLauchlan's article explores integrated historical content and process drama activities to engage teenagers in the topic of World War I. Monica Prendergast's article examines practices and theories of misperformance and failure in relation to how performance has been taken up as a form of ethnography.
Download the free issue

Scene 2.1-2

Scene is dedicated to the critical examination of space and scenic production with a strong interdisciplinary focus. This special double issue focuses on the theme of critical costume and explores themes such as costume and technology,costume and gender and costume performances. Intellect is delighted to offer a wide and varied selection of ten articles in this issue for free to download. These include Nadia Malik's wear project, which is a visual archive into further understanding the significance of what we wear; Sofia Pantouvaki's article explores how wearable technology was used in live performances during the Athens olympic games opening ceremony. Dorita Hannah's article explores the affective and effective impact elicited by highly performative quotidian garments outside the theatre, and examining how they have been adopted for live performance.
Download the free articles

Punk & Post Punk 3.1
Punk & Post-Punk uses punk as a lens to explore iconography, performance, political engagement in film, television, literature, dance and it is the first forum of its kind to explore this rich and influential topic. In this free issue, Matthew Worley's article looks at the controversial music genre Oi! in relation to youth cultural identity in late 1970s and early 1980s Britain; Andrew Branch assesses how the reshaping of the habitus of UK punk's original working-class and lower-middle-class practitioners framed their investment in this heavily mediated popular music culture; and Michael Mary Murphy's article aims to identify the under-acknowledged contributions of people working behind the scenes in the industry in the Republic of Ireland, and in particular it examines the links between individuals, bands and cities.
Download the free issue

Studies in Musical Theatre 8.1
Studies in Musical Theatre  explores musical theatre in its widest sense, from the musicological to the post-dramatic and from the textual to the performative. In this issue, Craig McGill's article considers the relationship between the use of the orchestra in Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd and in Tim Burton's film adaptation of the show; Zachary Dunbar's article explores the emerging critical paradigm of Practice as Research within the musical theatre domain; and Megan Woller's article deals with the adaptation of a classic musical (West Side Story) into a film focusing on the ethnic and racial discourses that arise from the depiction of the Puerto Rican characters in relation to their American counterparts.
Download the free issue

Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance 7.1

This journal explores all aspects of adaptation, translation and intertextuality and encompasses opera, gaming and graphic narratives. This free issue includes Terence Hoagwood's detailed account of William Wyler's hugely successful 1946 film, The Best Years of Our Lives and the methods by which it boldly adapts the source novel; Lisa Hopkins article explores the complex cultural relationship between Edgar Reitz's Heimat trilogy and Shakespeare's Hamlet; Sarah Olive's article considers the notion of revenge tragedy in the popular British television murder mystery series Lewis; and Tom Ue's interview with Simon Stephens, focusing on Stephens' acclaimed adaptation of Mark Haddon's novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
Download the free issue

Journal of Dance & Somatic Practice 6.1

This journal focuses on the relationship between dance and holistic body centered approaches. This special issue focuses on transcultural perspectives on somatic practices and research. Elena Catalano's article examines somatic experience in Odissi, arguing that this is shaped by the dance's techniques of transmissions and aesthetic values while Monica Fagundes Dantas' and Suzane Weber da Silva's article discusses the intersections of the artistic practice and somatic education in the work of a Canadian and Brazilian dancer within the complex negotiation among body, society, and dance; and Lila Greene addresses the question of the universality of somatic approaches in teaching dance through the author's experiences in Mali.
Download the free issue

Other Performing Arts issues now available for free from Intellect:

Choreographic Practices 5.1  

International Journal of Community Music 7.1

Journal of Applied Arts & Health 5.1

Journal of Music, Technology & Education 7.1

Maska 29.161-162 

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Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen editor will be appearing on BBC Radio 3 show The Verb this Friday

Intellect is excited to announce that Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen editor Gabrielle Malcolm will be appearing on the BBC Radio 3 show The Verb this Friday the 10th at 10PM.

For more details click here

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Journal of Popular Television 3.1

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Journal of Popular Television 3.1. This new issue has articles on The Big Bang Theory, Nordic Noir television and The Walking Dead.

To gain access to the journal please click here

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