JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students 1.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the release of JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students 1.2. JAWS is the first academic arts journal committed to new research and art emerging from postgraduate and undergraduate study. As such, this issue contains two Visual Essays, displaying the work of Camilla Brueton and James Lander. The journal also includes five articles on a broad range of themes – from space in art practice, to ontological research methods, postmodern American appropriation art, art and the Information Age, and sketchbook reflections by artist Matt Black (whose work also forms the cover of this issue). We close with a review of the Science Museum's 'Revelations: Experiments in Photography' exhibition, which ran 20 March–13 September this year. 

To access the issue please click this link

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Special Issue Film, Fashion and Consumption 3.3: 'Fashion and Class'

Intellect is delighted to announce a special issue of Film, Fashion and Consumption 3.3. In this issue, guest editor Janice Miller collects a fascinating array of papers on the theme of 'Fashion and Class'. Articles range between The Hunger Games, Only Fools and Horses, Woody Allen, Snog Marry Avoid, post-war Clarks shoe advertising, and the issue closes with a review of the Women Fashion Power exhibition at London's Design Museum. 

To access the issue please follow the link below

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Nigerian-Scottish Film Odyssey

Two Nollywood films are being premiered as part of the Nigerian-Scottish Film Odyssey on the 1st of November this year. The schedule for the evening is as follows:

5pm - 6pm: Arrival and red carpet

6pm - 8pm: Screening of Dry

8pm - 9pm: Drinks reception

9pm - 11pm: Screening of Ojuju

For more information on venue and tickets please click here


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Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies Vol. 4:1, 2016

Intellect are delighted to announce that the 2016 issue of Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies 4.1 is out now.

Articles include:

Flavia Laviosa, Editorial "Translational and transnational directions of Italian cinema"

Alessandro Jedlowski “Migration, prostitution and the representation of the black female subject in Nigerian video films about Italy"

Claudia Romanelli “French and Italian co-productions and the limits of transnational cinema” 

Giulia Baso: “Michelangelo Antonioni and Atom Egoyan: Contaminating identities” 

 William Hope “The Roma on screen: Voicing the counter-hegemonic” 

Clarissa Clo’ “Music and migration: Transgenerational crossovers in La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar (2006) and Di madre in figlia (2008)” 

Giuseppe Fidotta “Ruling the colonies with sound: Documentary, technology and noise in Cronache dell'Impero” 

* Udine FarEast film festival report by Marco Dalla Grassa & Mario Tomasi

* Florence Indian film festival report by Monia Acciari 

This issue also includes an artists's corner section and books reviews.

To gain access to the journal please click here

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International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)
Intellect's Journal of Applied Arts & Health is published in partnership wih

the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. This year's 11th conference is occuring on October 8-10 2015 in Hong Kong.

To find out more details about the conference click here.

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International Conference on Media and Communication 2015

International Conference on Media and Communication 2015: Changing Paradigm of Media Landscape in the Digital Age 2.0 will be occuring this 20-22nd November 2015 at Amity School of Communication. 

To find out more click on the links below

Brochure : 

Registration Link: 

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Call for Papers: Journal of Illustration

The Journal of Illustration is a peer reviewed bi-annual journal, published by Intellect. It is in full colour, and richly illustrated, with a view towards collapsing the distinctions between academic and practice-led perspectives on the subject. 

Aims and Scope

Illustration is a rapidly evolving field with an excitingly broad scope. Despite its cultural significance and rich history, illustration has rarely been subject to deep academic scrutiny. The Journal of Illustration (JILL) provides an international forum for scholarly research and investigation of a range of cultural, political, philosophical, historical and contemporary issues, in relation to illustration. The journal encourages new critical writing on illustration, associated visual communication and the role of the illustrator as visualizer, thinker and facilitator, within a wide variety of disciplines and professional contexts. One of the key aims of the journal is to work towards a definition of illustration, and its place in culture and history. 

For more details, and for previous volumes (including a free issue 1.1) see:,id=233/

Call for Papers

For volume 2.2 we are seeking papers that address one of the following two themes: 

1. Process and Practice

We invite papers and/or practice-led articles where the emphasis is placed on exploring the process of illustration. Rather than emphasising illustrative outcomes, we welcome submissions that examine the ways in which illustrations are made, and that explore what kinds of concerns are raised by examining and reflecting upon process. In short: the how rather than the what. For example, drawing as a process arguably takes illustration (as a mode of representation) in a certain direction (in a methodology which has been described as the ’searching’ line), while collage/photomontage, produced from pre-existing elements, creates, promotes and ‘enacts’ other forms of knowledge of a subject.


2. The Illustration of Knowledge

As a complementary topic, JILL 2.1 (due for publication in October 2015) is concerned with the ways in which illustration and knowledge have been entwined, both historically and conceptually. JILL 2.1 emerges from the The 4th International Illustration Symposium, ‘Science, Imagination & the Illustration of Knowledge’, which was held 7–8 November 2013. The question this conference explored was: how do illustrations, drawings and diagrams inform our understanding of the world? What is the role of the visual in the collection, organisation, understanding and communication of knowledge? What is the relationship between the ‘natural’ and the ‘imagined’?

As part of an ongoing dialogue on this topic, in Volume 2.2 we wish to continue this thread and invite papers that look at the ways in which illustration and knowledge have been mutually implicated. The individual interpretation of this is open. 

Academic papers should be between 5,000–7,000 words, and more practice-led papers should be in the region of 2,000–3,000 words. They should be fully referenced in Harvard style and images should be 300dpi or larger, at the size they are intended for reproduction. Full submission guidelines can be found on the Intellect website (link above). 

The deadline for submission is 30 September 2015, for an anticipated publication date of January 2016. Statements of interest and/or full papers should be sent to both of the guest editors for this volume:

Dr. Sheena Calvert

Central St. Martins/Camberwell College of Arts,UAL 

Adrian Holme

Camberwell College of Arts,

University of the Arts London 

For more information click here

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Masoud Yazdani Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Film Scholarship

Film Matters is searching for three judges for the 2015 Masoud Yazdani Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Film Scholarship -- any current instructor of film qualifies.

To find out more details please follow the link below.

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Clothing cultures 2.3 is out now

Intellect is delighted to announce the new release of Clothing Cultures 2.3 which is a special issue on Transglobal Fashion Narratives & Style Cultures. Clothing Cultures brings together discourses pertinent to the study of dress practices. It considers the ordinary and everyday practices of wearing clothes as well as issues concerning their production and consumption.

Articles in this issue range from heritage and history in contemporary Hong Kong fashion to the un/dressed body in Hwang's M.Butterfly.

To gain access to these articles please follow the link below.

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New issue of Maska

Intellect is delighted to announce the new release of Maska 29:169-71 focussing on Syros: A Bet on the Potentiality of Cooperation. This is Europe’s oldest professional journal in its field. 

For the last two decades Maska has fostered a high-level professional discourse in a range of subjects such as performance studies and theories of contemporary dance in connection with the broader field of contemporary arts. 

This issue is divided in four sections: Art and Life, Syros: A Bet on the potentiality of Cooperation, Criticism with Adjectives and a tribute to Petra Veber Rojnik. A range of articles and reviews are featured in this issue and for the full list of articles and how to subscribe to the journal please click on the link below.

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