International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.2 available now

Intellect is delighted to announce that the International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.2 is out now. This journal fosters the worldwide diffusion of Fashion Studies and contributes to a field of research that has been producing an extensive repertoire of theories, analyses and enquiries.

Articles include (partial list):

For full list of articles click here

Models wearing Balenciaga in the fashion press: A comparative study 
pp. 203-223(21) 
Author: Balda Arana, Ana

This article analyses to what extent Cristóbal Balenciaga’s 1956 censure of the fashion press affected the subsequent coverage of his creations in major fashion magazines. 

An ethnographic study of glocal fashion communication in Hong Kong and Greater China
pp. 245-266(22) 
Author: Tse, Ho-Lun Tommy

For this article recent case studies of socio-historical, economic and cultural influences in the Greater China region were revisited applying communication, media and cultural studies theories.

Pier Paolo Pasolini and the construction of masculinity in Italian fashion 
pp. 267-285(19) 
Author: Colaiacomo, Paola

In this article, the study of fashion is engaged in from a transdisciplinary perspective, at the crossroads of fashion and literature. 

Perfume as an interpretive key to the Song of Songs
pp. 287-304(18) 
Author: Yaar, Dana Keren

The Song of Songs is a biblical text filled with the names of perfumes and, in terms of form, it is infused with ambiguity, vagueness and loose connections. The article suggests that perfume is an essential element in the biblical text.

Children and how they came into fashion on printed textiles between 1770 and 1840 
pp. 225-244(20) 
Author: Gril-Mariotte, Aziza

This article explores how the idea of childhood was spread via the fabrics designed to persuade the biggest number of buyers to choose them for their interiors, and how in the nineteenth century, these designs promoted a real dialogue centred on the child.

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Journal of Illustration 2.1 now available

Intellect is delighted to announce the new release of Journal of Illustration 2.1. This journal provides an international forum for scholarly research and investigation of a range of cultural, political, philosophical, historical, and contemporary issues, in relation to illustration.

List of articles (partial list):

For the full list of articles click here

Knowledge by design: Celedonio de Arce’s nature prints, between evidence and representation 
pp. 7-29(23) 
Author: Luxenberg, Alisa

This article examines the unusual project announced in 1777 by the Spanish sculptor Celedonio Nicolás de Arce y Cacho (1739−1795) to ‘print from nature all kinds of botanical leaves without the use of plates’. 

A sketch of the universe – the visual influences of D’Arcy Thompson’s On Growth and Form 
pp. 31-50(20) 
Author: Jarron, Matthew

This article discusses the origins and context of these iconic images, exploring D’Arcy Thompson’s own artistic and scientific interests, the long development of his controversial theories and the other collaborators involved, including illustrators Doris MacKinnon and Helen Ogilvie.

Defying the limits of the plane: Two-dimensional space and its consequences in the search for the order of nature 
pp. 51-73(23) 
Author: Grüninger, Paloma López

This article will show that the transition from the scala naturae to maplike or treelike structures cannot be seen exclusively as proof of an intellectual transition, as a succession of abstract ideas, but as creative attempts to solve specific spatial problems imposed by the realm of the visual.

Picturing the creation of the world: The cosmogenic illustrations of Buffon’s Natural History of the Earth (1749–1785) 
pp. 75-91(17) 
Author: Roche, Lucile

This article will focus on the variety of outlooks the illustrations provide on the ground-breaking cosmogenic theory imagined by Buffon, and will particularly examine the extent to which they comply with the eighteenth-century ‘rationalization’ of the Genesis narrative.

The twentieth-century Livre d’Artiste: The greatest challenge to the text–image hierarchy of French book illustration? 
pp. 93-108(16) 
Author: Pullen, Celia

This article explores the challenge presented by the twentieth-century French Livre d’Artiste to the text–image hierarchy of French book illustration. 

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Second Call for Papers - Inheriting the City: Advancing Understandings of Urban Heritage

Second Call for Papers - Inheriting the City: Advancing Understandings of Urban Heritage

31 March – 4 April, 2016

Taipei, Taiwan

Second Call for Papers: 20 November 2015

In the context of rapid cultural and economic globalisation, over half of the World’s population now live in urban areas. Through rural migration, new economic opportunities and enhanced global mobilities, cities and towns have expanded dramatically resulting in challenges to their character and identity. ‘Inheriting the City’ invites academics, policy makers and practitioners to consider the ways that heritage is being protected, managed and mobilised in rapidly changing and pressurised urban contexts. This multidisciplinary event will explore the type of heritage, both tangible and intangible, that cities and towns will pass to future generations, and the processes through which the heritage of cities is being re-made, re-presented and re-used. 

The conference will be held in the magnificent Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei City, Taiwan, and will bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners from across the globe for a stimulating programme of presentations, study visits, discussions and networking. We are pleased to announce that the conference will be opened by keynote speakers Lai Chee Kien, Adjunct Associate Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Tim Winter, Research Professor at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University, Melbourne.

The Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage aims to provide critical dialogue beyond disciplinary boundaries and we invite papers from all disciplines and fields including, but not limited to: anthropology, architecture, archaeology, art history, cultural geography, cultural studies, design, ethnology and folklore, economics, history, heritage studies, landscape studies, leisure studies, museum studies, philosophy, political science, sociology, tourism studies, urban history, urban/spatial planning.

Broad themes include:

• Heritage as city memory

• Innovative modalities of protection and planning urban heritage

• Community approaches to and uses of, urban heritage

• City based tourism and visitor economies of urban heritage

• Urban heritage as a form of social resistance

• Cosmopolitan urban heritage and re-creating identities

• Global and mega-city competition through heritage

• Revitalising the city through heritage

• Sub-urban and sub-altern heritage

• Urban spaces, traditions and intangible heritage 

Please submit a 300 word abstract to: as soon as possible, but no later than 20th November. 

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Call for Papers: Fashion Style and Popular Culture

Call for Papers for Special Issue: 
Luxury Markets, Cities and Labour
Guest Editor: Veronica Manlow, Brooklyn College
Deadline for submissions: 1 November 2016.

Call for Papers for Special Issue: 
Shopping, Consumers & Retailing: Historical Perspectives
Guest Editors: Michael Mamp, Central Michigan University and Sara Marcketti, Iowa State University
Deadline for submissions: 1 November 2016.


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Interview with Adriana Ionascu, editor of Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice

Intellect is delighted to announce the first issue of the new journal Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice. We caught up with one of the editors, Adriana Ionascu, and asked her about her subject and what motivated her to start the new journal. To find out more about the journal click here.

1.     Why do you feel it is important for Drawing to be considered a discipline in its own right?
Drawing has been and is a discipline in its own right, it acts as language and communication, and it is, by its nature, experimental, investigative and exploratory. It functions in different ways in such diverse fields of practice as science and technology, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, cultural studies and cognitive science, as well as fine arts (including graphics and visual communication, sculpture, the crafts), design and architecture.
2.     Where do your personal research interests and background lie?
My research is concerned with drawing as an interactive process and product, as a site of production, as 'visual literacy', a form of writing or visual narrative; as a model of representation, an investigative, descriptive or interpretive pursuit; a recording and communicative tool, an interactive and dynamic 'site of conception'; a performance, an aid to critical thinking and an interpretative medium.
I have been educated at a Fine Art Academy on the continental Europe, where drawing is part of every practice and the base for any creative input.
3.     What attracted you to the idea of editing an academic journal?
Quite simply the idea of collaboration and that of dissemination of diverse types of knowledge-s; and the fact that a publication could bring a diversity of practices related to drawing.
4.     Do you feel this journal will be filling a gap in Drawing research?
The ‘Drawing Research-Theory-Practice’ journal aims to promote and disseminate drawing research with a focus on contemporary practice and its theoretical context. In its printed format, this journal seeks to reestablish the materiality of drawing as a medium at a time when virtual, on-line, electronic presentation threatens to dominate the field of cultural practice.  The journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of drawing in all its forms and it will address a current need for a high-quality printed publication within the publishing field.
5.     Who’s work do you particularly admire?
Too many artists need to be mentioned here: from Leonardo da Vinci to Antonin Artaud and Rebecca Horn’s drawing machines, is a long list.
6.     What new areas of the study of drawing do you hope the journal will explore?
The journal aims to highlight the variety of approaches, specificities as well as commonalities of the forms and uses of drawing, to include drawing as method in art and design; drawing as a medium for representation or a tool for investigating and recording knowledge, as notation, as a model of thinking; as a vehicle for exploration, as production, reproduction and communication; its methods, tools and practices, approaches, theoretical reflections and applications. Thus, the primary objective of the journal is to expand scholarship by bringing together multidisciplinary expertise through a diversity of methods, knowledges, techniques and applications concerned with the study of drawing - alongside critical, philosophical, theoretical, traditional and cultural aspects of practice.
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International Journal of Education through Art
Call for Articles and Visual Essays

Articles should be between 4,500 and 6,000 words and ideally around 5,600 words in length (maximum 1,000 words for visual essays), should be referenced in accordance with our author guidelines, and should include an abstract of no less than 75 words and no more than 150 words in length. Submissions should include full references and author biography in accordance with our author guidelines. To ensure the review process is anonymous and fair, the guidelines for submission, particularly advice on ‘ensuring a blind review’ should be followed. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format. 

Visuals are most welcome and should initially be sent as low-res JPEG files embedded within the Word document or uploaded as ‘supplementary files’. If articles are selected for publication contributors will be asked to provide images to the Editor in JPEG or Tiff format (300dpi, min 4 x 6 inches). 

For more information about the journal and details on how to submit an article or visual essay please refer to the author guidelines at: 

Or contact the editor:
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JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students 1.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the new release of JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students 1.2 is a compilation of the best arts research and writing by current MA students and first year graduates. Capturing the contemporary themes and trends in arts research today, JAWS is peer-reviewed and edited by students, for students; promoting the autodidactic attitude and inherent curiosity that is required for post graduate, career or personal research development with or without practice.

List of articles (partial list):

The need for space in art practice
Author: Solomons, Ruth

The article looks at practices that exemplify the artist’s need for space, in relation to: spaces in which artworks are produced, stored and distributed; the depicted studio; occupations which deny headspace; and gendered containment of domestic space.

Framing the City 
Author: Brueton, Camilla

Framing the City is a visual essay that reflects on the construction of images and the fabric of place. Combining original collages and writing by Camilla Brueton with quotes from theorists and artists who influence her, it presents the city as a living collage.

Beyond deconstruction: Desire in postmodern American appropriation art 
Author: Vranou, Sofia

This is an article about the Pictures Generation, the way postmodernism was initially theorized, and deconstructed, and the notion of desire through the analysis of significant artworks of that period.

Factory of the self
Author: Hilton, Jed

Jed Hilton argues that society is only understood through the language and techniques of the computer and has had a lasting effect on art and society. 

Memory and Place: Sketchbook reflection 
Author: Black, Matt

Two different types of drawing mediums and their ability to capture the nature of time and memory are compared and contrasted in this article.

For the full list of articles please click on the link below

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Critical Studies in Men's Fashion 2.2&3

Intellect is delighted to announce the new double issue of Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion 2.2&3. This journal examines the multi-faceted dimensions of men’s appearance. It uses the holistic definition of dress as a means of examining the tangible and intangible aspects of creating and maintaining appearance. Wide range of articles and reviews are featured in this issue from clothing codes for boys from 1850-1900 to men’s motives for consuming fashion.

To gain access to this issue please click on the link below.          

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Hospitality & Society

Intellect are delighted to announce that our journal, Hospitality & Society has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus. Hospitality & Society is an international multidisciplinary social sciences journal focusing upon hospitality and exploring its connections with wider social and cultural processes and structures.

To find out more about the journal click here


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Journal of Illustration 2.1 now available

Intellect is delighted to announce the release of Journal of Illustration 2.1, guest-edited by Adrian Holme and Sheena Calvert. This issue stemmed from the 4th International Illustration Symposium: Science, imagination and the illustration of knowledge, organized by the Illustration Research Network at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, November 2013. JILL 2.1 includes four papers presented at the symposium (by Alisa Luxenberg, Lucile Roche, Matthew Jarron, and Paloma López Grüninger), together with a conference report containing abstracts, poster presentations, and sketches made at the event by Derek Bainton and Peter Jarvis. An article by Celia Pullen on the twentieth-century Livre d'Artiste, a review of the 2014 book Fifty Years of Illustration, and an interview with well-known New Scientist illustrator and artist Tim McDonagh completes this fantastic issue. 

Click here to gain online access to the whole issue 

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