Punk & Post-Punk 5.1

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Punk & Post Punk 5.1 is now available.


Articles within this issue include: 'Striving for authenticity: Punk in China' by Jain Xiao, 'Laughter is a Harlequin: Laughter and identity in a close reading of a Cuban punk band' by Tom Astley and 'Si si puede!: Chicas Rockeras and punk music education in South East Los Angeles' by Jessica A. Schwartz.

For more information on this journal click here

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Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 7.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 7.2 is now available to buy.

Articles within this issue include: ‘From victims to perpetrators: Cultural representations of the link between the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’ by Liat Steir-Livny, ‘Representations of disability in Turkish television health shows: Neo-liberal articulations of family, religion and the medical approach’ by Dikmen Bezmez and Ergin Bulut and ‘I Have a Drone’: Internet memes and the politics of culture’ by Kevin Howley.

For further information on this journal or to purchase this issue please click here.

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Intellect Live - Get up to 20% off!

We are very delighted to offer you a 10% individual discount on the below books and a 20% bundle discount on all four of the books.

The individual 10% discount code is PRINTELLECTLIVE and the bundled 20% code is IBLIVE20.

Pleading in the Blood
The Art and Performances of Ron Athey

Edited by Domininc Johnson

Throwing the Body into the Fight
A Portrait of Raimond Hoghe

Edited by Mary Kate Connolly

The Only Way Home is Through the Show
Performance Works of Lois Weaver

Edited by Jen Harvie & Lois Weaver

It's All Allowed
The Performances of Adriana Howells

Edited by Deirdre Heddon and Dominic Johnson

*Codes valid only until 23rd October 2016 and can only be used through our distrbutors, University of Chicago's website (links above)

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New Film Series: KinoSputnik
Available to Pre Order Now!

Intellect is delighted to announce our latest film series KinoSputnik, titles within this series include: Aleksandr Askoldov The Commisar, Aleksandr Sokurov Russian Ark, Sergei Paradjanov Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors


Filmed in 1966 and ’67, but kept from release for twenty years, The Commissar is unquestionably one of the most important and compelling films of the Soviet era. Based on a short story by Vasily Grossman, it tells of a female Red Army commissar who is forced to stay with a Jewish family near the front lines of a battle between the Red and White Armies as she waits to give birth. The film drew the ire of censors for its frank portrayal of the violence faced by Russian Jews in the wake of the revolution. This book is the first companion to the film in any language, recounting the film’s plot and turbulent production history as well as offering close analysis of the artistic vision of its director, Aleksandr Askoldov.


Russian Ark (2002) drew astonished praise for its technique: shot with a Steadicam in on ninety-six minute take, following the Marquis de Custine as he wandered through the vast Winter Palace – and through three hundred years of Russian history. Providing a comprehensive synopsis, in-depth analysis and an account of the production history, Beumers offers an insight into the now legendary work of Alexsandr Sokurov.


Paradjanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1965) is a landmark of Soviet-era cinema because of its emphasis on folklore and mysticism in Carpathian Hutsul culture, which broke with Soviet-realism. This book, as the first full-length companion to the film, offers readers a close analysis of the film’s symbolism, a plot synopsis, and a history of the legendary production process. It closes with an account of the film’s reception by critics, audiences and Soviet officials, and the controversies, which have kept it a subject of heated debate for decades. 

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CFP for Fan Phenomena: Disney

Now accepting abstracts to be considered for a new book, Fan Phenomena: Disney from Intellect Press. This title will be part of the latest series of Fan Phenomena books, which aim to explore and decode the fascination we have with what constitutes an iconic or cultish phenomenon and how a particular person, TV show or film infiltrates its way into the public consciousness.
The Disney (Fan Phenomena) title will look beyond the Disney canon of films, shows, products and places, into the heart of the fan culture that has passed a love of the phenomenon from generation to generation. This project is aimed for both fans and those interested in the cultural aspects and social impacts of Disney.
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: 
·  Disneyana and  the economics of collecting Disney merchandise
·  The D23, the Official Disney Fan Club vs. grassroots fan clubs (including the original Mickey Mouse clubs)
·  Experiencing hyperreality: Theme Park events and pilgrimage
·  Fan podcasts, websites
·  Retelling Disney stories through YouTube videos or Reddit theories
·  Disney goth/villains and the aesthetics of the shadow/darker side of Disney
·  The ethos of the Disney family
·  The mythos of Uncle Walt
·  The diverse aspects of fan art, fan tributes, fan tattooing, fan crafting, etc.
Ten essays will be selected and published within the following broad categories: Fashion, Fan Media, Language, Economics, Virtual, Influence, Philosophies, Character/Characterization.
Abstracts should be 300 words long. Please include a CV with your abstract. Abstracts are due April 30, 2017. Final chapters of 3,000-3,500 words will be due September 1, 2017. Please direct all questions and submissions to editor Priscilla Hobbs:

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Smart Cities Week, 27th-29th September Washington D.C

The Smart Cities Council - organisers of Smart Cities Week have lots of interesting stories on their website about 'smart cities' around the world. 

Please go here for their newsfeed, or here for more information on this event. 



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Journal of Fandom Studies 4.2: Special Issue 'Musiking in media fandom'

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of the Journal of Fandom Studies 4.2 is now available to buy this is a Special Issue on ‘Musiking in media fandom’. 


Articles within this issue include: ‘Sherlock’s violin: Making the Victorian modern through musical fan culture’ by Elizabeth A. Clendinning, ‘Folk in a digital age: The importance of face-to-face community values in filk music’ by Sally Childs-Helton and ‘Reading and [w]rocking’: Morality and musical creativity in the Harry Potter fandom’ by Catherine Hall. 

For more information click here.

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Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 3.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 3.2 is now available to buy. 

If you have any questions about the journal click here or email

List of articles (partial list):

'Wu Jianren's New Story of the Stone and interrogating turn-of-the-century urbanist ideology in China' by Tom Marling, 'Festivals and tradition in contemporary Florence' by Christian Frost, and 'Tracing the Politics of Urbanism and Abjection: Space and Identity in Trainspotting' by Gabriella Salvador D'Ambrosio.


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DRTP Editor Adriana Ionascu shortlisted for Jerwood Drawing Prize

 We are pleased to announce that Adriana Ionascu, Editor of Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, has been shortlised for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016. The exhibition runs from 14 September to 23 October at the Jerwood Space in London before touring various locations in the UK, with prizes to be announced on 13 September. 

See here for more information on the event. 

See more about the journal and the latest Call for Papers here.  

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Englishness, Pop and Post-War Britain
Available to Pre Order Now!

English pop music was a dominant force on the global cultural scene in the decades after World War II—and it served a key role in defining, constructing, and challenging various ideas about Englishness in the period. Kari Kallioniemi covers a stunning range of styles of pop—from punk, reggae, and psychedelia to jazz, rock, Brit Pop, and beyond—as he explores the question of how various artists (including such major figures as David Bowie and Morrissey), genres, and pieces of music contributed to the developing understanding of who and what was English in the transformative post-war years.

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