The special edition of Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 9.1 is available online now!

This issue features an exciting range of Reggae Studies in a Global Context.


Themes include but are not limited to:


• History of Reggae

• Reggae as culture

• Reggae Music and Media

• Musical and sociological analysis of Reggae Music

• Reggae’s Influence on Global Popular Music

• Global manifestations of Reggae Music

• The Bob Marley phenomenon

• Sound-Systems and other Reggae Music collectives

• Reggae Films and videos

• Reggae Music in the context of creative industries


Articles include, 'Rockers, ‘soulheads and lovers: Sound systems back in da day’, ‘Documenting London’s bass culture and blues dances: Reggae in the films of Horace Ové and Franco Rosso’, and ‘Sound system aesthetics in contemporary art’.


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CFP Critical Studies in Men's Fashion

CFP for Critical Studies in Men's Fashion: 'Lifestyle, Health and Fashion Branding'


Click here for the full CFP


Authors are invited to submit papers that examine:


>New global as well as local niche fashion design strategies for men’s health and lifestyles

>Fashion, lifestyle or health studies of how branding influences fashion design, through such notions of integration and alignment in the production processes or closer to the brand image and brand values

>Why men are using various shopping channels will be encouraged for example: ‘going green’, mass customization, DIY and omni-channel

>Why fashion design related practices that have generated new interests for men to purchase fashion

>How media communicates both visual and verbal symbols in fashion generating new cultural and aesthetic variations in the ways consumers perceive clothing styles

>The rise of the spornosexual in men’s fashion, lifestyles and health

>Hypermasculinity and its acceptance in the straight, gay and bisexual communities

>Transgender men and how they will impact men’s lifestyles, health and consumption

>Examination of new hypermodern male constructs of individual fashion forms and styles that consumers are creating based upon the idea of ‘personal branding’.

>These, as well as any other topic related to branding and the practice of fashion are welcome.

Deadline for submissions: 31 October 2018


Authors submit manuscripts for review to Joseph Hancock at

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CFP Artifact: Journal of Design Practice

New CFP for Artifact: Journal of Design Practice


Click here for the full CFP

For the upcoming journal issue, we invite manuscripts that may engage with any of the following themes (but not limited to):


>Theoretical and conceptual perspectives on the nature of current and future design practice.


>Theoretical and empirical inquiries into the nature and understandings of contemporary design practices.


>Dimensions of design practice vis-à-vis design knowledge.


>The role of design practice in driving and shaping entrepreneurial processes and/or strategies.


>The role of design practice in relation to societal or organizational change, innovation and value creation from a competitive, financial, social, and/or sustainability perspective.

Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2018

Contributions should be submitted by e-mail to editor Nicky Nedergaard:

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The 10th anniversary issue of Journal of Gaming and Virtual World is available now!

New issue of the Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds is now available!

This issue features an exciting line-up of cutting edge research from such fast evolving areas as queer game studies, Japanese game studies, cognitive game studies, and cultural/sonic virtual worlds research.

Articles include, 'The impossible relationship: Deconstructing the private space in Gone Home', 'Emergent affect in Final Fantasy VII and Japanese role-playing games', and 'Why are non-player characters not creepy anymore? The effect of schema creation on the perception of uncanniness in Oblivion.'


More info here >>>

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The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki is now available to download for free
Knowledge Unlatches

Intellect is delighted to announce that the electronic version of Pietari Kääpä's The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki: Transvergent Cinescapes, Emergent Identities (2011) is now available for free download.
Mika Kaurismäki’s films challenge many boundaries – national societies, genre formations, art/popular culture, fiction/documentary, humanity/nature, and problematic distinctions between different zones of development. Synthesizing concepts from a range of thematic frameworks – e.g. auteurism, eco-philosophy, genre, cartography, cineaste networks, global reception, distribution and exhibition practices, and the potential of postnationalism – this book provides an interdisciplinary reading of Kaurismäki’s cinema. The notion of ‘transvergence’ – of thinking in heterogeneous and polyphonal terms – emerges as an analytical method for exploring the power of these films. Through this, the volume encourages rethinking transnational cinema studies in relation to many oft-debated notions such as Finnish culture, European identity, cosmopolitanism and globalization.
Pietari Kääpä is an Associate Professor in Media and Communications at The University of Warwick.
The electronic version of this book is freely available thanks to the support of libraries working with Knowledge Unlatched ( KU is a collaborative initiative designed to make high quality books Open Access for the public good.
Intellect is pleased to be continuing to work with KU. Please check out our other Open Access titles made available through Knowledge Unlatched, including David H. Fleming’s Unbecoming Cinema: Unsettling Encounters with Ethical Event Films (2017);smode=simple;rmode=none;startDoc=1

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018
As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018, we challenged our Production Editors to…
  • Go Mouseless - try to continue navigating websites or products using only your keyboard's shift/arror/enter/spacebar keys.
  • Go Screenless - try navigating websites using a free screenreader such as NVDA or VoiceOver. For an extra challenge, turn off the screen completely.
  • Go Big and Bright - try the Adobe Acrobat Reader colour contrast functions (Acrobat Pro 2017 > Preferences > Accessibility > Replace Document Colours). Use Chrome’s accessibility tools to adjust colours and enlarge text online. Try enlarging it by 200 per cent and checking readability.
And we asked our Production Editor, Jess Lovett, about her experiences using a hearing aid in a busy workplace environment.


Here's what happened...


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Using Media for Social Innovation, out now!

This book offers a critical roadmap for understanding and researching 'social innovation media' – initiatives that look for new solutions to seemingly intractable social problems by combining creativity, media technologies and engaged collectives in their design and implementation. Presenting a number of case studies, including campaigns dealing with young people, Indigenous peoples, human rights and environmental issues, the book takes a close look at the guiding principles, assumptions, goals, practices and outcomes of these experiments, revealing the challenges they face, the components of their innovation and the cultural economy within which they operate.

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Cultural Industries in Shanghai
Edited by Rong YueMing and Justin O'Connor

Intellect is delighted to announce our new title  Cultural Industries in Shanghai is now available.


Edited by Rong YueMing and Justin O’Connor, this volume gathers articles by Chinese scholars dealing with developments in Shanghai’s cultural industries over the past thirty years. Like many cities in China and elsewhere, Shanghai has explicitly stated that fostering the creative economy is its top economic and political priority over the next decade, and this book examines, among other aspects of Shanghai’s approach to culture, the effects of this policy's focus on the city’s creative growth in economic terms. 

Part of the Intellect China Library series


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