Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty 9.1 is now available!

Intellect is pleased to announce that the Visual Arts journal, Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty 9.1, is now available! For the full article list and to find out more about the journal, click here >>

Article list:

  • Fashion tales: How we make up stories that construct brands, nations and gender
  • Traditional regional dressing, identity, sociality and aesthetic enchantment in the Fallas festival in Valencia (Spain)
  • ‘Shoshke’ the subversive cartoon character: Politics and gender performance in Israel
  • Israeli fashion between individuality and national identity: Reflections on the exhibition White-Blue Collar
  • Motivations and barriers to the prolonged use of clothing

Book Excerpt
Excerpt from Marketers, Tear Down These Walls: Liberating the Postmodern Consumer, Michael R. Solomon (2018) 

Exhibition Review
Frenetic Gossamer, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 19 February–11 September 2016

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Free issue now available: International Journal of Education Through Art, 11.3

Intellect is thrilled to announce that the International Journal of Education Through Art, issue 11.3 has been made available for free download. The free issue of ETA is available here >>

This is a special issue focused on Practice-based research in art and design


  • Bringing practice closer to research – seeking integrity, sincerity and authenticity 
  • Becoming through a/r/tography, autobiography and stories in motion 
  • The politics and the poetics of knowledge in higher arts education 
  • Teaching and learning for sustainability: An Icelandic practice-based research 
  • Fostering design collaboration: Novel IC T tools to support contemporary design pedagogy 
  • Design students foreseeing the unforeseeable: Practice based empathic research methods 
  • Art-based action research – participatory art for the north 
Visual essays:
  • Findings, windings and entwinings: Cartographies of collaborative walking and encounter 
  • CathARTic: A journey into arts-based educational research 
Book Reviews:
  • Art as Research: Opportunities and Challenges, Shaun McNiff (eds) (2013)
  • Arts-based Research: A Critique and a Proposal, jan jagodzinski and Jason Wallin (2013) 
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CfPs: Short #Film Studies 9.2

CfPs: Short #Film Studies 9.2

This issue is focusing on The Goodbye (El Adiós) & Haunted Memory: The Cinema of Victor Erice

Deadline: 1 September 2018

Send submissions to

For the full call, click here  or 'read more' 

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Sustainable Fashion London symposium 2018

Sustainable Fashion London symposium

19th September at the Crowne Plaza, Battersea London. To register, click here:

The event will connect industry, organisations and leading researchers in fashion sustainability with innovative talks and presentations, which address the key themes of sustainable design, ethical production, retail and consumption, and education.

Topics discussed include:
  • Sustainable Design: The value of design in social and environmental innovation including clothing, accessories and textile materials.
  • Ethically Made: Addressing the issues of supply chain exploitation through fair employment, innovation, sustainable materials, low waste production and eco-friendly manufacturing.
  • Retail & Consumption: The impact of consumer behaviour and decision making in relation to ethics and sustainability. Responsible advertising and cause related marketing. The role of retailers in recycling and product lifecycle.
  • Education: Reframing pedagogical approaches within fashion education to ensure a sustainable future.
Tickets & Registration

This full day event includes lunch and networking. International Society For Sustainable Fashion paid members receive a 40% discount on tickets. Also paid Made in the UK members of either or This offer extends to employees of member companies.

The Crowne Plaza is offering a discounted accommodation package to all Sustainable Fashion London attendees.

The Sustainable Fashion London symposium is organised by the International Society For Sustainable Fashion in association with Certified Made in the UK and with special thanks to all contributing organisations and companies.
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ORCID iDs: An Introduction


Intellect are now able to display ORCID identifiers in our journal articles, and we encourage contributors to supply these (or register!). ORCID iDs are unique, career-long identification numbers. They are similar to an ISBN or a doi, but apply to you as an author, rather than to your individual publication.

No personal information is coded into an ORCID iD itself, and it is free to register. Providing an ORCID iD saves time and effort – every time you publish, ORCID auto-updates your research output for trusted organizations such as your university repository, DataCite or Crossref. It allows for immediate connection between the publishers, funders and institutions you work with, without requiring you to manually upload metadata.
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CfP for Artifact: Journal of Design Practice

CfP for Artifact: Journal of Design Practice For the full call, click here >> 

Aims & Scope
Artifact: Journal of Design Practice is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal that publishes double blind peer-reviewed design research broadly concerned with examining the nature of, developments in, and understandings of design practices. 
Design research is rapidly becoming a knowledge-intensive field characterized by an overwhelming scholarly interest in design’s many interfaces. These range from the role of design in solving complex societal problems to enhancing the sustainability and profitability of businesses across industries and geographies. This trajectory in many ways focuses attention on processes and social construction of meanings rather than design process outcomes. 
Against this backdrop, the journal provides an outlet for researchers across disciplines and research approaches and encourages contributions from diverse perspectives that examine practices related to traditional and novel: activities of design, professions of design, and organizational uses of design. Moreover, the journal aims to reflect recent decades’ substantial transformation of the field of design research with contributions that touch on design practices from a broad spectrum of scientific fields such as semiotics, design semantics, critical discourse analysis, science and technology studies, design(erly) thinking, management, organization, and material history. 
For the upcoming issue, the editors invite manuscripts that engage with the following themes: 
  • Theoretical and conceptual perspectives on the nature of current and future design practice.
  • Theoretical and empirical inquiries into the nature and understandings of contemporary design practices.
  • Dimensions of design practice vis-à-vis design knowledge. 
  • The role of design practice in driving and shaping entrepreneurial processes and/or strategies. 
  • The role of design practice in relation to societal or organizational change, innovation and value creation from a competitive, financial, social, and/or sustainability perspective. Broad questions that may be considered in this regard are: 
  • Is it possible to limit domain-specific bodies of professional knowledge and authorized procedures of design? 
  • What are the roles of classical design disciplines such as craft-based design, graphic design, industrial design, etc. in relation to the growing interest in the concept of ‘design thinking’? 
  • In a time where the boundaries between professional design fields tend to blur, does it any longer make sense to talk about a professional design practice, rather than many ways of practicing design? 
Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2018 
Until further notice contributions should be submitted by e-mail to editor Nicky Nedergaard:
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Invitation to Attend: Costume Across the Curriculum Into the Community


Invitation to Attend: Costume Across the Curriculum Into the Community  

The Costume Society of America
Joint Regional Symposium of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern Regions
11-13 October, 2018

Hosted by Fashion Archives & Museum, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA

This symposium is being held in conjunction with the FA&M’s exhibit “The Fashions of Fiction from  Pamela to Gatsby.”  The program includes a keynote address by Lydia Edwards, author of How to Read a Dress and lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia, over 30 stimulating peer-reviewed presentations and research exhibits, two receptions, a Marketplace with purveyors of fine clothing-related goods, a silent auction, and a pre-symposium tour at the Eisenhower Farm in Gettysburg, PA. 

Click here for more information and a registration form.

Questions about the Symposium:

Email Colleen Callahan, 
Email Karin Bohleke,
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Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 9.2

Intellect is excited to announce that Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 9.2 is now available online! For more information about the issue, click here >>

This is a special issue entitled 'Autobiography 2.0 and Quick Media Life Writing'.

Article list

  • Introduction: Autobiography 2.0 and quick media life writing
  • Adoptee life writing 2.0: Transnationality and social justice online
  • Insta-judgement: Irony, authenticity and life writing in mothers’ use of Instagram
  • Digital life writing: The failure of a diasporic, queer, blue Tinker Bell
  • Writing new branches into being: Connecting donor-linked families via Web 2.0
  • The political leader as online brother
  • Confession narratives and mass kinship of YouTube celebrities: A narrative rationality analysis
  • Reframing adoptive family narratives through digital and social media technologies
  • Reading for connectivity: Aesthetics and affect in intermedial autobiographies 2.0

For the full article list, click 'read more' 

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CfP: Dance, Movement & Spiritualities

CfP: Dance, Movement & Spiritualities

For the full call, click here >>

Special issue: ‘Dance, Globalization and Transnational Spiritualities'. 

The editors invite research in the following areas:

  • Dance cultures and migratory flows
  • Migration, transnational identities and emergent spiritualities
  • Intercultural embodiment
  • Culturally specific and intercultural somatic awareness and symbolic perspectives
  • Multi-national artistic exchange and the transnational dance company
  • Migration, dance and identity politics
  • Integration, identity and spirituality
  • First-nations, colonial and postcolonial dance scholarship
  • Spiritual, religious and intercultural moving embodiment
  • Dance, postmodern spiritualities and globalization
  • Dancing diasporas on the move
  • Transnational feminism, dance and embodiment
  • Dance, technology, globalization and spirituality

Deadline: 30 August 2018

Expressions of interest should be sent to Dr. Amanda Williamson:
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Introduction to NANG

Intellect would like to introduce you to NANG, a 10-issue magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia. Further information can be found on the magazine’s external webpage:


Journal information

NANG focuses on cinemas and cinema cultures in the Asian world and 'draws them near' onto the printed page. The aim is to publish, issue-by-issue, a wonderfully rich and profound collection of words and images on cinema, for knowledge, inspiration and enjoyment.

Beautifully-designed and printed on fine papers, NANG broadens the horizons of what the moving image is in Asia, engaging its readers with a wide array of stories, contexts, subjects and works connected by the cinema. 

Each and every issue is structured around a specific theme and created in collaboration with a unique group of guest editors and contributors based both within and outside Asia.

Since its inception, NANG has been indexed in the International Index to Film Periodicals compiled by the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF).

Current issue

Issue 4 is dedicated to In & Out. Featuring artists and filmmakers who voluntarily or involuntarily moved outside of their country of origin, this Issue focuses on hyphenated identities and films that exist in the in-between. Inspired by Hamid Naficy’s “accented cinema,” the texts offer a glimpse into what an intercultural genre and films in-transit might look like and whether the de-territorialization of the filmmaker produces certain traits and characteristics that these films share. Ranging from image-led dialogues to in-depth essays, this Issue hopes to serve as a counter to the narrative of hostile simplification that has embroiled the topic of migration in recent years by celebrating the diversity of voices and experiences that the hyphen brings.
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