CfP: Journal of African Cinemas

Call for Papers: Journal of African Cinemas the full call, click here >>

Aims & Scope

The Journal of African Cinemas explores the interactions of visual and verbal narratives in African film. It recognizes the shifting paradigms that have defined and continue to define African cinemas. Identity and perception are interrogated in relation to their positions within diverse African film languages. The editors are seeking papers that expound on the identity or identities of Africa and its peoples represented in film.

The aim is to create a forum for debate that will promote inter-disciplinarity between cinema and other visual and rhetorical forms of representation.

The editors are looking for articles, reviews, and comparative analyses regarding African cinema through its historical and contemporary legacies. The journal wishes to concentrate on the growing African cinematic society, as it interrogates African societies with regard to African filmmakers' conceptualization of space, time and identity. What is/are Africa/s and what is/are African cinema/s, might offer pertinent starting points. 
Some proposed topics are:
  • The film of the everyday and the "every-African": populist films and their language.
  • Shifting sites of authoritative discourses from knowledge to meaning.
  • African cinema as a cinema of cultural citizenship vis a vis the anthropological, national or global idea of culture.
  • The propagation of the verbal culture-based film.
  • Professional, pedagogical and theoretical uses of African verbal cultures in the media (TV).
  • Cross-platform reflections on visual cultures within competing disciplines of identity study.
  • Representations of cities, spaces and places
  • Political economies of industries, film industry value chain analysis, and media city networks
  • Film education 
  • Film and book reviews, short commentaries and evaluative festival reports
  • In-depth director Interviews Cineaste-style

All submissions should not be more to 8,000 words and should include a 200 word abstract and five keywords. The 8,000 words includes references, graphics and photos equivalent to 250 words each. The document(s) should be sent as Microsoft Word and/ or JPEG attachment(s) respectively.

Call to action: Please submit research papers and reviews to David Nothling,
Deadline: 31 August 2018
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Journal of Writing in Creative Practice 11.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice 11.2 is now available! For the full article list, click here >>

Special Issue Regenring: The Egg Issue

Article list: 
  • E is for Editorial
  • ‘It’s called Change’: Regenring, reconfiguring and representation
  • Regenring academic writing. Case Study 1: Collages
  • The Us in Museum: Promoting student engagement through regenring academic writing and collaborations
  • Case Study 2: Cabinet of Curiosity
  • Regenring… visual lives
  • The poster session as fusing theory and practice in art and design education: Exhibiting an occluded genre
  • Case Study 3: Games and Board Games
  • Time to ditch the traditional essay!
  • Case Study 4: Digital Storytelling
  • Outing RTP: Writing to be read

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CfP: Studies in South Asian Film & Media

CfP: Studies in South Asian Film & Media. For the full call, click here >>

Aims & Scope:

Studies in South Asian Film and Media (SAFM) is committed to looking at the media and cinemas of the Indian subcontinent in their social, political, economic, historical, and increasingly globalized and diasporic contexts. The journal will evaluate these topics in relation to class, caste, gender, race, sexuality, and ideology.

We invite contributions from scholars, researchers and practitioners of South Asian film and media. Possible areas include but are not limited to:
  • Film and Media as social history.
  • Feminist analysis and theory in film/media studies and practice
  • Class, caste, and sexuality: The politics of subalterneity and marginalization in film/media studies.
  • Contemporary media/ documentary and the public sphere. Interviews with documentary film makers.
  • Global media consumer culture and labor in the cultural industries.
  • News, citizenship, democracy, and the neo-liberal restructuring of media industry.
  • Nationalism and Regional cinema in the context of neo-liberalism.
  • Globalization/Diaspora/ South Asian representation.
  • Cinema and the other arts. 
  • Contemporary arts practices, cinema, and visual culture.

All initial enquires should be sent to the editors at


No set deadline due to being open call 
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International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 14.2 is now available

Intellect is delighted to announce that the International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 14.2 is now available. For more information about the issue, click here >>

Article list: 
  1. Fighting carbon dioxide or fighting humans?: The ideological fault lines underlying two climate change frames
  2. Cultural memory in its spatio-narrative-augmented reality
  3. A Native American ‘playing Indian’: Internal colonization in professional wrestling rhetoric
  4. Film literacy in secondary schools across Europe: A comparison of five countries’ responses to an educational project on cinema
  5. ‘Smart, clued-in guys’: Irish rugby players as sporting celebrities in post-Celtic Tiger Irish media
  6. Ofelas: Filming otherness in indigenous revitalization
  7. Media use and climate change concern
  8. Selective sympathy? Exploring western media bias in the reporting of terrorism
Book Reviews
  • Forging the World: Strategic Narrative and International Relations, Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin and Laura Roselle
  • Zombies, Migrants and Queers: Race and Crisis Capitalism in Pop Culture, Camilla Fojas
  • Decoding the Social World: Data Science and the Unintended Consequences of Communication, Sandra González-Bailón

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Europe Faces Europe now available for free download!
Intellect Open Access

Intellect is delighted to announce that the electronic version of Johan Fornäs' (ed.) Europe Faces Europe: Narratives from Its Eastern Half(2017) is now available for free download.

To access the ePDF please click on this link

Europe Faces Europe examines Eastern European perspectives on European identity. The contributors to this volume map narratives of Europe rooted in Eastern Europe, examining their relationship to philosophy, journalism, social movements, literary texts, visual art and popular music. Moving the debate and research on European identity beyond the geographical power centre, the essays explore how Europeanness is conceived of in the dynamic region of Eastern Europe. Offering a fresh take on European identity, Europe Faces Europe comes at an important time, when Eastern Europe and European identity is in an important and vibrant phase of transition.

Other Intellect Open publications can be accessed through this link

List of Intellect Open Access books:

* Carpentier, Nico (2011), Media and Participation: A site of ideological-democratic struggle, Bristol: Intellect.

* Fleming, David H. (2017), Unbecoming Cinema: Unsettling Encounters With Ethical Event Films, Bristol: Intellect.

* Fornäs, Johan (2012), Signifying Europe, Bristol: Intellect

* Heldt, Guido (2013), Music and Levels of Narration in Film, Bristol: Intellect

* Long, Christian B. (2017), The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960-2000, Bristol: Intellect

* Rudakoff, Judith (2017), Performing Exile: Foreign Bodies, Bristol: Intellect

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Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 2.1 is now available!

Intellect is delighted to announce that Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 2.1 is now available! For more information about this issue, click here >>

Special issue: Circulations of Contemporary Migration
Article list

  • Circulations: A brief introduction
  • Conceptualizing migration and mobility in anthropology: An historical analysis
  • Framing movement experiences: Migration, materiality and everyday life
  • When children are not ‘the left behind’: Transnational practices of intra-regional mobility in the South Pacific
  • Mobility, inequality and choice: Circulation on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Book Reviews
  • Class Inequality in the Global City: Migrants, Workers and Cosmopolitanism in Singapore, Junjia Ye (2016)
  • Migrant Dubai: Low Wage Workers and the Construction of a Global City, Laavanya Kathiravelu (2016)

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Metal Music Studies 4.3 is now available!

Intellect is excited to announce that Metal Music Studies 4.3 is now available! For more information about the issue, including a free download of the editorial, click here >>

Article list 
  • Editorial
  • METALinguistics: Face-threatening taboos, conceptual offensiveness and discursive transgression in extreme metal
  • Difficulty as heaviness: Links between rhythmic difficulty and perceived heaviness in the music of Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Kerrang! magazine and the representation of heavy metal masculinities (1981–95)
  • Guitar profiling technology in metal music production: Public reception, capability, consequences and perspectives
  • Terms and identities: Forms of music related to national identity practices in blog posts of the Hungarian rock/metal discourse community
  • ‘Negeri Seribu Bangsa’: Musical hybridization in contemporary Indonesian death metal
  • Putting the ‘studies’ back into metal music studies
  • Metal by numbers: Revisiting the uneven distribution of heavy metal music
  • Classical idiom and compositional structure in Gorguts’s Pleiades’ Dust

Book Reviews

  • Metal Goes Science: The Academic Bibliography of Metal Music, Vasileios Yfantis (2017)
  • No Future: Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture, 1976–1984, Matthew Worley (2017)
  • Connecting Metal to Culture: Unity in Disparity, Mika Elovaara and Bryan Bardine (eds) (2017)

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Open Call for Undergraduate Papers: Film Matters
Film Matters, published by Intellect, is seeking papers written by undergraduate film scholars for issues 11.1 and 11.3 (2020). For more information about Film Matters, please visit:

Film Matters is an exciting film magazine, celebrating the work of undergraduate film scholars. It is published three times a year, by students and for students, and each issue contains feature articles, as well as a healthy reviews section. 

Submission process
Calls for papers are open to any undergraduate student currently enrolled at an institution of higher learning worldwide and working toward a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Recent graduates are also eligible, providing they submit to a call, the deadline for which occurs within six months from their graduation date (or up to a year, providing that the recent graduate is not enrolled in graduate school). Any original piece of written scholarship involving film criticism, history, or theory will be considered for publication.
By submitting a paper for a call, authors are certifying that: (1) they are undergraduate students, currently enrolled at an institution of higher learning and working toward a Bachelor’s degree (or they are recent graduates of twelve months or fewer from the date of the call deadline, providing they are not enrolled in graduate school); (2) their submitted essays are original pieces of written scholarship, authored solely by them, and have not been published in any form, in any publication, heretofore; and (3) their submitted essays are not concurrently under review for publication in ANY other magazine or journal.
Submissions should be written in English and range from 2,500 to 4,000 words in length, with 3,000 words being the ideal target. They should be scholarly in nature, with references to research formatted according to MLA guidelines (8th edition). Essays incorporating images or that could easily incorporate images are of particular interest. Furthermore, they should make a well-supported argument and not simply report. Please limit your submissions to one per author, per call.
After a pre-screening, submissions will undergo a blind peer-review process, typical of scholarly journals. Referee comments will be returned to those authors who progress beyond the pre-screening; unfortunately, due to the high number of submissions, the editorial board is unable to provide comments to those papers that do not make it past this point. Authors of accepted papers will be expected to work closely with the FM editorial board to revise their pieces prior to publication. Please include a cover sheet,
which includes the author’s name, title of essay, institutional affiliation, and contact information; all other identifying information should be removed from the body of the text, in order to aid the blind peer-review process.
Please email submissions as Microsoft Word email attachments to:
Submissions should be received by
• February 1, 2019, for consideration in issue 11.1
• September 1, 2019, for consideration in issue 11.3
All questions should be referred to Liza Palmer (
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CfP: The Soundtrack


CfP: The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack is seeking proposals for guest-edited volumes, contributions to themed issues and article submissions for upcoming issues.

Contributions are invited on topics such as, but not limited to: histories of sound design in narrative cinema; sound and music in video games; mobile media and interactive platforms; early film sound and music practices; sound and music in television; studies of composers and music supervisors; sound effects and genre; film music and emotion; acoustic ecologies; studies of noise, environments and soundscapes in media; trends in audiographic criticism and sound art.

Please send proposals to editor, Michael Filimowicz, at

For more information about the journal, click here >>
Click 'read more' for the full CfP
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Clothing Cultures 5.1 is now available!

Intellect is delighted to announce that Clothing Cultures 5.1 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>

Special Issue: Sustainable Fashion 
Article list:
  • Sustainability in the fashion industry
  • Designing a sustainable brand strategy for the fashion industry
  • Micro and macro approaches to sustainability in fashion and design
  • Reducing textile waste in the apparel industry: Examining EPR as an option
  • Predicting consumer intention to purchase clothing products made from sustainable fabrics: Implications for the fast-fashion industry
  • Re-fashioning the garment industry: Exploring innovations for a circular economy 
  • Perceived class mobility and veiled stratification of contemporary fashion: A comparison with proletariat and bourgeois class structure in the nineteenth century
  • Guardian: Made in Cambodia: Experimental textile design responding to Cambodian factory conditions, unionism and the phenomenon of Neak Ta possession
  • Learning to weave for the luxury Indian and global fashion industries: The Handloom School, Maheshwar
  • Wardrobe Hack and Uncatwalk: Design interventions to encourage more fulfilling relationships with our clothing
  • Communicating sustainability: Curating the ‘Making it Real’ installation, Trinity Leeds
  • Brand interview and case study: Davy J sustainable swimwear
  • Case study: Swat Valley Guild peace-building initiative and Artisan enterprise for community empowerment and sustainable development
  • Mahatma Gandhi and the model of fashion education, activism and system(s) in India
  • Designing a sustainable future through fashion education
  • Working in half-scale for economy, efficiency and environmental sustainability
  • Industry insight: Conscious consumption
  • Can our clothes impact our well-being?

For the full article abstracts, click 'read more' below 

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