Dance, Movement & Spiritualities 2.2
Special Issue: Dance, Spiritualities and Phenomenology

 Intellect is delighted to announce the new special issue of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities 2.2, on Dance, Spirituality and Phenomenology

Articles within this issue include: 'Learning to let go: Phenomenologically exploring the experience of a grip and release in salsa dance and everyday life' by Rebecca J. Lloyd and 'Phenomenologies in The Flowing Live Present' by Sondra Fraleigh


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Digital Futures and the City of Today

Intellect is delighted to announce that the first book in the Mediated Cities Series is now available to purchase from our website.

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Asian Cinema 26.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Asian Cinema 26.2 including research articles, interviews, book and film reviews and bibliographies – on all forms and aspects of Asian cinema. 

Articles in this issue include: Pain and pleasures of the look: The female gaze in Malaysian horror film by Alicia Izharuddi and Sake, sex and gore: The Japanese zombie film and cult cinema by Kayleigh Murphy

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CFP's: Clothing Cultures

There are three Call For Papers for special issues of the journal Clothing Cultures.

These are:

Inside the Wardrobe

Aging and Dress

Research methodologies and the clothed body

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Flavia Laviosa honoured by Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale Palace April 2016
Editor of the Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies

Flavia Laviosa was honoured at the Italy’s presidential palace in Rome. The event marked the 60th anniversary of the David di Donatello Awards (1956-2016). Laviosa was recognized for the special issue of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (Vol. 4:2, 2016), which was dedicated to the historic and artistic celebrations of this anniversary with testimonials, reflections and interviews.

To recognize her contribution to the academic study of Italian film and media, Laviosa was invited to this year’s awards ceremony in Rome on 18 April. Prior to the evening awards, she attended a solemn ceremony in the morning followed by a reception, both at the Quirinale Palace. Here she met Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella. He congratulated her for promoting Italian cinema in the world with this academic publication. He also expressed his admiration for the journal’s distinguished contribution to Italian culture and art. ‘The encounter with President Mattarella was warm, cordial and inspiring, as were his words of recognition for my work as the founder and principal editor of the journal’ Laviosa reported.

The event also led to another honour for Laviosa. During a conversation with Roberto Cicutto, the President of the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, she was invited to present the journal to artists, producers, film critics and the media at the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May, as part of the Italian Cinema Section. Her work on the journal will also take her to Seoul, South Korea. She will lecture there and will formally present the journal at the 8th edition of their Italian Film Festival in October. Such a global reach for the journal is part of its mission, to articulate a ‘multifaceted definition of Italian cinema, transcending geo-ethnic land and sea borders and moving away from merely celebratory local cinematic experiences’.

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Punk & Post-Punk 4.2&3

Intellect is delighted to announce the new special issue of the Punk & Post-Punk 4.2&3 on Punk Scholarship and Pedagogy. This special double volume is dedicated to the study of the wider punk and post punk landscape from its origins, definitions, histories subcultural attitudes and values to its aesthetics and cultural impact. 

Articles titles include: (I want some) demystification: Deconstructing punk by Russ Bestley and 'I could scream my truth right through your lies if I wanted to': Bikini Kills sound-collage and the subversive rhetoric of grrrlhood by Megan Sormus 

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Special Issue Call for Papers: Art & the Public Sphere and Birmingham Big Art Project

 In the context of Birmingham Big Art Project (BBAP), Eastside Projects and Art & the Public Sphere journal (APS) are collaborating on a special issue on Public Art. The Birmingham Big Art Foundation aims to commission an internationally significant work of public contemporary art for the city of Birmingham (UK) in partnership with The Birmingham Civic Society. This special issue of APS will provide a platform for the development of a critical discourse around public art in contemporary society and for the investigation of its limitations and potentialities in the public domain.

To read the full Call for Papers click here.


Applications should be sent to by 13 June 2016. 

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Journal of Greek Media and Culture 2.1

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of the Journal of Greek Media & Culture 2.1, which aims to engage with broader methodological and theoretical debates, and situate the Greek case in global, disaporic and transnational contexts.

Article titles include: 'From the subject of the crisis to the subject in crisis: Middle voice on Greek walls' by Maria Boletsi and 'Depicting the pain of others: Photographic representations of refugees in the Aegean Shores' by Georgios Giannakopoulos

For more information on this journal please click here

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International Journal of Fashion Studies 3.1

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of International Journal of fashion Studies 3.1 this issue brings together six peer-reviewed articles which cover a broad range of topics from the work of designers, business leaders and image makers to Surrealism, dandyism and hoodies.  


If you have any questions about the journal click here or email

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Film Matters announces the winner of the Inaugural Film Matters Masoud Yazdani Award

In honour of Masoud Yazdani, Chairman of Intellect, who passed away in 2014, Film Matters recently commissioned its inaugural Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Film Scholarship.  This tribute reflects Masoud’s keen interest in and support of Film Matters and — by extension — undergraduate scholars.  This book award will now be given annually to a Film Matters author who has published a feature article during the previous volume year.  The winning author receives a book from the field of film studies, in recognition of his/her achievement.

Film Matters is very pleased to report that, following a lengthy judging process (conducted by three individual academics based at institutions of higher education worldwide), the winner of the first Yazdani Award is Christina Newland, for her FM 5.1 (2014) article, “Archetypes of the Southern Gothic: The Night of the Hunter and Killer Joe.”  Congratulations to Christina on her fine achievement, among what was an exceptionally high level of writing across the entire group of essays.

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