Asian Cinema 29.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Asian Cinema 29.2 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>


  • Editorial
  • Where East-meets-West meets Asianization: Aesthetics, regionality and Frank Capra’s Lost Horizon
  • Jia Zhangke and Chinese painting
  • Action in tranquillity: Sketching martial ideation in The Grandmaster
  • Girlhood, bride-kidnapping and the postsocialist moment in Mángshān (Blind Mountain) (Li, 2007) and Boz Salkyn (Pure Coolness) (Abdyjaparov, 2007)
  • The poetics of (social) mise-en-scène and transcendence in Li Shaohong’s Stolen Life
  • Real and slow: The poetics and politics of The Naked Island
  • An interview with Hong Kong sound designer Kinson Tsang
  • Reviews
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International Journal of Islamic Architecture has been re-accepted into Index Copernicus


Journals update: International Journal of Islamic Architecture has been re-accepted into Index Copernicus!

The ICI Journals Master List is an international indexation database of scientific journals. The updated ICV number is 119.48.

To find out more about the journals scientific profile, click here >>

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Resetting the Stage now available for free download

Intellect is delighted to announce that the electronic version of Dragan Klaic's Resetting the Stage (2012) is now available for free download.

To access the ePDF please click here

Commercial theatre is thriving across Europe and the UK, while public theatre has suffered under changing patterns of cultural consumption—as well as sharp reductions in government subsidies for the arts. At a time when the rationale behind these subsidies is being widely reexamined, it has never been more important for public theatre to demonstrate its continued merit. In Resetting the Stage, Dragan Klaic argues convincingly that, in an increasingly crowded market of cultural goods, public theatre is best served not by imitating its much larger commercial counterpart, but by asserting its artistic distinctiveness and the considerable benefit this confers on the public.

Dragan Klaic was a well-respected theatre scholar and cultural analyst. He served as a permanent fellow of the Felix Meritis Foundation and as a visiting professor of cultural policy at the Central European University in Budapest. Intellect is honoured to have published his final book.

'All of his knowledge and research was channelled in a living reality, and presented in the context of world theatre as a whole.' – Michael Coveney, What's On Stage

'I can think of no one else who could cover so much ground, impart so much experienced wisdom and make so many sensible proposals for the future of the art form we love. Read Dragan Klaic’s book, and read it soon.' – Ian Herbert, The Stage

''Resetting the Stage' offers an important, if (perhaps necessarily) unfinished rejoinder to a situation in need of urgent and widespread attention' – Sam Haddow, Studies in Theatre and Performance

This open access publication has been made possible by libraries participating in the Knowledge Unlatched 2017 pledging round.

Other IntellectOpen publications can be accessed through this link,name=Intellect+Open/

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Journal of African Media Studies 10.2 is now available

Intellect is thrilled to announce that the Journal of African Media Studies 10.2 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here.


  • Media coverage of child rights issues in Uganda: The case of The New Vision
  • When the subaltern speaks: Re-examining indigenous-language media as alternative public sphere during colonial South Africa
  • Social networking and mobile phone usage of East African students in Malaysia The plight of the private press during the Zimbabwe crisis (2010–18)
  • Film Review
  • Book Review
  • Interview with Akin Omotoso, Nigerian film director, writer and actor
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Film, Fashion & Consumption 7.2 is now available

Intellect is happy to announce that Film, Fashion & Consumption 7.2 is now available! For more information about the special issue, click here.

Special Issue: Representing Style and Female Agency in the 1960s.

  • Editorial
  • Cool, sunglasses and the modern woman: Icons of the 1960s
  • From a lady to a lost ‘Prole’: Girls in the city in Polish cinema of the 1960s and early 1970s
  • ‘Who’s the girl with the kissin’ lips?’ Constructions of class, popular culture and agentic girlhood in Girl, Princess, Jackie and Bunty in the 1960s
  • 1960s surfsploitation films: Sex, the bikini and the active female body
  • Go-go dancing – femininity, individualism and anxiety in the 1960s
  • Swinging regions: Young women and club culture in 1960s Manchester
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Call for Papers: The 12th CCVA Annual Conference

Call for Papers



Urban Transformations and Contemporary Art in China

Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham City University, in collaboration with Tate Liverpool


Date: 11-12 November 2019

Venue: Auditorium, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool L3 4BB

Abstract Submission deadline: 1 February 2019


The Centre for Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA) at Birmingham City University aims to foster new understandings and perspectives of Chinese contemporary arts, design and visual culture through interdisciplinary practices and theoretical studies.


Marking the 20th anniversary of the Shanghai-Liverpool twinning cities in 2019, we are now convening the 12th CCVA Annual Conference in collaboration with Tate Liverpool. This two-day event invites researchers, curators, artists, designers and architects in the fields of art, design, visual culture and urban studies at all stages of their careers worldwide to reassess the significance of the urban transformations in China, and to reflect upon their impacts on everyday experience and artistic and curatorial practices in the globalised world.


In the recent decades, China has experienced a revolutionary urban development. The incessant changes have shaped a moving reality, almost illusive, beyond the normal and tangible environment of daily life. The rapidity of today’s urbanisation is a global issue, and yet the example of contemporary cities in China is singular, filled with excitement and anxiety. Histories have been destroyed, and heritage and memories are being reinvented for the future. How do we re-examine the triumph of the economic achievement and the urban development, or the loss, through sociological, anthropological, cultural and artistic perspectives? For those insiders – artists who are living through the accelerated development and its disturbance, how to capture and interpret the transient, to respond critically to such an urban existence, and to imagine a unique or almost surreal experience in China? 


We encourage papers from a variety of subject areas to develop interdisciplinary perspectives and new understandings on the development of Chinese contemporary art in the context of social, cultural and urban transformations. The following set of areas is indicative, as examples, but not limited to the discussions:

  • Art and urban transformations
  • Art and its ecology in urbanised China
  • Art production, dissemination, participation and reception in public realm
  • Collective and private spaces: squares, streets and residences
  • Artists and lives at the edge of cities
  • Art districts: audience and tourists
  • Art and migration
  • Urban development and cultural identities
  • Biennials and art fairs

Please submit an abstract of up to 300 words, a 100-word biography, contact information and any institutional affiliations, by 1 February 2019 to, with a subject titled ‘12th CCVA Annual Conference’. Any general queries should also be directed to Conference presentations should last no more than 20 minutes. Successful proposals for conference contributions will be notified by the end of February 2019. Invited full papers should be submitted by 31 January 2020, to be featured in Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (Intellect) as a special issue in autumn of the year.

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Performing Islam 7.1&2 is now available


Intellect is pleased to announce that Performing Islam 7.1&2 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>

Special Issue: Metaphysical Revolt in the Face of Faith



  • In Memory
  • Launching the journal, opening the forum
  • Metaphysical revolt in the face of faith, examined through the play Insular: A contemporary Australian context
  • First Draft Written August 2017
  • Final Draft Written September 2017

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Journal of Illustration 5.2 is now available online

Intellect is excited to announce that the Journal of Illustration 5.2 is now available online, as guest edited by Jaleen Grove. For more information about the issue, click here >>

  • The ‘Theoretical Turn’ and pedagogy in illustration education
  • More eyes, different eyes
  • An introduction to the manifesto for illustration pedagogy: A lexicon for contemporary illustration practice
  • Eye Heart Theory: Not to be taken lightly
  • Creativity assessments
  • Integrating theory into illustration education: An interdisciplinary approach enhanced by artistic research in İstanbul
  • What do comics want? Drawing lived experience for critical consciousness
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Call for Papers: issue 11.2 of the Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices

Call for Papers: issue 11.2 of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices.

The Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices invites submissions on an ongoing basis but welcomes submissions for its next open call issue by 31 January 2019.
The JDSP (ISSN 1757-1871) is an international refereed journal published twice a year by Intellect. It has been in publication since 2009 for scholars and practitioners whose research interests focus on the relationship between dance and somatic practices, and the influence that this body of practice exerts on the wider performing arts.
To read the full call, follow this link -…/0…/C-DaRE/JDSP%2011.2%20cfp.pdf
Follow this link to visit the Journal website -…/centre-for-dance-research/JDSP/
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Animation Practice, Process & Production 6 is now available

Intellect is delighted to announce that Animation Practice, Process & Production 6 is now available. For the full article list, click here >>


  • The new needs friends: On the academic as a critic and a public voice
  • Defining animation therapy: The Good Hearts Model
  • ‘Loved and lost’: Animation as a methodology for understanding and making meaning of loss for a group of adults with learning disabilities
  • Speaking each other’s language: The development of an animation prototype with the intention to toggle the language barrier among children of the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot community
  • The story of first-person: Recovering autobiographical memory through the animated documentary Ketchup
  • Animation and informative films: Two early ‘digital’ films
  • Animation as mindful practice
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