Call for Papers: Philosophy Of Photography
A landmark issue anticipating ten years of the journal’s publication

The editors of Philosophy of Photography invite contributions to a landmark issue anticipating ten years of the journal’s publication:


In the autumn of 2018 we will publish POP9.2, marking the last volume of the journal to be numbered in single figures. Philosophy of Photography was launched in 2010 in answer to the need for a rigorous forum for the examination of intellectual, political and cultural issues arising from photography. Through the work of our many contributors, the support of our subscribers and the efforts of an expanding editorial team we believe we have achieved this. But as we approach a second decade, the future of Philosophy of Photography must be to make use of this platform to imagine and to interrogate the urgent questions that face anyone attempting to understand the visual forms of the contemporary world. So, to celebrate the end of our first decade and to anticipate our second we invite the following:


Articles (between 6-8000 words) on any aspect of image culture, but especially the intersection between images and contemporary questions of politics and science.


Shorter, discursive essays or commentaries (2000-4000) focusing either on themes of contemporary importance or on topics neglected by mainstream photography scholarship.


We are also interested in receiving contributions (between 2-3000 words) to our Encyclopaedia section, which offers a space to unpack and to interrogate a specific idea, term, technology or process across the production and reception of historical, contemporary and emerging photographic operations.


For inclusion in the autumn issue (POP9.2) the full text of submissions should reach us by no later than August 10th, 2018.

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International Journal of Fashion Studies in Scopus!

Intellect is delighted to announce that the International Journal of Fashion Studies has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus.


INFS was described as an impressive journal from every perspective, from the editorial policy and the homepage to online access and citations.


Reviewer comments included the following:

The journal consistently includes articles that are scientifically sound and relevant to an international academic or professional audience in this field.

> The journal has scholarly relevance as evidenced by citations in others journals currently covered by Scopus.


> In general, the content of the articles is consistent with the scope and aims of the journal.

> The articles are consistently of high academic quality, consistent with the journal’s stated aims.  

> The articles are generally well written and understandable.

> This title addresses a subject area not properly covered by an existing journal.

> The journal has clear aims and scope/journal policies that are consistent with the journal’s content.

Congratulations International Journal of Fashion Studies!

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The Global Road Movie: Alternative Journeys Around the World Edited by Jose Duarte and Timothy Corrigan

The road movie is one of the most tried and true genres, a staple since the earliest days of cinema. This book looks at the road movie from a wider perspective than ever before, exploring the motif of travel not just in American films – where it has been most prominent – but via movies from other nations as well. Gathering contributions from around the world, the book shows how the road movie, altered and refracted in every new international iteration, offers a new way of thinking about the ever-shifting sense of place and space in the globalized world. Through analyses of such films as Guantanamera (Cuba), Wrong Side of the Road (Australia), Five Golden Flowers (China), Africa United (South Africa) and Sightseers (England), The Global Road Movie enables us to think afresh about how today’s road movies fit into the history of the genre, and what they can tell us about how people move about in the world today.

You can order your copy of The Global Road Movie here

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Inside the TV Newsroom by Line Hassall Thomsen

Inside the TV Newsroom by Line Hassall Thomsen is now available to pre order from our website!

In an era where the way people get news is ever-changing, how do broadcast journalists work? How do changes to the field affect journalists at traditional public broadcasters? And what similarities are there between license-funded news programs – like those on the – and commercial news?

This book, built on years of unique access to the newsrooms of BBC News and ITV News in the United Kingdom and DR TV Aviesen and TV2 Nyhedeme in Denmark, answers those questions and more. Exploring the shared professional ideals of journalists, the study analyses how they concieve of stories as important, and how their ideals relating to their work are expressed and aspired to in everyday practice. 

More information can be found on the book's page.


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Masculinities: Transgressing Binaries and Boundaries Fashion, Costume & Visual Cultures Network Symposium
Friday 27th April 2018

** This event is free to attend **

Venue: The Lit and Phil Library 12.30 - 17.00
23 Westgate Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE1 1SE

The Masculinities: Transgressing Binaries and Boundaries Symposium is a pre-event for the conference in Zagreb, Croatia (17-19 July 2018), which will mark the official launch of the network in association with Intellect Books. Fashion, Costume and Visual Cultures is an international, interdisciplinary network project convened by Dr Sarah Gilligan which aims to bring together established and emerging academics and practitioners in order to explore key issues, theoretical debates, new methodologies and case studies exploring fashion and costume design and their distinct, yet simultaneously symbiotic relationship within contemporary visual cultures.  

Graham H. Roberts (Université Paris Nanterre): Board member of Critical Studies in Men's Fashion and Film, Fashion & Consumption
Pamela Church Gibson (London College of Fashion): Editor of Film, Fashion & Consumption
To register please click here.
Thanks to Sarah Gilligan's recent British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award, the event itself will now be able to be free to delegates!

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Comparative Media Policy, Regulation and Governance in Europe

You can now order your copies of Comparative Media Policy, Regulation and Governance in Europe Edited by Leen d'Haenens, Helena Sousa and Josef Trappel via this link!

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the current European media in a period of disruptive transformation. It maps the full scope of contemporary media policy and industry activities while also assessing the impact of new technologies and radical changes in distribution and consumption on media practices, organizations and stratgies. Combining a critical assessment of media systems with a thematic approach, it can serve as a resource for scholars or as a textbook, as well as a source of good practices for steering media policy, international communication and the media landscape across Europe.

This book will also be available to purchase by chapter, if you would like to see a break down of the chapter titles please visit the book's page.

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Choreographies by Jacky Lansley
Review by Lynn MacRitchie

After more than four decades of continuous and pioneering practice in contemporary dance, Jacky Lansley has written a book which considers at length and in detail the nature of the elusive activity to which she has devoted her professional life - “choreography”.   And not just choreography – dance itself.  She does this by considering the development of her own work over time, place and, most of all, through collaboration with others – the dancers, artists, musicians and practitioners of all kinds who have joined her on her journey into the essence of what dance is, and continuingly, what it could be.  

This enquiry is something that has engaged Lansley as a performer, thinker and writer since 1971, when she left the Royal Ballet and began to study at the London School of Contemporary Dance.  In doing so, she transported herself from an institution in which the dancer’s body had to be disciplined into what she vividly terms “a stunning product”, into an environment in which the body of the dancer might be considered not just as a fleshly object, to be relentlessly honed in the service of a traditional canon of exemplary works, but rather as a complex entity shaped and reshaped as much by personal and political forces as by the purely physical.  At a time when the boundaries between art forms such as dance, theatre and the visual arts were breaking down, Lansley entered the space which became known as “performance”, where she could move between worlds and, crucially, examine her own. 
And she has continued to occupy a place of enquiry ever since, a self-defined sphere of operation she now refers to as “the choreographic space”.  Meanwhile, the physical environments in which she has worked have shifted from the site-specific projects of the seventies, through the X6 and Chisenhale dance spaces of which she was a founder to the long-term projects she is now able to develop from the Dance Research Studio, her London base for some fifteen years.  In her book, Lansley describes and reflects upon successive works in detail and includes dialogues, interviews with and detailed notes on the performers and collaborators who have worked with her.  In doing so, she has created a rich, accessible and engaging panorama of a creative process through which she continues to interrogate and expand just what it is that choreography, “the making of art that disappears” has been for her and could become for us all.   
Lynn MacRitchie

Artist and arts writer (including the Financial Times and “New Dance” and “Performance” magazines

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BAFTSS 6th Annual Conference 2018 - University of Kent 12-13 April
Revolution: Politics, Technology, Aesthetics

Intellect are very excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year's BAFTSS conference in Canterbury!

This year's conference boasts another great line up of talks, workshops and lectures all focussed on the themes of Revolution: Politics, Technology, Aesthetic!

From its origins at the end of the 19th century, the medium of film has been inextricably bound up with technological, political and aesthetic revolutions. The new technology ushered in the new ways of seeing and conceptualizing the world characteristic of modernity and was subsequently enthusiastically embraced and championed by revolutionary movements at the various ends of the political spectrum. 

Television's impact roughly half a century later was no less dramatic, and in the new millennium, the digital is both reshaping the media landscape and, as the Arab Spring made clear, once more influencing political change. 

Keynotes at this years conference will be:

Professor Susan Hayward: a true path-breaker in the discipline of film studies, responsible for pioneering work on the study of national cinemas, stars and the representation of gender and sexualities in film which greatly influenced future generations of scholars.

Ken Loach: In a career spanning over half a century – from the ground-breaking television work of The Wednesday Play to last year's Palme d'Or winning I, Daniel Blake via such timeless classics as Kes – Ken Loach has established himself as arguably Britian's most important living filmmaker. He is also the perfect embodiment of the conference's central themes. 

Tony Garnett: the pioneering British film and TV producer whose work on The Wednesday Play with Ken Loach had a lasting impact on television and socially-committed cinema and who, as chairman of World Productions, continued to innovate into the new millennium.

For more information on this years conference you can visit the website!


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Sotheby's Prize: Now accepting applications

The Sotheby’s Prize is an annual award of up to $250,000 to support and encourage museums to break new ground. The grant aims to recognise curatorial excellence, and to facilitate exhibitions that explore overlooked or underrepresented areas of art history.

Accepting applications now. For more information visit: sotheby’


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AJMS accepted into Scopus!

Intellect is delighted to announce that the Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus.

Reviewers comments included ‘that it maintains a convincing editorial policy, publishes excellent content relevant to its field, and is well cited by other publications.’

Congratulations AJMS!


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