Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 6.1 is now available

Intellect is excited to announce that Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 6.1 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>


  • Fashion, style and global culture with sneakers uniting us
  • Orientalist reveries: The imaginary creative constructions of the Moroccan space and place by the figures of the non-Muslim male traveller and female tourist − from travel literature to photography and contemporary fashion imagery An analysis of the shoulder pad in female fashion
  • Climate justice isn’t sexy: The double failure of sustainable fashion marketing and activism
  • Post-partum celebrity images: Influence on self-thoughts and appearance management behaviours of post-partum women
  • Attention deficit fashion
  • Comparison of patterns of dressing for two generations within a local context
  • Eco printing and dyeing-echoes of the 1960s

Book Reviews

  • Costume in Performance: Materiality, Culture, and the Body, Donatella Barbieri (2017) 
  • Fashion and War in Popular Culture, Denise N. Rall (ed.) (2014)
  • #SkintoSoulBeauty Unleashed: The Power of True Beauty, Grace and Purpose from Skin to Soul, Neva K. Read (2017)


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Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 9.3 is now available

Intellect is happy to announce that Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 9.3 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >> 

This is a special issue, featuring discussion surrounding visual fields in the changing media and entertainment environment in India.

  • Visual fields in the changing media and entertainment environment in India Watching
  • Game of Thrones in India: Notes on programme culture, television and YouTube At the limit of the personal: The Kashmir conflict via explorations in the ethical space of film
  • Memes in digital culture and their role in marketing and communication: A study in India
  • Understanding the rise of augmented reality–based apps post-Pokémon GO Children’s entertainment television in India: The changing scenario and the Indian child Disruptions: The changing landscape of film production 2005–18
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Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 7.3 is now available!

Intellect is delighted to announce that the Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 7.3 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>

  • Encountering disruption: Adaptation, resistance and change
  • ‘Professionally we’re definitely in this together’
  • ‘Disruption’ in UK journalism education? A study of narratives of resilience
  • The grey area in the practice of online journalism in China
  • Repairing a fractured field: Dynamics of collaboration, normalization and appropriation at intersections of newswork
  • Local news in a digital world: Stand up and start up, instead of copy and paste
  • Constructive journalism
  • Making sense of innovative and disruptive news in the digital age

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Issue 5 of NANG now available!

Intellect is pleased to announce that issue 5 of NANG, a 10-issue magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia, is now available. For more information about the issue, click here >>

Issue 5
Guest Editors
Goran Topalovic & Eric Choi

Issue 5 is dedicated to Inspiration. Starting from candid interviews with twelve filmmakers spanning different generations and backgrounds, this Issue collects some of the key cinematic sources of their creative inspirations before delving into them via accompanying critical essays, conversations, and special features. The intention is both to shed light on the under-explored nexus between cinematic practice and experience, between watching, making, and being inspired by films, and to open up the conversation onto figures and works across industries and eras. As present, as it is invisible, inspiration can emerge from anywhere, often out of the blue, at any stage of the creative process. Ultimately, this Issue invites us to celebrate all sources of inspiration, and all resulting works, as a testament to the myriad of human interactions and artistic endeavors that make up the cinema.

Sam Ho, Darcy Paquet, QMisato, Mark Schilling, Jasper Sharp

Featuring interviews with Tsui Hark, Yoshida Daihachi, E J-yong, Tan Pin Pin, Toyoda Toshiaki, Erik Matti, Li Yu, Alankrita Shrivastava, Mouly Surya, Nattawut Poonpiriya, Bo Wang, Jeong Gayoung

  • Two original contributions by Tsui Hark 
  • Conversations between: Yoshida Daihachi and Ishii Gakuryu, Nattawut Poonpiriya and John Woo, Bo Wang and Jia Zhangke
  • Reprinted articles / articles in translation: “The Prometheus and his Film Practice Along the Way: Interview with Hou Hsiao-hsien on the Formation of his Personal Style and Other Subjects” by Chen Peiguang, Chen Jiuhui, Meng Shangyong, Zhuang Huimin (from Imagekeeper Monthly, aka Yingxiang [Taiwan] No. 1, November 20, 1989), “Zhang Yimou” by Lawrence Chua (from BOMB magazine [US] No. 35, Spring 1991 and “What Exists Between ‘Hana’ and ‘Bi’: on Kitano Takeshi’s Hana-Bi” by Abe Kazushige (from Ronza magazine [Japan] No. 32, December 1997)
  • Transcript of the Jorgensesn Guest Filmmaker Lecture delivered by Mira Nair at the Indiana University Cinema
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Call for papers: Journal of Digital Media and Policy


Call for Papers: Journal of Digital Media & Policy

Special Issue 10.3 (Autumn 2019): ‘Interfacing public communications in the digital economy’

Guest edited by Michael Klontzas (University of Huddersfield) and Maria Sourbati
(University of Brighton)

For this special issue, we invite contributions that examine interfaces on the institutional, organizational strategy, technology design and access level with a focus on universal/inclusive public communications and services. We invite contributions that include, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  • Digital interfaces and the structuring of user choice.
  • Public service ideals and evolving user interfaces: institutional strategies and alternative innovation.
  • Social inclusion by design.
  • Interfaces, aesthetics and configuring the public service user.
  • Digital interface affordances and public value.
  • Emerging interface technologies.
  • Digital interface design knowledge exchange and policy diffusion.
  • Interface regulation.

Deadline for proposals: 30 November 2018
Contact: /

For the full call, click here >>

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Film International 16.3 is now available
Intellect is happy to announce that Film International 16.3 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>

  • Editorial Issue 85
  • The Film Society, 1930
  • Are You Kidding?
  • Queer Male Bodies and the Cinematic Liminal Beach
  • Shakespeare and Social Politics in New Millennium Bollywood
  • Visible Silence
  • A Politicized Pregnancy Film
  • Trauma, Healing and the Process of Documentary: An interview with Barbara Kopple
  • Without Boundaries: An interview with Hüseyin Tabak, director of The Legend of the Ugly King (2017)
  • This Is Our Land
  • Parting Words: In Praise of Santo
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Anne Bean: Self Etc.
Now Available!


We’re delighted to announce the release of Anne Bean: Self Etc.


Anne Bean is a hugely significant international figure who has been working actively since the 1960s. Her art makes strange our sense of time, memory, language, the body, and identity, particularly through solo and collaborative performances along a vital continuum between art and life.

The first substantial survey of its kind, Anne Bean: Self Etc. brings together documentation of her performances, drawings, videos, installations, and sculptures, as well as writings, interviews and visual essays by the artist. A series of commissioned critical essays show her to be a prolific maker of acts, objects, and multiple ‘selves’.

• Anne was a member of pseudo pop-band Moody and the Menstruators (1971–74), of whom Michael Bracewell said: “Referencing the artistic/musical cabarets of the Dadaists and Futurists, the group take their place on a musical timeline somewhere between the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and The Sex Pistols.”

• She was a founding member of the Bow Gamelan Ensemble (Anne Bean, Paul Burwell, Richard Wilson), whose work included an epic pyrotechnic and drumming display on top of Bankside Power Station in 1993 for the launch of London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), a year before Tate announced that Bankside was to be the site for the new Tate Gallery of Modern Art. Cooper Gallery, Dundee, is currently staging Great Noises that Fill the Air, the first retrospective of Bow Gamelan Ensemble.

• Anne has explored the concept of multiple personalities in her work, including setting up residence in 2012 in Newark-on-Trent, a small town in the Midlands, where she lived for 16 months as Chana Dubinski.

Edited by the writer and curator Rob La Frenais the book includes extensive visual documentation of Bean’s performances, essays by and interviews with Anne Bean, Guy Brett, Dominic Johnson, Poshya Kakl, Rob La Frenais, Lynn MacRitchie, Ezra Rubenstein, and Richard Wilson, and a series of new visual essays by the artist.


Lavishly illustrated and including previously unseen images, Anne Bean: Self Etc. explores and expands the nature, form and contexts that artistic collaboration can take.

This publication is the sixth in the Intellect Live book series. Intellect Live is a collaboration between Intellect Books and the Live Art Development Agency. The series is characterised by lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed books that are created through close collaborations between artists and writers, and that are the first substantial publication dedicated to the artists' work. Other titles in the series are on the artists Raimund Hoghe, Ron Athey, Kira O’Reilly, Adrian Howells, and Lois Weaver.

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Journal Launch: Art Writing, Paraliterature & Intrepid Forms of Practice

Journal Launch: Art Writing, Paraliterature & Intrepid Forms of Practice

Thursday 22nd November 2018, 6-7.30pm, CCA, Glasgow (CCA Cinema).

The event is free / unticketed

Launch of special issue of the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, edited by Laura Edbrook & Susannah Thompson. Live readings, performances and presentations from contributing authors.


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Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinema 15.3 is now available

 Intellect is pleased to announce that Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinema 15.3 is now available. For more information about the issue, click here >>


  • Queer temporalities in Mariana Rondón’s Pelo malo/Bad Hair (2013)
  • Animal suffering and/as discourse in 1960s Latin American cinema
  • The villero cinema of César González
  • La productora colombiana Dynamo: Del cine nacional al transnacional?
  • New Latin American cinematic culture: Through the frame of the Morelia International Film Festival
  • Una apuesta por el cine mexicano de todos los tiempos
  • Upside down: Un festival de cine nacional en tiempos transnacionales
  • Entrevista con Daniela Michel
Book Reviews
  • The Child in Spanish Cinema, Sarah Wright (2013) 
  • El niño en el cine argentino de la postdictadura (1983–2008): alegoría y nostalgia, Sophie Dufays (2014) 
  • Children on the Threshold in Contemporary Latin American Cinema: Nature, Gender, and Agency, Rachel Randall (2017) 
  • Spanish Lessons: Cinema and Television in Contemporary Spain, Paul Julian Smith (2017) 
  • Ghostly Landscapes: Film, Photography, and the Aesthetics of Haunting in Contemporary Spanish Culture, Patricia M. Keller (2016) 
  • Spanish Erotic Cinema, Santiago Fouz-Hernández (ed.) (2018)
  • Cosmopolitan Film Cultures in Latin America: 1896–1960, Rielle Navitski and Nicolas Poppe (eds) (2017) 
  • Pantallas Transnacionales: El Cine Argentino Y Mexicano Del Período Clásico, Ana Laura Lusnich, Alicia Aisemberg and Andrea Cuarterolo (eds) (2017) 
  • Afetos, Relações e Encontros Com Filmes Brasileiros Contemporâneos, Denilson Lopes (2017) 
  • Queer Mexico: Cinema and Television since 2000, Paul Julian Smith (2017) 
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Please join us for the FREE launch of MIRAJ 7:2

Please join us for the FREE launch of MIRAJ 7:2

This launch features the Special Issue on South Asian Moving Image as guest edited by Rashmi Sawhney & Lucia Imaz King.

Wednesday 21 November 2018, 6.30-8.30pm

Room UG05, University of Westminster
309 Regent Street. London, W1B 2UW

MIRAJ 7:2 offers a critical review of artists’ moving image produced in South Asia. Its pre-histories in experimental documentary film are also discussed regarding their impact on contemporary art practices in and beyond the region. The issue includes a collection of articles and reviews with contributions from Nancy Adajania, Behroze Gandhy, Avijit Mukul Kishore, Adnan Madani, Khaushik Bhaumik, Shai Heredia and Nicole Wolf among others.

Welcome note by Founding Editor, Catherine Elwes. Speakers include Lucia Imaz King, Behroze Gandhy and Rosie Thomas and excerpts from key films will be screened.

To register, click here >>

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